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Saturn Venus Conjunction
14 Dec 2018

12 Impressive Results of Saturn Venus Conjunction in Horoscope

As per vedic astrology, in this article we tried to put both good and bad aspects of Saturn Venus Conjunction or Shani Shukra yuti  from lagna (ascendant) or navamsha chart, also when they are in mutual aspect both male and female horoscope of all ascendant.


Effects of Saturn Venus Conjunction


The conjunction of Saturn and Venus is not so rare yet frequently occurring in the charts as Saturn stays almost 2.5 yrs. in a sign while Venus is fast moving and take almost 22 days to around 2 months to pass a sign. As we all know that both of these planets are totally opposite in nature and character but friends hence at a very first glance anyone can get an overview that it is not promising association to have in the horoscope.


Since Saturn is the planet of discipline, karma, sacrifice, fear of the real world, structure, darkness, delay, commitment, lethargy, contraction, servants, law, struggles, sorrow, grief, ugliness, hardness etc. whilst Venus is the planet of luxuries & happiness of life, love comforts, all sorts of pleasure, vehicles, sexuality, relationship, grandeur, dance, music, enjoyments, fertility, profession marriage etc.


As you can see that they both have altogether different portfolios in their governance thus when Venus conjunct Saturn together tightly meaning in degrees very close in man and woman horoscope. Then maximum impact can be felt otherwise controllable problems can be encountered. Not merely when both conjunct but when both are in mutual aspect i.e. placed exactly opposite to each other then also more or less their impact can be felt.


  • Man and woman with Venus Saturn Conjunction are careful in relationship, they take responsibility and care for the spouse (husband and wife) and sometimes prove to be much possessive and suspicious as well. They think very much about the relationship its pros and cons, security etc.
  • Native with Venus conjunct Saturn or in mutual aspect is usually more good in looks than their spouse, before arriving to this one need to be check dignity and strength of both planets.
  • Troubles in marital relationship can be experienced if marriage happens in 25 yrs. of age, usually this combination delays the marriage of the native and marriage may happen rather  late mostly after 28 yrs. or 32 yrs. of age. In our experience we found that early marriage in this case attracts more problems and sustainability issues is much in comparison to late one. 


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  • Main reason behind problems in relationships would be restriction and fear as because Saturn being planet of discipline and order will impose those traits onto partner which he/she would not like and hence trouble starts. Fight for freedom and independence will be there among partners.
  • We came across some instances when the relationship of the native having Venus Saturn Conjunction or in aspect in horoscope was made not on the basis of status of person but on his/her family background, wealth, father’s property etc.
  • When Saturn conjunct Venus, sometimes indulges native into relationship with low caste partner which may or may not be known to anyone and also may be older than him/her.
  • Partner will matured and may be slight older age than the native, partner may not have so good looks as native would be thinking of or can have not so much fairer complexion.
  • Reduction/delay in traits Venusian traits such as luxury, comforts, conveyances etc. native may enjoy at the cost of his/her parents but enjoyment at self-earned money usually comes late in life i.e. after 32 or 36 yrs. of age.

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  • Male and female with conjunction of Saturn and Venus in their lagna or Navamsa chart will not be so much expressive when it come to love or relationship. They feel shy or try to escape/avoid when they have to interact with the opposite sex. After taking sometimes they start mixing.
  • Since Saturn is slow, old, orthodox planet and Venus being fast, modern, glamour etc. thus native with this conjunction may feel not meeting with the pace or expectations of the spouse (husband or wife), they realize to have difference in opinion & thought process in many aspects of life.
  • In male chart Venus conjunct Saturn or aspect each other in horoscope causes more affliction that can create issues in the fertility of the both male and females which many times delays childbirth (progeny).
  • Saturn and Venus combination  can also make man and woman more creative in profession and they work well in the fields which need more time to develop such as paintings, sculptures, crafts, designing etc. The growth in this faculty is usually seen late in the life.


This Venus and Saturn Conjunction should not be dreaded but need to understand what planets are wanting from us thus it is better to follow the path shown by the planets to avoid troubles. In this case it is better to avoid early marriage not before 25 yrs. or better to marry after 30-32 yrs. Never try to impose your believes or restriction onto the partner. If you are getting proposals from girl/boy older than you than accept it and never run after beauty and pretty faces otherwise it would land you in troubles. Sincerely worship lord Shani and goddess Lakshmi to show you the best direction.


Above results of Saturn Venus Conjunction are general in nature varies from horoscope to horoscope, results also depends on other factors also such as house, degree, involvement of Jupiter and benefics, ashtakvarga points, navamsa etc.,though results intensity may vary but intention remains the same.


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    Have seen in few charts that this combination, leads to abuse, mental and physical in relationship s. So people with this combination should be very careful when they choose their partner.

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