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6 Oct 2017

Love Marriage Astrology : A Planetary Panorama

Here, we will throw some light on the planetary indications for love marriage in horoscope of males and females as per vedic astrology. As today, this is a growing phenomenon, couples entering into wedlock with the partner of their choice. Astrologers are often being asked, 


‘will my marriage be love or arranged. astrology’

‘what are possibilities of love marriage in horoscope’


The criterion for selecting a partner by an individual with propensity of love kind of marriage is difficult and ambiguous but mostly, it appears to be more out of infatuation and financial reasons.


True love or eternal kind of love is rarest of the rare today, it has become a matter of gone days. However, it is all matter of planetary permutation and combination which can be marked via vedic astrology.


Factors of Love Marriage in Horoscope


Basically, the 5th house, 7th House ,9th House and their lords play crucial role in love related marriage.

In Love Marriage Astrology, the planetary position of major planets Mars, Rahu, Ketu, artistic planets (Venus, Mercury, Moon) play prominent role in creating or bending an individual’s mindset to enter into Love Marriage or love urned arrange marriages.




Ongoing Mahadasha /Bhukti and Transits has a lot to do in these cases because timing of such events can only be marked through it.


  • The 5th house and 7th house connection is most looked-for combination for the possibility of love or love turned arranged marriage and the involvement of Moon or the Rahu, Ketu gives assurance upto 90%.
  • The fifth and seventh lords sitting anywhere will give maximum chances of love marriage, 5th or 7th house surety upto 75%.
  • The Mars should involve in any ways to fifth or seventh house or lords and also if with lagna (ascendant) and lagna (ascendant) lord.
  • Prevailing Dasa of Rahu, 5th lord, 7th lord, Venus, Mars and Moon connected with fifth or seventh house in horoscope.
  • Above from point 1-4 same with 5th and 9th House or lords have same effect and impact.




  • Rahu and Ketu in 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th house in horoscope also give strong inclination towards out-caste or religion love marriage.We have published our research article on it, can be seen in our website.
  • Mercury and Venus combination specifically in 5th ,7th or 9th House orients the possibility of Love Marriage to upto 80 %. Because makes the person highly romantic and sensual. And moreover, we have seen if this is occurring in any house, then too it leads to it. This often comes as love turned arranged marriage.
  • Rahu in Venusian sign (Taurus & Libra) or with Venus gives high chances of love marriage to nubile but if any further affliction is there then affairs could lead to scandals and extramarital connection to those who are married.
  • Even Rahu in Venusian Nakshatras/Constellation at the time of birth too could lead to such tendencies and heart throb kind of nature of both boy and girls as per vedic astrology.
  • Guru Chandal Yoga (Jupiter and Rahu in combo, trine, quadrant) in lagna or navamsa chart also if aspect each other then, too love marriage, intercaste, outcaste, inter-religion marriage happens.




  • Many a times Chandra Chandaal (Rahu and Moon) in 5th ,7th,9th, lagna aspected by Saturn or Mars too create a tragic kind of love marriage or scandalous evolvement of such relationship. This combination hardly gives love turned arrange marriage. 
  • Mars and Venus combination in 5th, 7th, 9th, lagna, 12th,11th, 3rd gives strong urges for love marriage. Even if Mars and Venus exchange signs or Nakshatras the too love marriage.
  • Similarly, for Venus, Moon, mercury too, if exchange sign or Nakshatras then may happen.
  • Planet Venus with 7th lord in Lagna or 11th house gives max chances of love turned arrange marriage as per vedic scriptures.
  • Venus or Moon or combination of both in 5th House is a sacred love indication and purest, selfless, marriage may or may not happen but person feels like he/she is married apparently to him or her.
  • Venus or Moon or combination of both in 9th or 7th or 12th house too gives max chances of love marriage. Even in any house gives strong signals of love marriage.
  • Jupiter in 5th house un-afflicted by any malefic planets to indicates sacred love affair. Native loves partner from bottom of the heart. Love is pure and selfless. Marriage will happen or not depends on other factors.


In Love Marriage Astrology, the above planetary should also be checked in Navmasa chart of both man and woman, if exist then too predicted, if in both then strengthens and gives surety.

The involvement of Jupiter could alter the situation so before arriving to conclusion it is must be checked.


To check whether you will have love marriage or arrange marriage in horoscope. If you want to calculate love factor in your horoscope. Or if you want to marry your loved one or childhood friend and facing problem of inter-caste, inter-religion then can consult our astrologer expert in love marriage problem solution. 






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