Conjunction of Rahu with Different Planets

Conjunctions of Rahu
Conjunction of Rahu
23 Jun 2018

Distinguished & Interesting Results of Conjunction of Rahu in Astrology

Rahu & Conjunction of Rahu with other planets

Rahu is a shadow planet and north node of Moon we all know it. Rahu is a malefic having only head and hence conjunction of Rahu primarily influences the thought process & psyche. Well associated Rahu in chart uplifts the native to unimaginable success in life as well within no time. In our experience we can across several incidents where when native is undergoing dasha of polluted Rahu then they got hurt, accidents, wounds etc. on their head mostly.We figured out during our experience that Rahu is calculative ,selfish and deceptive planet so in whatever status or condition it is He will play with these inherent traits being demon and malechha by virtue but the story turns up to agony or bliss if he is manifested in a particular horoscope to use deceptions and manipulations to fight against shadripus  Anger ( Krodha ),Jealousy (Matsarya),Lust (Kama), Intoxication (Mada),Greed ( Lobha), Illusion ( Maya) inside our being or to deal with outside ignorance of worldly perishable entities which are giving boost to those internal biggest enemies but yearnings can’t be ignored until unless we are having higher awareness of universal paradigm along with higher sense of karmic evolution behind every micro to macro manifestation beginning right from birth uptill  death.

Being a shadowy planet and much related via behavior and operation to Moon, it acts mainly through illusion-delusion, manipulation and hence depends on other planets capability to drag or driven by Rahu deciding direction and outcomes during connected periods. Although Rahu-Ketu alone in 3,6,10,11 is considered best and if its dispositor is well placed then perfect. In all the cases of Rahu conjunction common point of foreign connection somehow can be seen easily in native’s life mostly during Dasha period.

Here we will try to put forth some basic outcomes which a planet while in conjunction with Rahu can be seen primarily during dasha/antardasha.


Here conjunction of Rahu with planet of wisdom, religion, spirituality, knowledge i.e. which is ever existing ever after death. Again, dominance of planet will decide flow of energy that those traits of Jupiter will be contributing towards self-exploration or fulfilling false ego and showcasing bad as a good. Nevertheless, this conjunction of Rahu surely makes person unorthodox believer, self-centered and selfish, he/she will be good critic, tries to find logical rationality in every doings, will be good at accumulating wealth and extends material prosperity. Native with this conjunction of Rahu will be good at both material plane and will be tactful but lack of discipline is seen. If this conjunction of Rahu is well disposed then native can be a reformer, philosopher and working for social cause, charitable while ill disposition could make one deceitful, extravagance and destructive to self and family as well, spoiling values, earning ill repute. Love marriage or self-chosen native undergoes mostly in outcaste. Spouse of native may have some psychological issues and troubles in progeny is seen in female charts.


Rahu being amplifier, enhances the intelligence and analytical capability of the native. Software engineers and computer professional, analyst, strategy, etc. are having this combination. They are skillful with hands. Mass communication, sales and writers also have this conjunction of Rahu mostly if in Gemini, Virgo signs. On contrary, with weak afflicted Mercury this conjunction of Rahu can prove to be disastrous making criminals, indulgence into cybercrime, burglars, misusing their knowledge, communications, intelligence to harm others with selfish motives.


Rahu- Venus:  This conjunction of Rahu with planet of luxury, lust, comfort, female etc. brings in again success in materialistic plane of today’s era. Since when Rahu indulges himself into Venusian aura then certainly Rahu tries and occupies anyhow all significations of planet Venus thus, success mainly in perishable non-living pursuits is depicted such as vehicles, well to do life style, entertainment, travels, property etc. but causes issues in the matters of emotion, love and desires, dealing with woman. Ill disposition can bring perversions, womanizing, much greed, unsatisfaction, deceitful actions to attain material prosperity. Native will be having attractive and magnetic aura with which attracts opposite sex easily even if they don’t have good looks or appearance akin to common people. Since Venus being planet of limelight and highlights hence when mixes with Rahu gives yearning for recognition and becoming famous in society or among knowns. Rahu amplifies sexual urges of the native which can lead towards illicit, extra-marital or unwanted relationships. Native will have inclination towards arts, glamour, cinema, acting etc. Native is seen to prefer or undergo inter-caste, inter-religion marriage or with foreigners as well.


In this conjunction of Rahu, as Saturn is akin to Rahu thus amplification and indulges into Saturn’s empire which primarily deals with suppression, compression, depression, sorrow, law etc. Rahu disrupts through these areas.  As Rahu being demon, thinks only about himself hence native becomes careless and regardless for others feelings and emotions. Native will be doing everything to fulfill his/her motive and obsessions. If they have strong yearning for any object or anything in life then they can do anything to get it without caring for pros and cons at all. Native will be at times pretending to be staunch protestor of anything but on other occasions they will be found following the same for their benefits i.e. hypocrisy. This conjunction also sometimes appears to induct native in professions of administration, lawyers, judiciary or where discipline and rigidity is needed, native finely blends Rahu’s energy of manipulation, deceit etc. to attain results, also if polluted, this conjunction of Rahu can inspire native to indulge into scandalous deeds, smuggling, nefarious activities etc. This conjunction of Rahu is found to make people much greedy, orthodox and fanatical about faith, believes, religion as well. This conjunction of Rahu if not having protection at all of benefics mainly Jupiter then many times give intense mental afflictions leading towards harming self, suicidal tendencies. In some cases, if this conjunction has connection with 8,12,5 and further afflicted then could lead to bring any supernatural issues or something to do with it. If Saturn is strong (own sign, exaltation, higher in degree than Rahu) then much relief can be felt from aforesaid. Saturn being slow moving planet when Rahu conjuncts then struggles increases, growth slows and much delay or obstacles in the first half of life is seen, after age of 36 things start improving. Lastly, in whatever condition this conjunction of Rahu is placed, native will be always mindful of thoughts and will be anxious.

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Words of Wisdom

The results stated above should not be applied bluntly because there are other factors such as house, conjunction, aspect of planets, strengths etc. which can alter the impact and intensity of results but nevertheless, cannot change the intention which is carried inherently by sitting planet in a particular zodiac sign.


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