Rahu Ketu Transit 2020

Transit 2020
Rahu Ketu transit 2020
17 Dec 2018

Effects of Rahu Ketu Transit in 2020 on 12 Moon Signs

In vedic Astrology, Rahu – Ketu are slow moving shadow planets after Saturn, as transit has a lot to do with fructifying results of ongoing dasha hence can’t be ignored, Rahu-Ketu transit have strong past life connection therefore they play important role in predictions after Saturn & Jupiter. We would like discuss general impacts and effects of Rahu Ketu Transit 2020 passing through Gemini & Sagittarius respectively since 07th March 2019 till September 23, 2020 on all moon signs.


Rahu and Ketu will remain in Gemini and Sagittarius sign respectively for almost around 1.5 yrs. Gemini being an earthy sign and also considered to be the sign of exaltation for Rahu.


Actually, Gemini Sign being natural 3th house of Kalpurush kundali and also one of the Apokilam and Upachaya house apart from 6th house, 3rd house is mild maraka sthan as well  and represents primarily younger siblings, communication, hand and shoulders, efforts, courage etc.


It is always considered good to have Rahu & Ketu in this house. We primarily consider the transit from Moon sign as though consideration from ascendant too considered but here we’ll take transit from Moon Sign one by one for various signs.


Effects of Rahu Ketu Transit 2020 on all Moon Signs


  • Aries Sign / Mesha Rashi:


Rahu Ketu transit in 2020 passes through 3rd house & 9th house respectively for Aries Signs


Moon in Aries sign males & females will be having beneficial Rahu Ketu Transit 2020 as it is passing through the house where Rahu tends to give prosperity and wealth to the native. If dasha support is there than native can change in place or change in job/roles as well.


Native may have to take short travel to far off places for sometimes it may be pleasure trip or business official trip. Natives in business or jobs in electronics, communication, and networking may have growth and advancements also people in cinema, performing arts etc. can experience change or good opportunities as well.


People with rational thinking, oratory, writing skills, experts in using hands, sportsmen, and politicians can have good time .There can be chances to visit holy places or going to pilgrimage, shrines etc.


These man & woman feels scientific & philosophical bend of mind, reduced faith in religion and not much support of luck but hard work will certainly fructify. Father/fatherly figure or Guru need to be taken care, spouse’s sibling can have some health issues of the native.


Natives are advised to put 100 % in all endeavors and then see the outcome. All together this is a good transit. Probability of clashes with kith and kins or younger sibling but support them is also seen. Take care of Shoulder and do not try to become illusionist or manipulate co-workers, colleagues or to any body, this will harm native for sure.


  • Taurus Sign / Vrishabh Rashi


Rahu-Ketu transit through 2nd house & 8th house respectively


For Taurus Moon sign people this period is going to be mixed in impact as placement and transit of Rahu is never appreciated in second house but when it passes through the Gemini which is also exaltation sign for Rahu then can bring income or wealth via odd means or suddenly as well.

Best part is that Rahu in second keeps on amplifying intangible affairs hence can show new opportunities or resources of giving money from known and unknown sources but can create some disturbances in the family or with family members of the spouse.


This transit can prove to be beneficial for economists, bankers, astrologers, researchers, singers, mathematicians etc. Native with this transit can feel inclination towards intoxication, smoking etc. hence be cautious of any kind of indulgence.


Significations of Mercury will be expanded as per placement in individual native. Unwanted and unexpected expenses in family can be seen due to any health issue or any problems. Native may feel irritating and hence communication, speech of the native can become inappropriate or hyperbolic while chatting or talking to others.


Troubles in teeth, throat and in right eye and chances of betrayal by the family member. Avoid lending money during this period otherwise it may stuck. Ketu passing in 8th could give some disease of secret or hidden nature alongside in interest in occult or spirituality as well. Native could feel philosophical and egoistic during the course of time.

  • Gemini Sign / Mithun Rashi


Rahu Ketu transit through 1st house & 7th house respectively


Rahu through 1st house in sign Gemini can bring transformations in personality, native may experiments with his/her looks and style as well. This 1.5 yrs. native will be careful and may bring in changes how he/she came across people opposite to them.


New mode of communication or even new job/profile can be enjoyed by the native. On the other hand Ketu can bring troubles in partnership, business and in conjugal relation with wife also there can be fall or weakening the social status of the native.


People to whom you confront may not give you that expected much respect or attention which you were getting previously. Rahu’s placement could make you a bit more restless and confused, native may have changed thought process of illusive kind.


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If natal Rahu too there then will show new direction to the life. There may be chances of getting involved in supernatural or such kind of feeling may arise within. Professional upgradation along with chances to groom career will generate.


This period may be struggling for the natives those who are running under bad dasa/bhukti. Overall the play of this transit will be all through the mind and Rahu being illusionist, smoke, deceptive etc. so, Rahu will try to have grasp of your mind and make you take wrong decision in any field of life.


  • Cancer Sign / Karka Rashi


Rahu-Ketu transit through 12th house & 6th house respectively


Rahu’s transit through 12th house is not believed to give good results but Gemini being sign of exaltation should be prayed to bestow relieve from sudden health issues, roaming around hospitals, unnecessary expenditures, loses etc.


During this time native may develop tendency of overspending and addiction of any kind to alcohol, drugs etc. and may look of excessive bed pleasures, sex etc. Native may feel at times to get treatment for diseases other than medical means like occultists, supernatural etc. as Ketu in 6th house would suppress the disease and will not let is surface or diagnosed.


Disputes and misunderstanding with spouse may develop. This axis 12-6 axis of Rahu –Ketu is also seen to elevate native spiritually and religiously as well. This transit of 2.5 yrs. will teach many lessons of life to the native.


Restlessness and anxiety will be felt by the native, can cause insomnia if natal chart too is polluted in 12th house. Trouble in eyes, feet and in stomach can be felt. Caution need to be taken in business communications.


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Service class majority may have to work in foreign or foreign linkages may set up or circumstances may arise due to which native may have to change place willingly or unwillingly depending on individual’s horoscope.


Ketu in 6th would give strong urge to start your own set up for earning rather than working 9- 5 under someone. Healing professionals, doctors can have good time.


  • Leo Sign / Simha Rashi


Rahu-Ketu transit through 11th house & 5th house respectively


Now Leo people will have gala time after difficult time .This transit will bring a lot more than expected to the native having Rahu transit through 11th house. Expansion and focus on gains, earning, unexpected gains in career, growth/change in status to upward level.


Starting of new enterprise or exploration of new horizon for expansion of existing or new one, may attract some foreign connections as well after Oct-Nov 2019 business, internet, communication of any sort will play important role in it. Prosperity, happiness and gains of all sorts are predicted if dasha support is there in horoscope.


Father can have good time with prosperity but children could suffer due to health or distraction from studies can be seen. One peculiar trait of discontentment & inner emptiness will be felt during the transit in spite of gains and achievements.


Those preparing for the government services may get success and attain rank. Increased friend circle, enhanced support and gain from them. Gain of job for jobless or already working may get lucrative offers from company.


Native can spend more time in socializing or creating social network via internet & other means of communications. Single may get mingle with suitable match. Challenging period for elder siblings, mother and for those who are expecting child birth or conception.


  • Virgo Sign / Kanya Rashi


Rahu-Ketu transit through 10th house & 4th house respectively


Rahu-Ketu transit for the native having Virgo Moon sign will bring mixed impact on the natives which will be more on the positive side provided Gemini have good astakvarga points in chart.  It will bestow one with happiness along with struggles in some fields of life.


New opportunities or even better job role can be gained by the native but will carry some twist in it or some confusions, native becomes more concerned about career or business. Ketu in 4th can bring problems in relation to living or at place of residence or property/vehicle related issues but will definitely bring some inner transformations at soul’s level.


Success will be attained in area where native is seeking but will have to keep patience, perseverance and efforts in right direction. For working class people, it can attract some issues and conflicts at workplace, difficulty in performing deeds as co-workers or seniors may not co-ordinate or support the native.


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Native may have illicit or some kind of relations for sense gratification. Natives mother, mother-in-law, maternal uncles, siblings may have health issues or troubles in life. Native will spend a lot more time in socializing or creating social network via internet.


One of our observation is that native will perform any deed or karma that will instantly going to give him/her pleasure but later in life will prove havoc for them.


  • Libra Sign / Tula Rashi


Rahu-Ketu transits through 9th house & 3rd house respectively


Rahu while passing through 9th house magnifies the luck or fortune factor for the native. Native will be encountering fluctuating or should say deceiving sort of luck or fortune during this period as when native will need luck it will not support but when not needed it will be with the native and at the same time results of deeds whatever good or bad also start surfacing.


Transit of Rahu here reduces faith in the religious matters or better to say they start questioning out of there little knowledge over religious matters. Native can have philosophical, higher mind and moreover can have a glimpse of self-realisation.


Many a times it is also seen that native finds interest in other religion and starts exploring it . Father / younger siblings of spouse, children make face challenges into health related areas. Native may perform wrong deeds against his father or fatherly figure, mentors.


Native may feel peculiar orientation in the field, writing, singing, instruments, performing arts etc. if they are into it. Chances of getting fruitless long travel suddenly to foreign lands or atleast to far off from native place.


Here native pretend to have more knowledge and behave as if he/she is the knower of everything just to recognition from the society and grab their attention. Native should try to think wisely before performing any deed.


  • Scorpio Sign / Vrischik


Rahu Ketu transit 2020 through 8th house & 2nd house respectively


Rahu Ketu transit 2020 in Gemini and Sagittarius are in 8-2 axis is in general not considered good as it is capable to bring financial hardships either in terms of reduced income or uncontrollable expenditures.Thus chase for money and meeting finances will be affected area. But one sign of relieve is that Ketu is in the sign of Sagittarius hence not much dreaded results and not much troubled will be felt.


Native may receive some legacy or financial benefit from spouse or others in general.  Native may not able be spend lavishly or freely, may have to move miserly. Stay away from speculations, gambling etc. during this period. This period is capable to bring pleasurable trips also.


Native may face any issue in voice, accent, and teeth during this period. Native may have change of role or can move to research / analytical work where not so much public explore is seen. Native may see any disease/illness which may be diagnosed lately or difficult to detect.


Native will be prone or tends to do bad deeds, eating, drinking and that could also include making illicit relation with low class or different religion people. May suffer from piles or some disease in excretory system and seeks solution of problems through occult or unorthodox manner.


Chances of going to foreign land will be there during the transit. There can be unrest or strained relation with the in-laws. Suggested to have control over mouth and for any business or job related work better use written mode rather than verbal.


  • Sagittarius Sign / Dhanu Rashi


Rahu Ketu transit 2020 through 7th house & 1st house respectively


The passing of Rahu through 7th house is supposed to bring good business proposals, expansion in it while others can have to work for a bit extended hours for no benefit. Rahu here also tends to expands partnership and coalition deals which may turned to be mistake or fraud as well.


Rahu being manipulative and cheat can attract fraudulence and cheats as well so better be cautious before taking any decisions. Sudden troubles and miseries in married life of the native as it  explodes and brings twists in most unexpected way, dissatisfaction’s, misunderstandings with the spouse.


If any married couples or business who are already running into troubles then it can  attract breakage in relationship or partnership business due to misunderstandings or cheating providing falsehood in treaty. If any yoga and dasha for the extra marital affairs is available in the chart of native then the chances of illicit relationship increases.


There are chances that native may receive any kind of trouble in internal reproductive organs. It is best to stay away from risky deals in business and avoid disputes at any cost. Business hunks may receive foreign deals or chances for foreign collaboration will develop.


Ketu in 1st induces dual personality kind of attitude for the native, sometimes headlessness or sometimes filled with dilemma, they may seem to be very happy and friendly socializing outside but for inside they will be depressed, insecure and lonely.


  • Capricorn Sign / Makar Rashi


Rahu  Ketu transit 2020 through 6th house & 12th house respectively


These natives will be having merry time all along the transit of Rahu-Ketu in Gemini & Sagittarius.  Enemies and critics will be tarnished and vanquish during this 18 months of transit. Native will receive favor from government and authorities.


Native turns out to be winner in litigations, any disputes and enemies. Since Rahu in 6th in Gemini is praised over in  social economical arena but is seen to give health related issues somewhat in left legs, right eye, flatulence, gastroenteritis, ulcers, stomach etc.


Raised ego and proud is found felt in the native. For doctors, healers, people dealing in foreign lands, import export etc. this period found to be fruitful. If further affliction is unavailable and Rahu is well in natal chart then this period can uplift native spiritually also.


Politicians too can have better time. Native should beware of servants, employee as there are chances of been cheated or mislead by them. Native may have arguments or misunderstanding in maternal side and maternal uncle may have problems in married life also trouble in spouse’s family is indicated.


Some offer of jobs in foreign land may come to those who are eagerly awaiting.


  • Aquarius Sign / Kumbha Rashi


Rahu – Ketu transit through 5th house & 11th house respectively


This transit of Rahu in 5th house is believed to bring in new ideas and leads towards fortification of creative faculty in the native. If other factors are supporting then then this transit can bring fame and luck as well.


This transit is going to bring changes in the mindset, mind energy, intellect, and self-consciousness, education, thought process and excellence in mantras as well. It can be called as a good time for those dealing in cinema, mass media etc.


Not a good time for progeny, it may create hindrances and unwanted situations to those who are expecting child birth or planning to conceive.  Native may indulge into speculation business or tends to invest more in shares, bonds etc. to make quick money.


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These person may find ignored or they seclude himself from friend’s circle. Elder sibling may have trouble during this transit. Nubile or those who are in relationship find new love interest may pop up or they will start searching for new one, this transit pushes one towards love or romantic affairs at large.


This time is good for those who are in entertainment or creative business and there are chances that may get recognized or move ahead in their endeavor.


  • Pisces sign / Meena Rashi:


Rahu – Ketu transit through 4th house & 10th house respectively


When Rahu-Ketu transit occupies 4-10 axis then starts playing in areas dealing with mother, mother-in-law, inner peace & happiness, property, vehicles, home life, career. More attachment towards mother or motherly figure is felt.


Change in job or even break in career can be seen, unloved or dissatisfaction will be experienced job or business. People dealing in Property, vehicles, agriculture, dairy, interior decorators and construction professionals can have good time.


Natives with Moon in Pisces may  experience disturbed  mental peace due conflicts in family or at workplace , issues related to property, mother’s health, relocation to new place or home, heart or lung related issues may arise suddenly so due care must be taken if any symptom seems to occur.


If the native does have heavy affliction or presence of malefic in Gemini sign then extra care need to be taken. Ketu in 10th house could create any kind of imbalance in career prospective, may have impulsion to break or change but this time should have to be passed cautiously and patiently.


Words of Wisdom


Here the readers should bear in mind that the transits of major planets must be clubbed and applied simultaneously along with the undergoing dasha, position of Rahu in natal chart, Astakvarga, dispositor, strength, transit over natal planets, other transiting planets.


Our Sincere advise to all reader that please do not jump to conclusion directly by merely seeing the result of Rahu Ketu Transit 2020 on partcular Moon Sign. Instead, analyze by blending all above said along with results mentioned along with each and every sign where Moon is placed in the natal chart. How much, what, what intensity and when all can be considered after analyzing individual’s horoscope and thereby results thus vary accordingly.






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