Characteristics of Planet Saturn

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Characteristics of Saturn Planet
15 Sep 2017

Characteristics of Saturn Planet in Vedic Astrology

As per Vedic Astrology, these are the basic roles characterized by Saturn Planet  in Horoscope, role and importance of Planet Saturn (which is also known as Shani Graha) in male and female horoscope as per sidereal astrology.


Characteristics of Saturn Planet


  • Saturn Planet is the Servant of the Solar System. Shani Graha is Shudra (service class) by caste, Rasi Sign – Sea-goat (Capricorn), Pitcher (Aquarius). Saturn is the eldest among all planets.
  • Planet Shani is the natural karaka of the longevity, sorrow, grief’s. Owner of the sign Capricorn and Aquarius, 10th and 11th in the zodiac.
  • Neuter, sorrowful, emaciated and long physique, lame indolent, big teeth, honey colored eyes and coarse, rough hair. Black and dark complexion. Windy, taamsick, in nature. Old and torn, untidy, multicolored clothes represents this planet.


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  • Planet Saturn has lordship over heaps of dirt and filth, desecrated places etc.
  • Represents ‘Winter’ (Shishir Ritu) in all seasons. Iron, blue sapphires in precious , Nili & Laajwart gemstone in semi-precious gemstones are represented this planet.
  • Exalted in sign Libra (0-20 degrees), debilitated in sign Aries (0-20 degrees), Mooltrikona is sign Aquarius (0-20 degrees), own sign Aquarius (20-30 degrees), Capricorn (0-30 degrees).
  • Old age, Laziness, idleness, secluded places, despondency, nervousness, bodily troubles, death, all servants and helpers, low caste people, impotency, negative thoughts, brutal, cruel and bad deeds, hard labor, politics, knowledge of culture and ancient subjects, defective legs, hard and thick hair, leather and leather articles, buffaloes, oil, martyrs, natural calamities, astringent taste are all Saturnine representations and significations.
  • Legs, all kinds of body joints , bodily weakness, teeth, knees are  subjects related and represented, mucous, nervous system, spleen are represented by Saturn planet.


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  • Friends : Mercury and Venus Planet
  • Enemy : Moon, Sun and Mars planet
  • Constellation/Nakshatra : Pushya, Anuradha, Uttrabhadra
  • Avataar : Koorm Avtaar (Ansh Avtaar)
  • Shani Graha have Downward vision (Adhomukhi drishti)
  • Lord of 10th and 11th house in kaalpurush’s kundali.
  • Movement : 2 minutes per day
  • Useless, fruitless thorny plants and trees.







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