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Conjunction of Saturn & Ketu
5 Mar 2019

Notable Effects of Saturn Ketu Conjunction in Horoscope

In vedic astrology, here in this article we have summarized various effects of Saturn Ketu Conjunction or Shani Ketu yuti in natal chart in both male and female horoscope of all ascendants.


Effects of Saturn Ketu Conjunction


Combination of Saturn & Ketu in any horoscope  is rare among the association of various planets, as these two planets only conjunct once in every 18 yrs. Hence found in very less number of peoples in comparison to other frequent occurring combinations.


Since these two planets are very slow moving planets wherein Saturn takes 2.5 yrs. approx to cross a sign whilst Ketu take 1.5 yrs. approx to pass a sign. These two planets are the longest staying planet in a sign thus they do have powerful impact on the native.


Now we will see the impact of this conjunction on the native in various aspects. Prior to this if we can understand the basic signification of both the planets then it will become easy to remember.



Saturn – represents discipline, karma, sacrifice, fear of the real world, structure, darkness, delay, commitment, lethargy, contraction, servants, law, struggles, sorrow, grief, pain, ugliness, laborers, downtrodden hardness etc.


Ketu – represents Spirituality, Separation, breakage, extremities, healing, moksha, mantra saadhna, Vedanta, flag, rumors, deceit, falsehood, secretive works, graveyard (Christian), chronic disease etc.


When both malefic planet combine together then they play with each other’s energy, off course intensity or dominance of planet in results can be assessed by dignity, degree, placement, aspect on this conjunction.

  • This conjunction of Saturn & Ketu in native is seen to make native good in research and exploration kind of work because of their habit to go to extremes, if the energy associated with conjunction is wisely utilized.
  • If fine balanced Saturn Ketu conjunction is there in native’s horoscope then it is excellent for spiritual practice, having deep knowledge and understanding of the inner meaning of the things.
  • Since Ketu represents extreme hence it is observed that these native will be reluctant in their efforts in career, profession but at times they use to work really very hard with full dedication.


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  • Conjunction of Saturn & Ketu is a indication that some previous life pending karma association which need to be accomplished by doing good deeds, helping others, dedication to spiritual practices.
  • Saturn & Ketu conjunctions are seen to be good or involved in secret sciences, occult, extremes in spirituality,  follower or religion and letting others to follow the same. Being headless Ketu does not know where to stop and what is enough hence it goes on and on.
  • These people are good in meditation and connecting with the astral world. It is also seen that which ever house conjunction occurs adversely affects atleast one signification of that house.
  • Males & females feels like not focused  with their responsibilities and duties they either avoid or ignore, they feel confused about what to do or what not to do. Ketu being headless planet and Saturn being commitment and responsibilities thus gives such situation.
  • Man and woman with afflicted  Saturn and Ketu  combination in horoscope are not much concerned about others welfare  as they are focused about their wishes and desires and priorities in life.


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  • Since Saturn also represents masses and downtrodden hence when Ketu conjuncts Saturn then native may not feel good while dealing with masses/society .
  • As per scriptures, this yoga is considered as a dosha , thus appeasement of ancestors and worshiping Lord Shiva and Lord Shani and Lord Ganesh will certainly reduce the struggles and hardships in life.


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Above results of  Saturn Ketu Conjunction are general in nature, results modified  on other factors also such as aspects, house, degree, involvement benefics,malefics planets,etc. Hence collective study is needed rather than directly  arriving onto conclusion.


General Remedies

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    How would this conjunction work out in the 8th house in the sign of pisces? Is it suggested to pursue spiritual/ occultist ways or restrain from them?

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    Can karma be good and bad both ? Iam Libra rising i have ketu venus conjuct in 2nd house in Lagna chart and saturn ketu conjuct in 11th house in D9 chart what is the out come ??? Do I have to expect Worst ?!!

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