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10 Feb 2018

Delay in Marriage ( Late Marriage) : A Very Simple & Easy Approach

Delay in marriage ( late marriage) in the light of vedic astrology

In this article we would like to discuss few prominent among the important causes which can be seen easily. We all know that the astrology is a vast subject and for a particular event or subject there can be as many causes and reflections , with the advancement of this science and rigorous researches  done on text, scriptures available to us by the various eminent astrologers of the past , today  and ours as well , we have  figured out some basic permutations and combinations of planets and the conditions which will denote and point out the delay in the marriage of the native to the maximum extent.

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Since astrology is practiced under the light of principles which are clearly stated in the scriptures whom we consider as the Bible of this science eg. BPHS, Brighu Samhita Phaldeepika, Uttara kalamitra etc. Therein it is clearly stated that astrology to be studied according to and keeping in mind “Desh , Kaal & Paatra meaning country, time, nativity. In todays scenario even if somebody gets married at the age of 30 yrs.  is not considered late in the society though it is delayed and must be seen as delayed marriage.

Any marriage which happens after the age of 25 yrs. of age is considered to be late inspite of whatsoever society fixes today because societies bench marks and terms & conditions changes with time to time so if sometimes say after 20 yrs. or 30 yrs. marriages start occurring at 40 yrs. or say even at 20 yrs. of age that can’t be considered as acceptable on the basis of our traditions, sacraments ,culture and principles depicted in our holy scripture which are considered as the manual of living since thousands years of conception of human race.


Thus, in the light Vedic Astrological principles we will try to throw some light on the prominent among the many causes for marital delay. Here we will confine ourselves with few factors which are as delineated below.

  • Significator/ karaka of Marriage in Males i.e. Venus
  • Significator/ karaka of Marriage in Females i.e. Jupiter
  • 7th House/Lord/ Planets in 7th House
  • 8th House/ Lord/ Planets in 8th house (Mangalya Sthan) in Females.
  • Affliction of Progeny related areas such as 5th house or 5th lord because affliction to this itself denotes delay.
  • Rahu, Ketu, Mars, Saturn, Sun planets involvement in matrimonial areas, such as house, lords, karaka etc.
  • Placement of Saturn or Mars or both in 1,2,4,7 8, 12 houses without benefic aspect or involvement.
  • Venus or Jupiter or 7th / 8th house lord in last 05 degrees or first 05 degrees.
  • 7th house having below average points in Astakvarga.
  • These to be checked in both rashi as well as Navamsha chart because in many cases rashi chart does not gives clue yet Navamsha reveals everything.

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Although marriage or marital life is  to be assessed on the basis of desire trine or Kaam trikona , lagna, 2nd house, 7th, 8th, 12th, 4th,6th  in rashi, navamsha  charts prominently, various other techniques such as using D-30 (trimsamsha), through jaimini etc. many techniques are there but we will restrict ourselves to common and easy to find out reasons causing delay in marriage.

  • If 7th house is hemmed between strong malefics say Mars, Saturn, Sun, Rahu & Ketu
  • Presence of Sun or Saturn or Mars or in combination of all these in 7th house and the placement of lord of 7th house in 6, 8, 12 houses.
  • If the significators (Venus or Jupiter) is heavily polluted and placed in 6, 8 12 houses
  • Conjunction of SUN & Venus in 7th house & lord/ Karaka of 7th or both placed in 6,8, 12 houses.
  • Presence of Ketu in 7th house, mars in 7th house if aspected by Saturn or Sun or by both.
  • If 7th lord placed anywhere and aspected by more than one malefic
  • If Venus in case on Males or Jupiter in case of female is aspected by malefics Sun, Saturn, Mars, any two and if also associated with Rahu or Ketu then surely will be delayed.
  • If 1st and 7th house both are hemmed between the malefics then also delay in marriage is seen
  • Association of retrograde planet with 7th house / 7th lord/karaka also capable of giving delays in marriage, this usually is observed when aspected by malefic planets or thereby having ay kind of association with the retrograde planet
  • In many cases conjunction of Saturn- Moon, Venus-Moon or Saturn-Venus, Mercury-Venus even cause delay but, in our experience, we found that malefic (more than one) involvement really creates trouble in marriage.

Note: Involvement of jupiter in the situations stated above can definitely bring changes provided it is having good strength.

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Apart from above mentioned there are many other combinations and conditions as well yet above is in itself capable enough to cause delay in marriage or even denial. This has been illustrated with few examples.

Example :1   Male :  DOB  1-6-1975  : 2:00 : kannauj (U.P)

Analysis: 7th Lord  Mercury is retrograde afflicted by Sun and on Rahu-ketu axis in Rashi chart along with presence of Sun-saturn in 7th house in navamsha indicates late marriage, this native got married at the age of 37 after much struggle.

Example :2 Male: (**-**-1983) : 5.55 pm:  Fatehpur (U.P)

Analysis: 7th house is occupied by Sun, Venus the karaka of marriage is afflicted by Sun in 7th house, 7th house hemmed between Mars and Ketu in Rashi itself is capable to create delay in marriage, native till date is unmarried.

Example : 3 Female: **-**-1988 : 20:15 : Allahabad ( U.P)

Analysis: 8th house is occupied by ketu, 7th house hemmed between Sun and Ketu along with 7th is having aspect of Mars , 7th lord is with Rahu and 8th lord Sun in 6th aspected  by Saturn (R) in Rashi and in Navamsha more or less same situation thus causing delay in marriage.Native is unmarried and searching for alliance since long.

(**** details are concealed due to privacy concern)

Similarly there are many example horoscopes  with us which will easily demonstrate what we had explained and made an easy approach to find the delay in marriage of  the native. Readers can also test it on any horoscope themselves in quest to find late or delayed marriage.



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