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Planets in 1st house
Planets in 1st house
26 Sep 2017

Planets in 1st house – Insightful Revelations

Planets in 1st House or Planets in First House – There are twelve houses in the horoscope. Each house is specific and signifies various regimes of our life. The first house or ascendant or lagna is very important and plays pivotal role for rest of the houses in males & females horoscope as it represents our wholesome body which acts an instrument to impart our destined role in this world.


Here are the significations and depiction by the First house or Ascendant in our horoscope.

  • Prominently represents our gross or portly body, color, complexion, primary health and vigor.
  • Head, hair, personality, features and appearance of physical body to the outer world, height, weight
  • Starting or beginning of life, childhood, environment, basic character, vitality, attitude.


These are the basics depicted by the Planets in 1st House. The sign arising there gives the core idea about the personality and constitution of a person. Refer to our articles on ascendants to have better understanding of the first house and its importance.

After attaining rudiments about the first house, we hereby trying to put some deeper insights as far as the signification is concern , actually first house is intimately carries a hue of universal divine source which is actually reason behind our existence. That’s why Ascendant /first house/lagna should have to be free from all malefic planet ( Rahu ,Ketu, Saturn) because at subtle level malefic planets are nothing but darkness.

First house represents manifestation of soul carrying a part of universal supreme energy so if malefic are there then soul  has greater influence of darkness therefore person has to strive hard to overcome maleficence impact and requires  plodding labor to overshadow the darkness of troubles ,turmoil and mental agony.

One thing that is utmost prominent that should also bear in mind while drawing any inference about ascendant/first house is the place where owner is sitting if in 6,8,12 house then surely health problem one or the other keep on chasing you hence also called as ‘Deh Kasht Yoga’ or Body suffering yoga. The person will always have to take one or medicine for any trouble or problem arising whether physical or mental.

 More the influence of benefic planets either by placement or aspect greater on the first house more will be smooth sailing life with tendency towards act of performing righteous deeds and actions.

Now here we depict the impact of Planets in 1st House matters it is been occupied by different planets:


Sun Planets in 1st house : Sun in first house makes person first class egoistic. Bright, glowing and fair in color but confidence depends on actual placement of Sun in Navamsa. If sun is badly placed say 6,8,12 in Navmansh then person will be timid, low-confidence, will find difficulty in making eye contact with others.

Carries cheerful and optimistic temperament along with high moral attributes in behavior, ambitious and tries to have grasp of power and authority. Generally good at health and vigor and possess magnetic personality but prominently hair loss initially and later baldness can be easily seen, we have seen natives in their teenage suffering from significant hair losses.  


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Moon Planets in 1st house – Moon in first house renders the native highly sensitive, fanciful and idealist. They are anxious and romantic in nature. Loves to roam and travel around exploring new horizons meeting people.  Here one thing should always be kept in mind that Moon is highly vulnerable planet so if any malefic contact is going to affect the native adversely and surely. Like Saturn combo will make him pessimist and despondent.


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Mars Planets in 1st house – When Mars acquires the first house makes the native courageous and of enterprising spirit along with rash and unpredictive nature. Good looking with sharp features but will have scars and spots on body and face because of hot disposition of Mars. We have seen that if Mars has anything to do with first house gives scars, pimples and sometimes permanent spots as though arising due to small pox or certain kind of wound or accident on face.

Prone to accidents and danger of cuts and burs etc. and mostly above neck. They love to be independent and usually not tolerates any obstruction in his liberty. Domestic life and relationship with spouse will be suffering unless intervention of Jupiter on seventh house is there. Recklessness is also causing damage to the native.


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Mercury in 1st House:  when mercury occupies the first house, it adds charm of playfulness, spry and complacency to the native behavior.  They are humorous and are potent to make the gathering around them too humorous. They are learned fellows also in occult and para vidya. They are witty but mental ingenuity is prominent earmarked feature.

They could adjust to a prevailing situation and conditions quickly. But in our practice we seen lonely mercury there creating confused and muddled thinking akin to double mindedness or bearing duality unable to take prompt decisions unless guided by others.


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Jupiter Planets in 1st house – First house with Jupiter  , bestows the native with excellent manners and etiquette , makes native high on spirit and enthusiasm, great positive thinker and jovial. They usually carry magnetic personality with influential attire and aura. Fatty body and problems of obesity could be seen because of gluttonous indulgence to large extent.

They are good at judiciary practices, as a lawyer, writer, religious teacher preacher and more over can become an eminent leader too. Here the point that should have to keep whilst arriving on conclusion that Jupiter is not combust (not closer to Sun degreecally )and possessing least malefic impact otherwise aforesaid may diminish rendering native towards mediocrity.

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Venus Planets in 1st house:  First house Venus, usually induces artistic bent in the attitude and character of the native. They are gentle, sober, placid and charming, finds a natural vibe towards arts and craft, dance, music, singing etc. Luxury and pleasure seeking with responsiveness towards emotional side, driven by passion, loves adornment, makeover, cosmetics, ornament and moreover scents and perfumes at large.

Carries strong magnetic and attractive vibes because of which they are appreciated and praised by opposite sex thus they may have love affairs at early life and subsequent early marriage if Venus is unafflicted and strong. Fond of spouse and marriage. In our practice, we have seen those who have Venus in first house are approached by opposite sex for proposal or marriage.


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Saturn Planets in 1st house – Saturn in first house induces one with calm , silent and serious kind of disposition. They are self-confident and ethically inclined. As Saturn is slow and certain planet, the growth of the native is marked slow but steadily and surely.

Physical endurance and strength cannot be appraised as due to weak and emaciated body. Prominently , they have strong affection and zeal to acquire foreign customs and traditions , In our practice , we have seen female natives have tendency to ignore or neglect their traditions and  try to behave as cosmopolitans. Sometimes having issues related to breathing or asthma.

The native may have tendency to run away or aversions for responsibility. Overall, initially native may have to face setbacks in life but as the life progresses they will grow and become fortunate. If other factors of marriage are not supporting then marriage may have troubles and indifferences with spouse.


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Rahu Planets in 1st house – Position of Rahu in first in never admired in astrology being an outcaste and illusive planet it induces such tendencies of dilemma and hypocrisy. As it is said in classics that ‘Sanivat rahu , kujwat ketu’ meaning  Rahu behaves like Saturn and Ketu like mars .Thus Rahu infuses much of the characteristics of Saturn.

Person with first house Rahu are much concern about their appearance and looks. Their behavior is much unpredictably odd and eccentric. In health matters they are not lucky, many times they undergo treatments by methods other than medicinal like occults, supernatural etc.

They have strong urge to learn occult or some sort of a supernatural, paranormal things. Prominently, the native does not have a happy married life, we in our due course of practice seen nubile boys and girls having illicit relations and having love affairs or should say infatuation through internet, social media etc.

Always attracting unknown outcaste, foreigners whom they are not familiar of in any ways but crush goes on, landing them in distress. Jupiter involvement could save them otherwise trouble is certain leading to divorces, cheatings, scandals, litigations etc.


Ketu Planets in 1st house – First house Ketu is also not praised in classics as well as in real world the same is clearly reflected. Much results are same as that of Rahu occupying the first house. They are not able to differentiate clearly and opt out what is good or bad for them, inability to make correct decision.

Weak and emaciated body, also feebly disposed from inside. Deceitfulness and lack of moral stability is seen. Ill thought process, aimless wandering, lack of consistency, excitability and strange or uneven appetite are earmarked features with Ketu in first house. Their marriage life too is troubled and bears the same wavelength and similar outcome along with same approach as in Rahu.

But one thing we have seen in practice that with Ketu in first house, native if sticks to daily spiritual activities like praying, chanting whatever they feel at ease can reduce their miseries to quiet a large extent because Ketu is a spiritual planet and blesses the person when involved in such activities.    


Note :- Every planet has its specific radiating energy, universal force and specific characteristics. The aforesaid points are general but relevant for whole life span yet can’t be applied simply seeing the planet present in first house because there many governing factors behind the fructification of results such as dashas, aspects, dignity, combination and most important Astakvarga points gained by the house and how planets in the Navamsa  are disposed.  



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