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5 Oct 2017

Marriage : A 7th House Karmic Legacy

Marriage, an important paradigm in the lives of a human being. Basically, sacrament of marriage is created to introduce a partner as a supplementary in an individual’s life to fulfill its purpose of existence and enhance lineage in this universe. Now a question comes why a particular person is deliberately or anyhow becomes spouse whom we are not familiar or do not know? The answer again as we explained in our progeny article that only child and spouse are the person who are having direct karmic relation to us. Spouse becomes an instrument by which our karmas (good or bad deeds) are to fructify in terms of happiness or miseries.

Only that person will become our spouse whom we owe something or he/she has to pay or repay his/her karmic debts of any past previous births which truly nobody knows. Although being a karmic controlled planets Rahu & Ketu and their connection with 7th house or its lord gives us a clue about good or bad karma in matrimonial matters.


What relation we had with our spouse in past birth is truly not known to us but it is certain that they do have any relation in the past on the account of which they are given an opportunity by the almighty to reunite again in this dedicated permanent/long-lasting bond whether partner been selected in arrange marriage scenario or self-chosen by the native itself as husband-wife for this life.


Here owing, payment, repayment can be anything varying from emotions, firm selfless attachment, good or bad actions or deeds done to him/her by the native or spouse, any unfulfilled desire of any past previous births, any give and take that they both have unaccomplished in any past previous birth which he/she has pending and now almighty has chosen deliberately to finish it through this instrument called spouse.


Suppose to say, in previous birth the native had brutally treated his servant and the servant suffered a lot at that time, now it is  possible that the same master who had beaten his servant at that time may become that servant’s wife in this birth and that same suffering, mental trauma.


Also she may undergo as that person, his husband (servant in past previous birth) underwent at that time by treating his wife inhumanely, giving punishments, abusing physically mentally etc. So, almighty has now given him (servant) a chance to finish their karmic account in this mode in this life.


Another scenario can be as, if both husband and wife may be very fast friends with lots of emotions and affection for each other and somehow one died tragically in any past previous birth but strong urge to be in companionship is still existing among them but got interrupted in that previous birth then it is possible that can reunite as a husband-wife and can enjoy that strong emotional attachment, firm bond, long lasting companionship in this way.


Thus, it is very sure that to whom we are going partake in matrimonial relationship is definitely have any past birth relation but what relation nobody knows. Orientation and performance of marriage is purely on the basis of our karmic asset earned in various past life’s we had lived till yet.


We can easily come across in our society that after marriage many people come up which prevailing growth and happiness all around while others, have endless sufferings and troubles, divorces, litigation, suicide, domestic violence etc.


Some do have indifferent, mixed or blended experiences and transformations after marriage. Thus, this is totally karmic play, enjoyments and sufferings are purely based on past life karmas and actions.


Although nowadays, gay marriages or same sex marriages are also occurring in the society but that is not really recognized or approved though going against the natural law of universe where only two persons of opposite sex are allowed to enter into wedlock or marital partnership.


Astrologically, Lagna, 7th house (Seventh House), Navamsa chart, Venus, Jupiter, Mars are fundamentally considered for matrimonial analysis and deciphering the various aspects of marriage and spouse.


We will try to furnish some experienced facts on marriages of male/female natives. Since marriage is quite a huge subject in itself in astrology so touching every aspect is not possible in single writing, but here we will put before the readers the points and figures which we have seen and experienced.


Analysis, basically starts with the following points in consideration for having macro or overall idea of the matrimonial conditions for the native. 


Major points in 7th house –


Firstly, the placement of Venus in male and Mars and Jupiter in females are to be considered, if they are ill placed, combust, heavily polluted or placed in 6, 8,12 houses will initially indicate the troublesome and problems in the matrimony for the native. It may be late marriage or troubled marriage to much extent unless otherwise high benefic involvement is there.


Secondly, the lagna and 7th house, the planet occupying and disposition of lords in the chart.


Thirdly, same assessment of second in Navamsa chart carefully because primarily Navamsha chart is meant to see the marriage and related matters.


Fourthly, ongoing dasha and gochar condition for the native when the marriage is planned or taken place.


Now, on general, placement of planets in 7th House in both Navamsh and Rasi will results as below:- 


Effects of planets in 7th house –

Ketu –


Ketu positioned in 7th house considered dreaded, not good unless high benefic influence on it. Interested in inter caste or inter religion marriage. These male and females spouse suffers physically continuously with one or other abdominal and reproductive organ issues, sickly disposition.


Secrets or facts are concealed in marriage and will be disclosed only after marriage and that will hamper the trust and mutual faith in relationship. Native have secret love affairs which may be before marriage or may occur later after marriage. Problems in internal reproductive organs are seen. Native is immodest, sleeps long and adulterous.


If Sun has anything to do with Ketu or Rahu here, then problem becomes more worse and pathetic leading to defamation on the verge of love affairs and adultery.


If Jupiter aspects the Ketu placed in 7th house then a bit relief can be predicted and troubles are lessened and can be controlled. This is only sign of relieve for them.


Rahu –


Generally 7th house Rahu considered not good unless high benefic influence on it. Same result more or less as that of Ketu. Love affairs are not discarded, interested in inter caste or inter religion marriage, if further affliction exists then native elopes against the wish of family.  Spouse suffers physically continuously with one or other abdominal and reproductive organ issues, sickly disposition.


Secrets or facts are concealed in marriage and will be disclosed only after marriage and that will hamper the trust and mutual faith in relationship. Native have secret love affairs which may be before marriage or may occur later after marriage. Problems in internal reproductive organs are seen.


Native is immodest, sleeps long and adulterous, widow, divorcee connection. Venusian influence worsens the case making the native go wayward.


Only Jupiter influence can control the strong urges of the native.

Mars –  


In horoscope, mars placed in 7th house drives the native highly compassionate especially in Dasa and during that period illicit connection may occur apart from spouse. If other maleficence support in navamsa and Mars dasa is ongoing too then, mischievous, bad character, early widowhood two marriages occur, two wives/husband, friction with spouse.


Troubles in the internal reproductive organs, females usually suffer from PCD, PCOS etc. suffers from piles. Self-boasting, showy, ill repute will occur.

Saturn –


Saturn in 7th house in horoscope not good, late marriage, spouse or partner will have large age or status difference. Denied charming partner, unfortunate in the matter of spouse. Tendency of adultery can be seen.  The native will be submissive to wife, under control.


Further affliction ensures two marriages or two wives, chooses widow or widower as partner. For female’s widowhood, insignificant, many sins and undesirable associates and diseases in lower abdomen is observed.

Sun –  


Delays or late marriage is certain, not good relationship with spouse, problems, ego clashes, not a lover of women folks. Sun in 7th house stands for an ambitious partner with benefits and social and financial gains. Females are neglected by husbands and widowhood too is verily seen. Thinning of hair initially then baldness is predicted in male’s horoscope. Person will be perfectionist.

Moon –


Passionate, lustful and romantic, envious. Spouse will be good looking and fair. Person with moon placed in 7th house will have good matrimony only problem will be created when the moon is weak and under malefic influence. Generally, problems arouse due to over sensitivity and trivial issues.

Mercury –


Generally good if severe afflictions are not marked, early marriage, dignified and rich spouse. Virility and sexual troubles are usually seen in males. The native will be diplomatic, have nice appearance and looks. Overall it is good to have 7th house mercury.

Jupiter –


Good, reputed, native gets good looking sincere chaste wife yet not fond of women folks, females having 7th Jupiter will be obedient and love and regard for husband, receives large number of gifts in marriage and dowry but spouse will be proud and virtuous.


Favorable, yet it is seen that male having 7th house Jupiter usually moves away from the family and parents and resides with wife separately.


Venus –


The native is sensuous, passionate, lustful, happy marriage and beautiful devoted wife, possess magnetic personality, danger of overindulgence, may loss virility, good at doing partnership with opposite sex.


Generally, good to have clean and un-afflicted Venus in 7th house, Malefic involvement could change the scenario and delay in marriage and other issues could generate in matrimony.


If the lord of the 7th house is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th bhava then there will be hurdles and great difficulty in getting married and relationship with spouse.


Even if, in our experience we have seen malefic aspect on 7th is enough to create an unwanted situation in the matters of matrimony.


Notable point here is that that, any relation of Jupiter with 7th house such as aspect, combination etc. with 7th lord assures safety in matrimony in spite of whatever affliction or condition of planet owning 7th house or lord spoiled.


The above permutation and combination too should be applied in Navamsha chart because if a bad planet in 7th yet Lagna and 7th house lord is well disposed in Navamsh then result will be modified to large extent. So, every aspect as stated in beginning starting from significator to das is evaluated precisely then only conclusion can be drawn.


Remedies for 7th house in Marriage –


Since remedies are not generalize in this area yet male should try to fortify their Venus and & 7th lord if not placed in 6,8,12 house and female should fortify Jupiter and Mars, if not placed in 6,8,12 houses for having timely and trouble-free smooth sailing matrimony.


We suggest, everyone should get their horoscope evaluated with competent authority to check the flaws and doshas etc. because there are many other points to ponder over and we have touched a general aspect because of length of article and writing. We are trying to create   to overview about this lengthy topic and will be delivering more on time to time.








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