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20 Jun 2020

21 Best and Easy Astrological Saturn Remedies in Vedic Astrology

According to Vedic astrology, these are home based astrological Saturn Remedies for problems caused by Planet Saturn (Shani) during Mahadasha or Antardasain of both males and females horoscope charts. These simple remedies will help to mitigate malefic effects of debilitated, retrograde and weak Saturn as well adverse Shani Sade Sati.

Below remedies will also help in making weak Saturn stronger and favourable due to placement of shani in adverse House (Bhavas) and Rashis (zodiac signs) in horoscope charts. In general if shani remedies are performed by person then this will make lord Shani happy to get blessing on career, marriage, health and general aspects of life.


Best and Easy Saturn Remedies


  •  Worship  Lord Hanuman, Lord Shiva, Peepal tree, Lord brahma to make Saturn stronger and ward off of evil effects of Lord Shani and related dosha
  • Daily recite Shani chalisa, Dasrath Shani Strotra , this will help to reduce bad effects caused by placement of Saturn in adverse house or signs, adverse transit including Sade Sati etc.
  • Do Japa of Shani mantra: (ऊं प्रां प्रीं प्रौं स: शनये नम:) Om pram preem proum sah shanaischaraya namah, 23000 times with Rudraksha Mala  in 40 days completely. This is one of most effective remedy for bad Shani Sade Sati period, Shani Mahadasha or Antardasha.
  • Recitation of Hanuman kavcham, Bajrang baan, Hanuman chalisa minimum 3 times to ward off ill effect of Saturn and appease Shani graha.
  • One should stop lying and should have nice attitude towards downtrodden, servants, sweepers etc. always give them respect and if possible offer them something as gift or offer something to eat.
  • As a Saturn Remedies donate a leather items like slippers, sandals, shoes, footwear or black til (sesame seeds) to poor and handicapped people on Saturday.
  • Add few drops of mustard oil and some black sesame seeds into bathing water and take bath with water regularly or at least on Saturdays.
  • Plant Shami tree also called Banni Mara, Khejri tree, its english name (which is a botanical name in reality) is Prosopis Cineraria plant at home and worship and offer water regularly and do lit mustard oil lamp on Saturdays.
  • One can wear 14 Face or 14 mukhi rudraksha or its rosary/mala only after proper purification with mantras and on auspicious day to reduce ill effects of Saturn.


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  • Do Fasting on Saturdays, refrain taking any kind of salt during fast this will be very effective in controlling evil effect of debilitated Saturn.
  • Both males and females can do Pooja of Lord Hanuman, Shani Shanti Paath, worship Peepal tree, worship Goddess Kaali very sincerely to mitigate all evil effects of Planet Saturn in horoscope. 
  • Keep clean your surroundings,  clean toilets or bathroom ,wash basin yourself on Saturday. Donate  bhajiya  or any fried items to sweepers, downtrodden, servants on Saturdays. Be polite to them. This will strengthen your weak Saturn  
  • Gemstone Remedies for Saturn : You can wear precious Original High Quality Blue Sapphire or Nili Gemstone,Lapis lazuli Gemstone or semi-precious Nili Gemstone in finger as a ring or as locked in the neck. 
  • One thing keep in mind that Gemstones for Saturn are highly sensitive and works very fast, it may cause numerous adverse effects on life of man and woman equally. So we  advise wear gemstone strictly under supervision of learned astrologer otherwise it may harm dearly especially health wise, career, marriage etc.
  • Regularly on Saturdays donate footwear or leather made items to sweepers or who do menial jobs, also can donate mustard or sesame oil, black sesame seed, iron on Saturdays to needy person.
  • One should avoid wearing black and blue colors clothes in day to day life and should avoid or refrain from alcohol, meat products until he/she is in affliction of Saturn.
  • Worship Peepal tree on every Saturdays in early morning regularly offer water, lit lamp and take blessings by making parikrama around the tree.
  • If a person suffers from bad Saturn dasha/ transit and he/she is able to do Sundar Kand on Tuesdays and Saturdays then it will give all around peace and protection.
  •  Regularly feed ants with flour and sugar, also should feed crow and birds.
  • Do not buy anything of iron, leather, salt on Saturdays.
  • Clean your living room, bed room, toilets regularly keep them clutter free and should dump and keep anything heavy there.

Precautions for Saturn Remedies


These are the common and time again tested Saturn remedies which can be done by anyone. More over these remedies are spiritual alongside ethical and moral which can be practiced without much effort .

But the degree of benefit extracted from these remedies of saturn depends on other influencing factors such as  category of afflicted planet, severity, consistency of performance, Muhurtha and faith while doing so .

In special cases or after evaluating the horoscope thoroughly there are other specific remedies for saturn which are prescribed and performed only under experts supervision. That may include dedicated Yantras, Mantras , Homa, Yagyas  etc. are also effective remedies for shani dosha.

This should always be borne in mind that spiritual remedies for saturn should not be blindly performed it should be properly consulted and analyzed first by the expert. The ethical do’s and don’ts i.e. refraining also have huge impact as though each and every element around us  must be representing anything of the planets  .Keeping our  moral conduct good  purifies our inner well being and helps to look beyond our imperfect senses.








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