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Venus & Mercury conjunction
25 Jan 2019

Effects of Venus Mercury Conjunction in Horoscope

As per vedic astrology, here we have summarized various effects of Venus Mercury Conjunction or Shukra Budha yuti in different house from lagna (ascendant) or Navamsa chart of both male and female horoscope.


Venus Mercury conjunction


This conjunction of Venus & Mercury which is very frequent occurring conjunctions in planetary association as Venus and Mercury stay close to each other because of being inner  orbital planets. Both the planets are friends to each other and hence this conjunction is good.


Since both being fast moving planets where Venus take 23 days-2 months almost to pass a sign while Mercury is resides almost 14-30 days in a zodiac sign. Mercury goes retrograde 3-4 times in a year whereas Venus goes retrograde in couple of years.



Venus being Demon Guru has primary significations for relationship, love, romance, luxury, comforts, vehicles, sexuality, glamour, grandeur, dance, music, enjoyments, fertility, marriage, etc. whilst Mercury being prince rules over communication, speech, memory, education, learning, mathematics & statistics, writing, business, skin, friendship, dance, drama, jovial, wittiness etc.


As per permanent relationship Mercury & Venus are good friends .Since lordship is also very important while judging any conjunction for a particular nativity so also depends on other factors such as sign, house, degree, strength, who is degrees ahead etc. Here we are summarizing generalized result which are observed in the natives having Mercury  Venus Conjunction in horoscope.


Effects of Mercury Venus Conjunction

  • Males & females with Conjunction of Venus and Mercury will be charming and vibrant personality, well-mannered, polite and sweet spoken as well.
  • in general, native with this conjunction are good at thinking rationally, will be learned and eloquent. Native will be clever and cautious while dealing with others. If both the planets are well disposed then native will rise high in life, can become trade union head, leader etc.


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  • Generally, not always it is seen that spouse of the male native will be charming, smiling, witty, beauty with the brain.
  • Since Mercury being eunuch and Venus is sexuality so when they are conjunct and further afflicted it can make native gay, lesbian, homosexual or may have much feminine trait in actions and behaviors.
  • Planet Mercury Venus conjunction can bestow native with the talent in art and mirth, will have good sense for art, craft etc. he/she will be having well developed sense and understanding for current days trends and fashions, technicalities used there.
  • If this mercury and venus conjunction happens to be in the 1st, 4th,7th, 10th house then native will be good looking, handsome, comely appearance and of attractive personality. Native will be diplomatic and very wealthy as well. Native will earn respect and will be favorite to superiors and authorities.


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  • Man & woman with Venus & Mercury conjunction will be having worldly pleasures and comforts, multiple vehicles on his/her name, multiple properties if this happens in the 4th house in horoscope.
  • These people will be favoured & loved by the opposite sex and enjoys much support and company with them.
  • They will be having inclination towards communication technology he/she may become technocrat where computers, telecommunication, electronic equipment are used.
  • Planet Venus Mercury conjunction natives especially females may have many times issues with reproductive system, less fertility, impotency etc.
  • These man and woman are good listeners and they tend to give equal value and perspective to others point of view and opinion, they are good team players and appreciate moving forward as a team.
  • Mercury Venus conjunction natives also found to be doing well in performing arts, they find immense love and inclination towards dance, drama, acting, makeup, decking up as an artist.


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  • Preferably in male horoscope having Mercury and Venus combination mostly it is also found that they study with females and they do have much support and help in education to them.
  • In career with Venus conjunct Mercury in horoscope man and woman excel well as a charted accountant, in banking sector, finance, dealing with money where calculation is involved.


Above results of  Venus Mercury Conjunction are general in nature results modified  on other factors also such as house, degree, involvement of Jupiter and benefics,malefics ashtakvarga points,etc. Hence collective study is needed before arriving onto conclusion.



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