Rahu Venus Conjuction

Planetary Conjunction
Rahu Venus Conjunction
26 Jun 2018

11 Empirical Impacts of Rahu Venus Conjunction in Horoscope

In this article as per Vedic Astrology, we tried to put both positive and negative aspects of Rahu Venus conjunction or Rahu Shukra yuti presence in lagna or navamsha charts for both male and female in horoscope of all ascendants viz Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, libra etc.


Effects of Rahu Venus conjunction


  • Conjunction of Rahu with planet of luxury, lust, comfort, female etc. brings in fame, gains & success in materialistic plane of today’s era. Materialistically it is considered to be good yoga but not so much spiritually untill and unless having strong connection of Jupiter or Ketu is there. Since Venus having ownership of natural 2nd and 7th house which is primarily dealt with accumulated wealth, family, marriage, partnership, spouse, etc. hence Rahu’s energy is playing through these traits.
  • Since when Rahu indulges himself into Venusian aura then certainly Rahu tries and occupies anyhow all significations of planet Venus thus, success mainly in perishable non-living pursuits is depicted such as vehicles, well to do life style, entertainment, travels, property etc.

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  • Both male and female will be having attractive and magnetic aura with which attracts opposite sex easily even if they don’t have good looks or bear appearance akin to common people they are capable of gathering people around them.
  • Venus Rahu conjunction causes issues in the matters of emotion, love and desires, dealing with woman. Ill disposition can bring perversions, womanizing, much greed, unsatisfaction, deceitful actions to attain material prosperity.
  • In male chart prominently, Venus Rahu conjunction gives tendency towards self- chosen marriage, outcaste marriage, inter-religion, marriage with foreigner as well. If this conjunction is favorably disposed then harmony in relationship is achieved otherwise could lead to troubles.

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  • These people is found to be obsessed towards looks and appearances, experiments with hairs, wears stylish robes and cosmetics to look appealing. Native dedicates ample time in this area and do possess either good or very awkward sense of dressing etc.
  • Rahu being a foreign planet and if Venus too have strong connection with 7,12, 9, 8 houses then surely foreign travel in dasha/mahadasha can be enjoyed by the native.
  • Here Venus or shukra has got the significance of black money so if Rahu is attached with Venus then accumulation of wealth through wrong means and measures, tendency of bribing etc. many a times seen if this conjunction is further afflicted and much dominance of Rahu is there.
  • Since Venus or shukra being planet of fame, limelight, achievements and highlights hence when mixes with Rahu gives yearning for recognition and becoming famous in society or among knowns.
  • Rahu amplifies and expands sexual urges of the native which can lead towards illicit, extra-marital or unwanted relationships, if not having benefic influence at all in the lagna or navamsha chart.
  • Man and woman with Rahu Venus combination will have inclination towards arts, glamour, cinema, acting etc. Native is seen to prefer or undergo inter-caste, inter-religion marriage or with foreigners as well.


Above results of Rahu Venus Conjunction are general in nature varies from horoscope to horoscope, results also depends on other factors also such as lagna or navamsha chart, house, sign (aries, taurus, virgo, libra, gemini, cancer, pisces etc) degree, involvement of Jupiter and benefics, ashtakvarga points, navamsa etc.,though results intensity may vary but intention remains the same.


General Remedies

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