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9 Aug 2017

Life Pivot – How to make Ascendant Lagna and Navamsa Lagna (D-9) strong ?

How to make Ascendant Lagna and Navamsa Lagna (D-9) strong ? Astrologically, Ascendant Lagna / Lagna chart represents body, appearance, color, built etc. i.e. Which is visible to others while D-9, Navmansh lagna represents the inner self non-visible i.e. how a person reacts, feels, responds, confidence etc. towards external stimuli. D-9 also been depicted for matrimony, conformity of incidences and many.


Succinctly, outer self (physical body) and inner self (thoughts) make or destroy a man.


Our point of writing is that these two ascendants have the most pivotal role in astrology of humans.


So, people should always try to fortify their lagnas anyhow regularly. For this wearing Gemstone related to ascendant is not always recommended as though many parameters are taken care before recommendation of gems. Gems too give good results but conditions are applied .The same is for Donation/Daana.


The best way to fortify birth ascendant is praying and worshiping to the ruling deity and refraining to the things which are against to the deity or simply obeying and honoring the matters represented by the ruling planet deity.

—>lagna (Aries& Scorpio) (1&8)- Worship lord hanuman ,lord bhairav, Lord Subramanyam.

!!Regular fire sacrifice,Homam will help him very much, Respect Fire, never abuse


—>lagna (Taurus & Libra)(2&7)-Worship lordess Lakshmi,Godess Durga,Yakshini, Suchi.

!!kanya Poojan(Feeding to small girls) in every navratras is very helpful ,keep yourself neat and tidy, take enough liquid /water daily.


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—>Lagna (Gemini& Virgo)(3 &6)-Worsip lord Vishnu,Sri Ram, Sri Krishna.
!!Occasional Vishnu Sahastranaam path, planting and watering green plants daily will help much.


—>Lagna (Cancer)(4)-Worship Moon, Goddess Parvati, Godess Durga, Chamunda, Kaali.

!!Offer water to Moon, Never waste water and milk, stay hydrated to have water energy in body.


—>Lagna (Leo)(5)-Worship Sun God, Lord Shiva, Lord Subramanyam, Lord Ganesha.

!!Offer water to sun in morning, fire sacrifice, Homam regularly will help him very much, respect Fire.

—>Lagna (Sagittarius & Pisces )(9 & 12)- Worship Lord Vishnu, Lord Brihaspati, Lord Shiva.

!!keep going to temples and involvement in religious activities, goto shrine or pilgrimage when find time.


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—>Lagna (Capricorn & Aquarius) (10 &11)-Worship Lord Shani, Lord Ayyappa, Lord Brahma,Goddess Kaali,Lord Hanuman.

!!keep praying peepal tree, Regular chanting of mantras , no liquor and non-veg intake on Saturday.


By worshipping the deities related to your Lagna and chanting mantras, strotram regularly or should include in your daily worship program for having healthy body and constructive thoughts. This will help in fortifying both Birth lagna & Navamsha Lagna


If possible, Sun being natural signification for lagna so everybody irrespective of what lagna he has, pray Him too.








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