Mercury Rahu Conjuction

mercury rahu conjunction
22 Nov 2017

Salient Effects of Mercury Rahu Conjunction in Astrology

As per Vedic Astrology, presence of Mercury Rahu conjunction or Budh Rahu yuti in all houses from first house to twelfth house of birth chart or navamsa chart of horoscope. This Primarily at first glance gives the clue that something substantial and objectively will happen to males and females via speech, communication, voice, writing, calculative power etc. between two people or masses. 


Basically, this combination acts more through verbal, mental acumen than physical level because when two or more planets come into play then there will be always cumulative or blended outcome of the energies of planets combining together. Here in this combination we have Rahu as we all know.


Rahu is head and face, shadowy, smoke, ugly awkward looking, smoky color (bluish or black) complexion, ill-speaking, argumentative, harsh, fake, deceptive, selfish, cunning, manipulative, illusion, confusion, smoke etc. and on the other hand.

Mercury is mind, language, mathematics, statistical verbal strength, writing work, nervous system, skin, front part of brain, commerce and trade, tongue, Versatility, education and learning, eunuch, dance, telecommunication etc.


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Now we can easily figure out the basic traits of the people with above rudiments having Mercury and Rahu conjunction as:


Results of Mercury Rahu Conjunction


  • These man and woman with Mercury Rahu Conjunction will be having excellent communication skill, witty with inherent ability to manipulate and twist the facts to present it as they wish to serve others. Native usually speaks in low tone and little less than common people do, conceals the facts related to self by and large and will be secretive in actions, molds or bents self quickly according to situation or environment.
  • Communication either written or verbal is their biggest tool of person with mercury rahu combination and benefic or malefic influence over the conjunction can make or mar the native.
  • If benefic like Jupiter influence is profound on this on Rahu and Mercury conjunction in horoscope then this man and woman  can become good writer, dramatist, artist, storyteller etc.. They can also flourish in sales and marketing field, advertising and also in share market related propensities as well. Native will be very good at commerce and trade, expand its business to foreign countries also.
  • If malefic influence profound then can lead to stammering, lisping, unclear expression of words, difficulty in mathematics, numbers, poor memory, forgetfulness, indulgence in manipulation or forging of documents to disguise or fraud, internet fraudulent, scammers with disguised identity, monotony, depression etc.
  • Males and females with mercury and rahu conjunction, usually their way of speaking or verbal ability is adored by the masses and among knowns. They usually suffer from any kind of skin disease or having blackish or brownish spots on body.

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  • Natives with Mercury Rahu Conjunction can be very good software programmer, computer or internet expert, knower of different languages or coding, mathematician, number genius etc. if other factors too support the conjunction. Many a times we came across that people with this combination if supported by Venus or moon are very good at dancing, singing etc. in unorthodox or foreign styles.
  • Native may be involved in a profession where short travels or short journey are required for the sake of job or business.
  • In our experience we observed that whatever manipulations or twists or tricks the native having Mercury Rahu Conjunction willfully plays with people or masses certainly comes under the notice and caught one day for sure.


Above results of Mercury and Rahu Conjunction are general in nature varies from horoscope to horoscope, results also depends on other factors also such as house, degree, involvement of Jupiter and benefics, ashtakvarga points, navamsa etc.,though results intensity may vary but intention remains the same.

General Remedies

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4 Responses

  1. Dusky Rose

    Thank you! I have my astro mother with this conjunction and it exactly her… and she now has a skin disease because of the sun( Sun in the same house with MeRa, but not conjunct)

  2. abhi8492i

    Dear sir.

    I have this conjunction in 11th house, aspected by Saturn from 9th house. Aries ascendant. My Rahu mahadasha was, essentially, a living hell. This despite the fact (which I read on several websites) that 11th house is the perfect place for rahu. Is it because both Mercury and Rahu are malefic for my ascendant?

    Currently I’m trying to write. Hoping to make something of myself by way of a novel. Can I have success as a writer? Also, in general, can a person be successful in a profession related to a planet that’s malefic for his/her ascendant?

    Forgot to tell you, Mercury is also my AK and Saturn is AmK.


    1. jupiter speaks

      Hello Abhi,

      Your queries requires detailed comprehensive analysis of horoscope. What we see, you have created lot of false notions by reading general results at various sites. Rahu & Mercury together create illusions as well. As per you Rahu & Mercury are malefic for your ascendant, then how you are having zeal for writing. Another, Rahu is neither malefic nor benefic for any ascendant its result depends on its own good and bad strength in horoscope. Book career consultation get answer to queries in detail.

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