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Rahu in Taurus
19 Jun 2018

7 Simple Effects of Rahu in Taurus Sign or Vrishabh Rashi

As per Vedic Astrology, Rahu in Taurus Sign or Vrishabh Rashi in in all houses horoscope of male and female is considered good and powerful for career, marriage, love, health, education, job, finance etc.


Effects of Rahu in Taurus Sign


  • Sign Taurus being an earthy sign and lord is Venus, when Rahu occupies this sign in the chart then it is considered to be good. Native possess philosophical bend and is quite knowledgeable. Native will be fond of entertainment and amusements.
  • These man and woman will have keen interest in perceiving sensory pleasure, luxury, social prestige and accumulating movable or immovable assets i.e. native will have materialistic approach towards life.


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  • Rahu in Taurus  sign brings in a kind of natural flow of wealth also native may not have much emotional attachment towards good or bad as because of inherent nature of Rahu. This will be much experienced in dasha period of Rahu specially when placed in 3rd house, 6th house ,10th house, 11th house and to some extent in 2nd house as well. But only in terms of wealth not for other spheres of life and of course placement of Venus has a lot more to support.
  • Person with planet Rahu in Taurus sign will be religious and spiritual, if Rahu here is un-afflicted and strong, native will have inclination towards visiting holy places or shrines etc. native will be wealthy and finds interest and inclination while dealing with opposite sex.
  • Zodiac Taurus being natural 2nd second house in kaalpurush kundli which has signification of speech, family, wealth etc. also Venusian sign hence Rahu plays through these significations. Well placed Rahu here can uplift a man to higher realms of universe otherwise can become manipulative and uses speech and communication  to attain gains & wealth and fulfill materialistic ambitions.




  • These males & females will possess lot of vehicles (four-wheeler etc.) especially if placed in 4th house. They can have earning through it also may own animals or some short of a connection with them especially with four legged animals like cow, buffalo, horse etc. chances of gains through them is possible.
  • Sometimes Rahu in Vrishabh Rashi can bring health issues especially trouble in vocal cord, throat or speaking ability or speech defects, harsh speech provided it is weak and afflicted.


Words of Wisdom for Rahu in Taurus


Above results of Rahu in Taurus should not be applied blindly because there are other factors such as house, conjunction, aspect of planets, dispositor, dashas, transits, strengths etc. which can alter the impact and intensity of results but nevertheless, cannot change the intention which is carried inherently by sitting planet in a particular zodiac sign.






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