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Saturn Moon Conjunction
12 Apr 2018

Effects of Moon Saturn Conjunction or Punarphoo Dosha in Horoscope

As per Vedic Astrology, effects of Moon Saturn Conjunction or Punarphoo Dosha or Vish Yoga in horoscope of males and females are unique for all ascendants.


While talking about the frequent and most occurring conjunctions in the horoscopes of the people, conjunction of slow moving heavy planet Saturn (Shani) and very fast moving small planet Moon (Chandra) is one of them. Since we all know that Moon almost takes 2.5 days to cross a zodiac while Saturn stays for almost 2.5 yrs in a sign or rashi thus Saturn conjunct Moon twice in month, hence this planetary combination easily found in many charts.


This Saturn Moon Conjunction in Vedic Astrology can be understood very easily and has not so complexes as other planetary conjunctions. 



Since Saturn (Shani) denotes fear of the real world, darkness, delay, slowness, lethargy, negativity, contraction, servants, law, struggles, sacrifice, sorrow, grief, ugliness, hardness etc.


On the hand, Moon (Chandra) being tender, soft, beautiful, sensitive, fair and clear, mother, psyche, emotions, mood, water, milk, sleep etc.


Thus, when Moon Saturn planets conjunct in different house in horoscope then we can see the influences easily over the significations represented by the planets, as a general rule it is very easy to taint or spoil white or clear & pure substances rather than other colors thus here Moon gets most afflicted by Saturn which is quite larger in size and intensity than Moon.


As this Saturn Moon Conjunction is also termed as Punarphoo Yoga in vedic astrology which is believed to spoil marital bliss. Nowadays, Vish yoga name is also prevalent among Astro enthusiasts and this conjunction is called so as it fills one’s mind with poisonous thoughts and negativity.


Results of Moon Saturn Conjunction


  • This Punarphoo Yoga causes timidity, fear of unknown, despondency, suspicion and thus procrastination will be troubling the person causing them to always searching for high security to act or respond.
  • Man and woman with Moon Saturn conjunction in horoscope will be having expertise or intelligence but when it comes to demonstrate or show it off an unknown fear or despondent thoughts will grab them to avert or leave the task / opportunity received as unaccomplished.


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  • When Moon conjunct Saturn say at 3rd ,6th ,10th or 11th house in horoscope. Then it is beneficially placed and  it induces man and woman with hard working traits, honesty, justice-loving, makes native of helpful nature,generous, charitable to needy.
  • If further affliction to this Saturn and Moon combination is present in Kundli then, mind of the native will be filled with negative thoughts and in everything they will find problems i.e. they become pessimist towards life and circumstances.
  • Generally in view of vedic astrology such males and females mother life will be full of struggles and health issues will keep on coming to her with one or other type of diseases attacking her. Many a times it is seen that native is having bad relation with mother.
  • In diseases, higher chances of native getting attacked with tuberculosis in the dasa/ bhukti of Saturn (Shani) or Moon (Chandra) more likely if they have 6,8 ,12 house connection and watery sign connection as well. Diseases occurring due to fluid loss or any thing to do with fluidic content imbalance in the body.


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  • If Saturn and Moon combination present in horoscope then person will be either drinking very much or very less water than usual. They are advised to maintain optimum level of fluid in their and stay hydrated in all conditions.
  • This Punarphoo Yoga causes health issues like abnormal sleeping patterns, either more or less sleep due excessive thinking or anxiety, if related to 12th or 3rd, 4th,9th, 11th houses and polluted by malefics.
  • If support from benefics is lacking for this Saturn Moon conjunction then disturbed or spoiled marriage life is seen, involvement of mother, mother-in-law, or such motherly figure is found behind it.
  • As per Vedic texts, If this conjunction of Saturn conjunct Moon in very close degrees occurring along with affliction from strong malefics houses such as 4th, 7th, 2nd then tendency of self-harming can’t be neglected.
  • Regularly worshipping Lord Shiva or lord Shani and chandra by chanting vedic mantras, donation, abhishekam etc. and also by changing behavioral pattern by cautiously watching thoughts and willfully opting and practicing habit of optimism, acting against negative thoughts will surely alter the mental state of seeking problems than solutions.


Before entering into direct prediction about  Moon Saturn Conjunction, it is very essential to gauge other factors as well such as degree of closeness, house, dignity, aspects , navamsha, astakvarga, Dasha etc. which will decide the intensity and extent of effect, of course, intensity may vary yet intention of the conjunction will definitely be felt every now and then.


General Remedies for problem related with Punarphoo dosha

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