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Rahu in Cancer
24 Jun 2018

Effects of Rahu in Cancer Sign in Male & Female Horoscope

As per Vedic Astrology, Rahu in Cancer Sign or Karka rashi in horoscope of male and female is considered  to be good generally for marriage, love, health, career, business, finance, wealth, education etc.


Effects of Rahu in Cancer Sign


  • Cancer being a watery, emotional sign ruled by Moon and 4th sign among zodiacal sign, Rahu being cloud, smoke, darkness, illusion, confusion when occupies inimical sign Cancer then certainly plays through the emotions, mental peace, family life, mother, property, vehicles, psychology of the native if Moon is weak and suppressed somehow.
  • Well supported Rahu in Cancer here gives insightful thinking, imaginative as well and makes people good human being who thinks of humanity, society, takes pleasure in helping others & family, takes care of mother and family, possess wealth, peace of mind.


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  • Planet Rahu in Cancer Sign confers man & woman with wealth, accolades, dignity and lets native to enjoys comforts and riches because of natives serving nature he/she will be admired and appreciated.
  • Here, in Cancer Sign Rahu gives continuous struggle at mental level, creates situations which becomes difficult to tackle while dealing with internal self and outer world. A kind of situation is generated within where person do not want to participate internally but will have subdue before the conditions and external influences, creating guilt & agony in inside world many a times in life.
  • Males & females with Rahu in Cancer gets confusions, illusion thus native becomes many a times apprehensive, skeptical, suspicious in day to day life affairs.

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  • Summarily, Rahu in Cancer sign is good until and unless much polluted and Moon is not at ease in chart otherwise pleasant and fruitful results with nice blend of prosperity and caring propensity for humanity is seen in the native.
  • Since cancer being natural sign depicting mother and placement of malefic Rahu here could bring somewhat emotional seclusion and disturbed relation with mother or health related issues.

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Words of Wisdom


The results stated above should not be applied bluntly because there are other factors such as house, conjunction, aspect of planets, strengths etc. which can alter the impact and intensity of results but nevertheless, cannot change the intention which is carried inherently by sitting planet in a particular zodiac sign.






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