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Rahu in Gemini
21 Jun 2018

Effects of Rahu in Gemini Sign in Male & Female Horoscope

As per Vedic Astrology, presence of North Node Rahu in Gemini Sign or Mithuna Rashi in all houses of horoscope of male and female gives mixed results in all aspects of life.


Major Effects Rahu in Gemini


  • Gemini being airy sign and 3rd sign among zodiacal signs, North Node (Rahu) in Gemini zodiac is believed to give good results but actually those good results depends on other factor such as conjunction with benefic planet & house of where Rahu in Gemini is placed otherwise results are not good in today’s era.
  • With Rahu in Gemini in 2nd house especially communication related issues will be troubling somehow to native in their day-today, personal, professional paradigm in initial stages of life. But this problem who are having North node (Rahu) in Gemini sign  will improve with age and in later half of life.


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  • With other factors supporting, man & woman with Rahu in Mithuna Rashi can become good writer, teachers, journalists, DJ’s, RJ’s, leaders, sports person, leaders, spiritualists, mass communication, media etc. These traits will be highlighted especially when it falls in 1st house, 2nd house, 3rd house mostly and sometimes in 5th  house, 11th house as well.
  • Planet Rahu in Gemini people are learned and possess logic, rationality along with tactical and intellectual bend of mind. In later stages of life, they come out to be good philosophers and bearing knowledge of higher realms of universe also good influential oratory skills.
  • For both man & woman placement of Rahu in the zodiac Gemini largely brings inner conflicts within the native which is reflected outside in behavior through higher sense of ego, self-respect & much expectation to respond in their favor from the people whom they meet.


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  • Placement of Rahu planet in Mithuna sign makes native easily annoyed over trivialities, against ignorable or small mistakes of others and start bad mouthing without care. Good at skills of hand
  • Because of intolerability and short temperedness Gemini placed Rahu people easily attract multiple enemies, at many instances even good acquaintance of the native turns foe to them.
  • In horoscope of males and females, Gemini sign Rahu also attract troubles to the wife & family of the native through ailments or diseases, Gemini zodiac naturally rules over communication hence trouble via misunderstanding or misinterpretation of conversation or dialogues cause rifts with family, friends etc. and thus attracting disfavor through them.
  • Male & Females with Rahu in Gemini will be manipulative and assertive, it depends on other factors that whether these manipulations are used for construction or destruction.




  • However, above stated points largely depend on the condition of Mercury in the horoscope of the native, but it is quite sure that communication & valor will make and mar the native mostly during full dasha of Rahu if met in life. We have observed that during the dasha mahadasha of Rahu in Mitthuna Rashi with other malefics native undergoes nervous troubles, injury or ailment in shoulder or upper portion of spinal chords towards neck as well.


Words of Wisdom for Rahu Results in Gemini Sign


The results of Rahu in Gemini Sign  stated above should not be applied bluntly because there are other factors such as house, conjunction, aspect of planets, strengths etc. which can alter the impact and intensity of results but nevertheless, cannot change the intention which is carried inherently by sitting planet in a particular zodiac sign.






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