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15 Dec 2018

Impacts of Sun Saturn Conjunction in Horoscope

As per Vedic Astrology, in this article we tried to put both positive and negative aspects of Sun Saturn Conjunction or Shani Surya yuti in different house from lagna or navamsa chart on career, father, health, marriage, disease, nature in male & female horoscope of all ascendants. Also applied when they in mutual aspect in both charts.


In continuation with series of various conjunctions of Saturn with other planets, here we would like to throw some light on the results of Saturn and conjunction in horoscope. Since Sun passes through one sign in almost one month and Saturn takes 2.5 yrs. thus this union occurs once in every year. Here mutual aspect of Sun and Saturn is also included.


Sun and Saturn are in close relation of father & son yet they are bitter enemy of each other reason of which can be understood by the story easily available on internet, interested enthusiast could search for it. Sun is the owner of Leo sign & Kritikka, Uttaraphalguni, Uttarashada nakshatras while Saturn owns Capricorn & Aquarius signs & Pushya, Anuradha, Uttarabhadrapada nakshatras.


Now coming to the significations of Saturn which rules over discipline, karma, sacrifice, servants, fear of the real world, darkness, delay, commitment, lethargy, contraction,  law, struggles, sorrow, grief, ugliness, hardness etc. but Sun is King who has significations of royalty, power, ego, pride, authority light, father, soul, fire, ambitions, government, heart, politics etc. Thus they both have opposite nature and controls.


When Saturn conjunct Sun or come under mutual aspect in chart then following results can be experienced in person life.

Effects of Sun Saturn conjunction



  • Native having Sun and Saturn combination or in mutual aspect may not have good relation with the father, there will be difference of opinion between the native and father. When they sit together for any discussion or suggestion that conversation will turn into heated argument and criticism.


  • Person with Sun Saturn conjunction in horoscope  will love and respect his father when they are apart but unable to reflect or show. Generally some incident or issue happens in life or is supposed to be done by the native or father which has long lasting impact and thus friction starts.


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  • Man and woman having this conjunction will be self-made person and will identity at its own but this will happen in later half of the life, they have jolly and enjoying personality in spite of hardships. They are responsible person.
  • One interesting thing which can be easily observed in native with Sun and Saturn conjunction is that they have issue with punctuality why because Saturn is kaal or time hence affliction to it never lets native to reach destination on time or fulfill timely commitments and it is not because they intentionally do so but it happens unintentionally. Time related instruments such as watch etc. would either be lost or got damaged as he/she starts using it.


  • In many cases it is found that person with Sun conjunct Saturn planet are in in healing or medical profession and from early age they start taking responsibilities or imposed on them so from early age they try to be self-dependent.


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  • Progress of the native as well his/her father will be hindered when they are living together under one roof. They will feel stagnant as well as obstructed in their respective careers and growth of life. Success comes to them rather late in life.


  • Sun afflicted by Saturn usually make native highly ambitious but on other hands they are not able to stick & focus to one aim, virtually they tend to act like headless person on some occasions.


  • Males & females may have issues or trouble while dealing with the authorities and government, any work where government is involved would be rarely completed on the single go. Troubles from servants and low caste people is also encountered by the native.


  • Planet Sun is also significator for self-confidence so when Saturn Sun Conjunction occurs then native begins to doubt his capabilities and strengths, it creates a kind of dilemma within self and hence confidence of the gets shaken.


  • If this conjunction of Sun & Saturn is not having benefic influence by placement of aspect then the house at which this association occur is spoiled. Such as in 2nd, it creates issues related wealth or support from family, father would not help him/her monetarily, in 4th house can create dispute over property or conveyances etc.


These natives are advised to sincerely do remedies for Sun and Saturn regularly, parents who are having this combination or aspect in their child’s horoscope should cultivate sense and habit within child to do remedies for Lord Sun & lord Saturn from childhood.


Above results of  Sun Saturn Conjunction are general in nature varies from horoscope to horoscope, results also depends on other factors also such as house, lagna, planet degree, involvement of Jupiter and benefics, ashtakvarga points, navamsa etc.,though results intensity may vary but intention remains the same.


General Remedies

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