Jupiter Transit 2021-2022

Transit Results/ Gocharphala
Jupiter Transit 2021-2022
26 Dec 2021

Results of Jupiter Transit 2021-2022 in Aquarius for All Ascendants

Jupiter Transit Results 2021-2022

Most benefic planet Jupiter is currently transiting (Guru Gochar in Kumbha rashi). from the Aquarius sign which is owned by Saturn and co-owned by Rahu, this transit is occurring from 21 Nov’21 till 13 April’22 . Every ascendant will have certain results based on transit which are delineated as below.

However, it should always be kept in mind that these Jupiter transit (Guru Gochar) predictions based on ascendant  are very general in nature and result. The actual results depend on individuals running nakshatra dasha, divisional charts and other major factors in horoscope / kundali.

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Check effects of Jupiter Transit 2021 in Aquarius on All ascendants


Jupiter Transit 2020 Prediction for Aries ascendant/lagna

This Jupiter transit 2021-2022 is going to bring increase in wealth and income in initial months of the year especially, social circle will be increased than before, new people will be met and new friendship will be formed, meeting with old buddies will happen, reunion, get together with friends or relatives whom you have met for long can happen in the initial months. Those who are in the business, their business can reach to new level and can have expansion in work, salaried can also enjoy good time till April. These natives will feel realize the benefits of employing diplomatic tactics in easing tense situations and solving difficult problems.


Jupiter Transit 2020 Prediction for Taurus ascendant/lagna

This Jupiter transit 2021-2022 in Aquarius is usually going to fetch good time from career perspective seems to be coming and nagging old problems is going to be resolved, you will be able to resolve problems cordially, work will tend to give joy and peace to the native, like that till this time cordial relation with peers and superiors can be experienced nevertheless till April there can sudden transformation or upliftment in native’s career can be seen. This will be the good transit for Taurus ascendants.


Jupiter Transit 2020 Prediction for Gemini ascendant/lagna

This Jupiter transit 2021-2022 in Aquarius for Gemini ascendant native will be having cordial relationship  and new way of looking at critical behavior  of father/mentor/guru etc. if spoiled relation then will turn positive and helpful. They will earn respect from elders, traditions and religious activities will fetch happiness the natives of Gemini. If one is searching for guru then it is highly likely that during this time Gemini native can meet someone. Visiting religious places and temples will be done often and many case this period before May can attract religious travel to shrines and holy places. This transit is good indeed from many aspects of life and favor of fortune.

Jupiter Transit 2020 Prediction for Cancer ascendant/lagna

During this transit of Jupiter in Aquarius in 2021-2022, Cancer ascendant native will feel inclination and interest in mystical, occult sciences, they will also try to explore secret side of the religion in Jupiter transit 2021-2022 in Aquarius. Till April, Cancer native will find chance to visit people who are terminally ill. If there is any disease related to secret parts and treatment via surgery is needed then success will be foreseen. Even if Cancer natives is suffering from any major disease, then there will not be aggravation atleast till this transit. Till this time if even native were to face any tense situation they can be assured that it will not be going to extremes, old debts can be easily cleared at least partially. However, the growth will be slow where work is concerned. These natives will develop peaceful way of thinking to solve his/her problems.


Jupiter Transit 2020 Prediction for Leo ascendant/lagna

Jupiter transit 2021-2022 till April 13, 2022 is going to bring good news in terms of marriage nad partnership, Leo native will get chance to marry or atlaest get suitable match if looking for alliance if in marriageable age. Chances of going abroad is also predicted while growth in work is too expected, relationship with wife will be good and partnerships will run positively. Till this transit Leo ascendant native’s  in-laws may extend or offer help support in Jupiter transit 2021- 2022 in Aquarius sign. Those who are undergoing bad relationship with spouse then this transit may make situations conducive to come together again. Business persons will find good growth and partner for expansion and will turn in positive fashion.


Jupiter Transit 2020 Prediction for Virgo ascendant/lagna

This transit Jupiter 2020-2022  in Aquarius there will be less difficulties than before in matters of enmity it is quite likely that someone will intervene and mediate in helping resolving the matter with the enemies, Virgo ascendant Jupiter transit 2021- 2022 will feel less or reduced office politics. If Virgo ascendant 2022 native is going for any procedures or operation due to any ailment then success will be there. Native is likely to get blessed with correct medicine which will be curing long standing disease. If any litigation or court case is going on than for Virgo ascendant 2022 natives it will turn out to be positive. Virgo ascendant natives will be endowed with new ideas and strategies which will help in dealing with difficult people or situations in life.

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Jupiter Transit 2020 Prediction for Libra ascendant/lagna

This transit of Jupiter in Aquarius from Nov’21 till April’22, Libra students will be reading more and focus will be enhanced, they will participate in the exams, competitions or extracurricular activities and will emerge successful. Good time for the school and college going natives. Nonetheless, till April time is good even for those who are into mantra and sadhna, success in mantra learning sadhna and mantra will be seen, reading of holy scriptures, Vedas or any scared text is possible during this time. They will realize growth and uplifted intuitive power; many will have positive insights in a general way. Libra Ascendant 2022 natives will find new way of thinking, new ideas and more innovative thing. There will be many occasions which will accompany meeting and visiting good people and developing positive thinking friends which will bring happiness and joy in life of the Libra ascendant natives. Those looking for love interest may get succeed till this time. Even for those natives who are planning or expecting child birth may get success also these natives’ child will do well in their life.


Jupiter Transit 2020 Prediction for Scorpio ascendant/lagna

For Scorpio ascendants Jupiter transit 2021-2022 in Aquarius is going to be materially well as likely that their old vehicle will be replaced with new one or they are going to buy new for their fleet. Also, in this transit Scorpio ascendant native can expect old vehicle to run smoothly with less expenses. This transit of Jupiter will fetch natives good hope who are planning to build their houses or invest in sale purchase of landed property, plot or flat etc. This transit of Jupiter in Aquarius can even mark renovation, repair, upgradation, change of interior etc. of the current house, mind will be at peace than before, there will be desire to help many people in life. Scorpio ascendant natives will involve himself in charitable deeds, social and public welfare. He/she will tend to learn something new or new skills or any art form and that learning will come to them easily.


Jupiter Transit 2020 Prediction for Sagittarius ascendant/lagna

This transit Jupiter 2021-202 into Aquarius will be good  Sagittarius ascendant natives, it will be good from travelling purpose, visit to holy places, shrines or any sacred places nearby or far is going to happen. Whenever there are travelling schedules then same is going to be good and smooth. Siblings of the Sagittarius ascendant in Jupiter transit 2021- 2022 is going to be good from siblings as they will be doing good in life and also Sagittarius native will enjoy good relation with them, relation will turn out to be more positive and polite conversation will be seen. Sagittarius will be learning good communication skills and also way of communication will improve towards positive. New hobbies or even new skill can be learned including singing/music etc. during this transit.

It is highly likely that Sagittarius ascendant native will upgrade his/her gadgets, mobiles or any communication device with latest ones.

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Jupiter Transit 2020 Prediction for Capricorn ascendant/lagna

This year Jupiter transit 2021-2022 in Aquarius, Capricorn ascendant natives will tend to change their food habits for the betterment. He/she becomes weight conscious and will invariably watch over their diet and will start giving up bad habits. He/she will develop positive speech . On account of this transit Jupiter in Aquarius , native will enjoy harmonious, peaceful and happy communication with their immediate family members. There will be gain where money and wealth is concerned, earning capacity will increase and satisfactory return on investment will be seen. In general, it will be good time and success in work will be there, more over this will be good time for those who are into public speaking.


Jupiter Transit 2020 Prediction for Aquarius ascendant/lagna

During this major transit of Jupiter in Aquarius in 2021-2022 , Aquarius ascendant  natives will be feeling gain in confidence and will develop positive attitude leading to betterment in personality and grooming. Opportunities will come his way, offering new hope, gain and a new lease of life. If the Aquarius Ascendant native been previously sick then health will start improving. He will be successful in his work and there will be accomplishment of tasks or karya siddhi for the native. Natives with Aquarius ascendant will have new ideas striking and will learn better ways to solve problems likely in benefic development. Aquarius ascendant in Jupiter transit 2021-2022, natives will start to feel happy and contended with the way things go, luck will manifest by way of coincidences to them .


Jupiter Transit 2020 Prediction for Pisces ascendant/lagna

In this Jupiter transit 2021-2022 natives will enjoy mixed results; these natives will have expenses due to family or on themself more than normal but the best part is that the same will be under control. If the Pisces ascendant 2022 natives need to undergo any sort of medical procedures or operations, surgery etc. then the success will be achieved and native will get big relief from the ailment. During this transit Pisces ascendant should not aggressively or emotionally invest into stock market but employ wait and watch tactics in order to avoid losses. Those who are running their business they will be successful in managing their expenses with good tactics and will not hesitate to employ cost cutting measures and tighten the belt. It is very likely that in Pisces ascendant 2022 natives will undertake travel to religious places and dwelling on soul-oriented experiences. There is quite a possibility for some Pisces natives in 2022 to get enlightened or get divine blessing in some or other way.



To overcome the obstacles caused by adverse Jupiter Transit (Guru Gochar) in Aquarius zodiac (Kumbha Rashi) in make Jupiter Planet positive and please Guru Brihaspati, do these Jupiter Transit Remedies 


Above prediction of Jupiter transit in Aquarius in year 2021-2022 on all ascendant’s man and woman are very general in nature and results, to know specific impact on your life as well as suitable remedies based on your horoscope as per Vedic Astrology.







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