Planets And Love Affairs- An Unusual Riddle


In this article, I would like to throw light on astrological aspects of tendencies of a person getting into love affairs in bad or good ways both. Nowadays you can see around yourself for some people’s marriage, conjugal affairs brings prosperity, happiness, peace, harmony, luck, children etc. but many people didn’t get any of those, instead of that they get into depression, loss of money, loss of mental peace, suicidal tendency etc when love failure occurs. Look at our youngster’s ( as i call them most vocal non-believer of astro science) divorce & love failure is highest among them. So here I am elaborating, how suitable application of astrology can give clear understanding about their partner nature, character, feelings about you, trustworthiness etc.

It is universally agreed that every human activity are governed by the planets when. Love, affection, conjugal affair, matrimony and other immortal psychological feelings among our personal lives, all are the gifts of Almighty through various planetary permutation and combination. People may think these tendencies wide via other points of consideration but aforesaid has been easily proven astrologically with great confidence and can be taken care if the timely analysis of the horoscope by the expert astrologer is been done. Here I am trying to put forth certain solely our findings which we have been experienced since years of our practice and careful investigation. Hope this article could raise awareness among the reader’s and parents.

Firstly, I would like to point out the natives who are most prone to have any kind of love affairs…..

Those who are born in the month of

1- Jyaistha (15th May to 14th June approx.)

2- Ashara (15th June to 14th July approx.) or

3- Agrahayan or Margasirsh (15 November to 14th December approx.) or

To have love affairs at the marriageable age.

4-Chaitra (15th March to 14th April approx.)

In case of person born in the month of chaitra, they are also born to have love affair on the onset of particular period of Venus, Mars or Rahu.(with others factors in consideration too for fortification).

The natives born under above mentioned period are most likely to be infatuated or indulge in any kind of affairs but it should not be taken in otherwise that only these people may have affairs, perhaps natives born in other month also do carry chances but it depends on the configuration of planets in the horoscope. We could simply infer that it is an award of character from the almighty to those born under above time period of consideration.


planet in houses

Basic knowledge of houses in a chart

Rahu in Kendra

Above chart has been produced to let those readers know how the houses are been deciphered in a chart .It is only in general interest as many interested readers asked me to furnish basics of astrology so that they could also be benefited and learn as well.

Ketu in Kendra

In Rashi Chart or Janm Lagna

Above both charts simply denote the placement of the Rahu and Ketu in the rasi chart to have clear understanding of the text which will be produced in the article .Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets and are always 180 degrees apart on axis or 7 houses apart to each other like if in Rahu in 1st house then Ketu in 7th house and vice versa.

So with these rudiments let’s discuss cynosure of this article…

Rahu or Ketu in 1stor 4th or 7th or 10th is an astrological symbolic representation of illicit love affairs as mentioned in above charts.

Rahu or Ketu at the places mentioned above is a sure sign of attraction with opposite sex and enough for creating love affairs. It can be fatal or divine depends on other factors also but these positions of Rahu and Ketu should not be dealt lightly and alarming sign for the parents and readers who have believe in astrology and above all these things could be easily seen by naked eye to any one after going through this article.

When we talk about love affairs it may be of any form pre-marital, post- marital or extra- marital. We are not dealing here with the type but in general the astrological causes of love affairs.

The 4th house, 7th house and 10th house is important to be visualized the matching of horoscope. If 4th house has the effect of Rahu by placement or aspect; 7th house is with Rahu and 10th house is with Ketu and Rahu- the character of the girl is suspicious and she may have love affair before marriage and same in the case of boys too. If it is with Mars and Venus the life become very difficult as lots of difficulties came in the way of married life.

During the course of Mahadasa it is the sign that she or he will entangle with their opposite sex and mar their married life.

According Dr. B.V.Raman

If Rahu in 7th house — The native brings ill-repute to family, if a female .She/he will be unconventional and heterodox and undergo affair with outcaste women or foreigners

If Ketu in 7th house–The native has an unhappy marriage with a shrewish wife/husband. The native is passionate, sinful, lust after widows/widowers. The native spouse will be sickly.

If sun is afflicted by Rahu, affairs with women may lead to scandals.

Also if Ketu in 5th or 7th or joins the configuration of love marriage then native undergoes love marriage secretly.

However Dr. Raman also emphasizes on other co-relations like aspects of beneficiaries & timings while arriving to any eventual conclusion but in our practice we have observed it to be sufficient to ascertain the aforesaid verdict on general basis.


In support, I am here elucidating an example of one of my close friend (name not disclosed) born on

Example Chart

Rashi Chart


DOB: 4-07-1975

Time: 03.30 am IST

Place: Allahabad

On investigation of his rashi chart of his horoscope only one can easily find that he is born in Ashara (15 June to 14 July approx) and Rahu in the 7th house. He eloped and married an outcaste girl in the year 2003 after having an affair of more than a year while they were studying together in the college. The marriage was very tragic and brought ill repute to the family. As a result he has to face several adverse threatening and opposition from his family. Still today he is living separately from the family as the girl is being unaccepted by the family although boy found success in acceptance as a bridegroom from girl’s family with the course of time and after birth of a girl child.


If mars is with Venus, particularly in 7th, lagna and in 9th house & no beneficial combination/factor regarding conjugal life then it is alarming for both love & marriage life. One should be careful of marrying such a person because of the questionable character and consequent indulgence in any kind of illicit affair is predicted and proved in several horoscopes actually.

According to Brihad Parasar hora shastram:

If waning moon is placed in 5th, 7th and 12th and associated with malefic there is a chance of love marriage in lower caste, Prohibited caste may occur.

According to Mrs. Mridula Trivedi:

As a general rule, power attraction between a man and woman can be predicted simply if


Men —Venus. Are in same sign in there respective horoscopes. Like if mars is in Scorpio in female than Venus of male must be in Scorpio.

If the lord of the 5th, 7th and 9th are together or aspected mutually or there is rashi parivartan then there is chance of love marriage.

If 9th house is polluted by Rahu or by the malefic then marriage of the native will be totally against the wish of family and ends in separation even through the law.

If Rahu is with Saturn and Venus or aspected by Saturn and Venus, the lord of the seventh is joined by Saturn, or aspected by Saturn then there is chance of love marriage, the native may indulge with several man/ woman.

Venus and 5th‘s lord position decides the seriousness and level of love affair.

Venus in 5th house is the purest form of love. It has sacredness.

If lord of 5th house is combined with mars or if 5th house is polluted then there is violence, selfishness, deceit, immorality in love affair. Judicial apprehension by the court.

If 2nd lord, 7th lord and 9th lord is interconnected to each other or if 2nd and 7th house are interconnected then love marriage takes place in close relation.
Thus above elaborated astrological facts are the prominent configurations practiced by us and also prescribed by the other geniuses of this science whom we adore. There are various other permutations and combinations of planets too exist in this affair but are very complicated with no easy access and thorough knowledge of astrology is needed. Hence we now conclude with the hope that article could help the readers to much extent in this regard of love affairs in the modern scenario.