Marriage Kundali Report

In marriage kundali report detailed analysis of horoscope will be done regarding marriage prospect, married life, child births, manglik dosha. Suitable remedies from mantra, donation, gemstone shall be provided for marital harmony. In this report all crucial aspects of marital life will be analysed and predictions on the basis of Vedic astrology will be provided. Report will be in easy quickly understandable format.

Reports will cover detailed analysis for next 5 years.

Price 1099 Rs

Marital Report

Manglik Dosha Report

Mangal Dosha or Manglik or Kuja Dosha are major concerns for individual’s going for marriage. There is sense of fear among parents, bride & grooms whether Mangal Dosha is present in their children horoscope or not. It is very difficult to ascertain that really individual is having Mangal Dosha in their horoscope.
Manglik or Mangal Dosha is most common cause for delays in marriage or problems in married life. If not treated properly and timely, it can lead to severe tensions separation and divorce ultimately. In this report we will analyse the intensity of Manglik Dosha in your charts to bring the truth out and guide the best remedies for it. If you are suffering from manglik dosha then this accurate report will help to restore peace and happiness in your life

This report will include:

1. Detailed analysis of Mangal Dosha
2. Manglik and Non Manglik Marriage
3. Detailed prediction on Mangal Dosha
4. Do’s and Don’ts in marriage
5. Specific Mangal Dosha Remedies
6. Mangal Dosh solutions for both married and non married person)

Price 699 Rs

Manglik Dosha

Spouse or Life Partner Prospects

Guides the native or parents to search his/her spouse in directions, area, etc so to get perfect match so to have harmony along with marital bliss

Price 799 Rs

Spouse Prospects

Love Horoscope/Prospects

Love Horoscope, as per Vedic astrology your birth chart will be analysed for prospects of falling in love, ups and down in love life, probable time period when love affairs likely to happen, possibility of love marriage, overall love life analysis, success in love life etc.

Love horoscope analysis can help you understand issues & prospects to ensure a smooth love life.

Reports will cover detailed analysis for next 4 years.

Price 799 Rs

Love Prospects

Any Love/Marriage/Relationships Problems

Readings and prediction related to any conjugal disharmony, post-marriage problems, relationship issues, Manglik Dosha issues, love problems, divorce related issues, extra-marital affair problems etc.

Your Career Report Contains :

1. Overview of Your Nature & Personality
2. Detailed Prediction of Dasha
3. Detailed analysis of horoscope, it will help you understand the root cause of your problem.
4. Attribute of Marital and Love Life.
5. Guidance to resolve the problem in effective manner.
6. Astrological Remedies to solve problems viz. Gemstone, Mantras, Worship, Donation etc.
7. Favourable Dasha.
8. Do and Dont’s in relationship.

Price 999 Rs

Love Problems

Progeny (Child Birth) Report

Progeny or Child Birth Report prediction is based upon authentic and trusted ancient methodology of Vedic Astrology. This progeny report analyses both Male and Females horoscope together on various factors in Natal and Divisional charts viz. planetary positions, bhavas (5th house), nakshatras, dasha etc influencing Child birth. Progeny report prediction shall be provided by expert vedic astrologer based on joint study of both husband and wife horoscope.

This report will include:

1. Detailed analysis of horoscope of both male and female in child birth aspect.
2. Beej Sphuta and Kshetra Sphuta Analysis
3. Analysis of Nakshatra Dasha
4. Favourable period for conception and child birth planning.
5. Strong and Weak Points in Horoscope
6. Child Prospects Analysis
7. Divisional Charts, Planetary Positions & 5th house evaluation.
8. Vedic Remedies and Solutions for Child Birth related problems.
9. Report shall be delivered within 7 working days via email.
10. Report language shall be in simple and understandable English

Price 699 Rs

Progeny Astrological Report