Rahu Saturn Conjuction

Planetary Conjunction
Rahu Saturn Conjunction
25 Jun 2018

Effects of Rahu Saturn Conjunction in Horoscope

In this article as per Vedic Astrology, here we tried to put both positive and negative effects due to presence of Rahu Saturn conjunction or Rahu Shani yuti in all houses from first house to twelfth house of birth or navamsa chart of male and female horoscope. General vedic remedies are also provided to get relief from problems caused by  Saturn and Rahu combination in kundali..


Rahu is a shadow planet and north node of Moon we all know it. Rahu is a malefic having only head and hence primarily influences the thought process. In our experience we can across several incidents where when native is undergoing dasha of polluted Rahu then they got hurt, accidents, wounds etc. on their head mostly.


Well associated Rahu in chart uplifts the native to unimaginable success in life as well within no time. Since what we figured out during our experience is that Rahu is calculative, selfish and deceptive planet so in whatever status or condition it is.


He will play with these inherent traits being demon and malechha by virtue but the story turns up to agony or bliss. If he is manifested in a particular horoscope to use deceptions and manipulations to fight against shadripus  Anger ( Krodha ), Jealousy (Matsarya), Lust (Kama), Intoxication (Mada), Greed ( Lobha), Illusion ( Maya) inside our being or to deal with outside ignorance of worldly perishable entities which are giving boost to those internal biggest enemies.


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But yearnings can’t be ignored until unless we are having higher awareness of universal paradigm along with higher sense of karmic evolution behind every micro to macro manifestation beginning right from birth uptill  death.


Major Effects of Rahu Saturn Conjunction


  • In Rahu Saturn Conjunction, as Saturn is akin to Rahu thus amplification and indulges into Saturn’s empire which primarily deals with suppression, compression, depression, sorrow, law etc. Rahu disrupts through these areas.
  • As Rahu being demon, thinks only about himself hence native becomes careless and regardless for others feelings and emotions. Person with Rahu and Saturn Combination in birth or navamsa chart will be doing everything to fulfill his/her motive and obsessions. If they have strong yearning for any object or anything in life then they can do anything to get it without caring for pros and cons at all.
  • Man and woman with Rahu and Saturn Combination in kundali will be at times pretending to be staunch protestor of anything but on other occasions they will be found following the same for their benefits i.e. hypocrisy.
  • This conjunction of Rahu and Saturn also sometimes appears to induct man and woman in professions of administration, lawyers, judiciary or where discipline and rigidity is needed, native finely blends Rahu’s energy of manipulation, deceit etc. to attain results, also if polluted, this conjunction of Rahu can inspire native to indulge into scandalous deeds, smuggling, nefarious activities etc.

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  • This Saturn Rahu Conjunction is found to make males and females much greedy, orthodox and fanatical about faith, believes, religion as well. If this conjunction of Saturn not having protection at all of benefics mainly Jupiter then many times give intense mental afflictions leading towards harming self, suicidal tendencies.
  • In some cases, if Saturn and Rahu conjunction has connection with 8th house ,12th house, 5th house  and further afflicted then could lead to bring any supernatural issues or something to do with it. If Saturn is strong (own sign, mool trikona, exaltation, higher in degree than Rahu) then much relief can be felt from aforesaid.
  • Saturn being slow moving planet when Rahu conjuncts then struggles increases, growth slows and much delay or obstacles in the first half of life is seen, after age of 36 things start improving.
  • Lastly, in whatever condition this conjunction of Rahu is placed in particular house of horoscope, native will be always mindful of thoughts and will be anxious, keeps on dwelling & switching between past & future thus forget to live in present unable to focus what is there in their hands at present.

Remedy For Rahu Saturn Conjunction


We strongly recommend if person having Rahu and Saturn Conjunction and undergoing dasha/mahadasha or even without should


  • Always pray Lord Shiva sincerely and do Abhishekam (offer Water & Milk) on Shivalinga regularly or atleast on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and chant sincerely “Om Namah Shivaay” atleast 3 Mala or regularly 5 Malas with Rudraksha beads in morning and evening both. This will take 10-15 minutes only.
  • Whenever native have free time or just sitting idle then should do only mindful chanting (Manshik Japam) of this Panchakshari Mantra without uttering from mouth. Only Lord Shiva could protect them from effects of both the malefic planets and it is found helping people a lot in short period of time.


Above results of Saturn and Rahu Conjunction are general in nature varies from horoscope to horoscope, results also depends on other factors also such as house, degree, involvement of Jupiter and benefics, ashtakvarga points, navamsa etc.,though results intensity may vary but intention remains the same.


These general remedies for Rahu and Saturn can also be performed to get relief from malefic effects  Rahu Saturn Conjunction in adverse house of horoscope

Remedies For Rahu

Saturn Remedies






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