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saturn in 1st house
13 Dec 2017

10 Effects of Saturn in 1st house in Horoscope

As per Vedic Astrology, effect of placement Saturn in 1st house or lagna in horoscope on career, appearance, marriage, personality, health are both good and bad on both man and woman.

Many problems caused by Saturn (shani) in first houses during mahadasha or antardasha can be controlled by performing suitable shani vedic remedies


Results of Saturn in 1st house


  • Planet Saturn in 1st house induces both male & female with calm, silent, cunning, thrifty and serious kind of disposition . They are self-confident and ethically inclined. Appearance may not be so pleasing, well-built thighs though appealing and enticing. Luck favors late in the life.
  • The Saturn in the first house of horoscope awards person with plenty of wealth, riches yet never satisfying greed for more thus feels discontented towards what he/she possess. More materialistic inclination against forced spirituality in external pressure.


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  • Saturn in own sign in lagna could make the native king or chief in society, contemplative, prudent, intimate and attentive but afflicted with malefic could lead to trouble from lethargy, complacency, thieves, spirits, super naturals etc.
  • As Saturn is slow and certain planet, growth of the native is marked slow but steadily and surely. Physical endurance and strength cannot be appraised as due to weak and emaciated body.
  • Prominently, they have strong affection and zeal to acquire foreign customs and traditions, in our practice we have seen female natives have tendency to ignore or neglect their traditions and try to behave as cosmopolitans specially in marriage matters. 
  • In career, native may have break on regular employment and loss of employment due to conspiracy and politics in seen in our experience. Trouble in getting employment of choice and settlement with post of low hierarchy or ability than deserving.


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  • First house Saturn causes health issues related to breathing or asthma in watery sign or connected with the akin. Trouble through bilious disposition, heart burning, arms, joints and reproductive organs. The native may have tendency to run away or aversions for responsibility.
  • Trouble in marital relationship is indicated with spouse, both husband and wife with saturn in ascendantis passionate, perversions at various occasions are marked unless benefic especially Jupiter intervenes
  • Shani in lagna also causes  trouble in progeny.
  • As per vedic astrology, saturn in 1st house induces one with tendency of zealous and envy of others prosperity and wealth. Native destroys his enemies by virtue and influences.
  • Overall, in starting face of life boys & girls may have to face setbacks in life but as the life progresses they will grow and become fortunate. If other factors of marriage are not supporting then marriage may have troubles and indifference’s with spouse.


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Important information –


In above article effects of Saturn in first house or lagna are  extremely general in nature &  are influenced by the various factors such as aspect of other planets on house, their strength, position and strength in Navamsa etc. 

Above stated are the general common points which are basic traits of planet saturn occupying a first house hence effects of saturn should not be applied bluntly and blindly merely seeing the sign & planet occupying the house .


We suggest, you should get your horoscope evaluated with astrologer to check cumulative impact of Saturn (shani) on your life, considering other major factor other than Saturn affecting first house including, rashi (sign), Nakshatra, Astakvarga, divisional charts, nakshatra dasha, Shadbala & Bhavabala etc. How these factors positive and negative impact on your career, marriage, appearance, health, fortune and general life etc.


To know about specific impact of saturn in 1st house on you click below






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