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1 Mar 2018

Effects of Rahu in 1st House in Horoscope

As per Vedic Astrology, impacts of Rahu in 1st house from Lagna (ascendant) in birth or navamsa chart based on date of birth are both good and bad on male and female horoscope for all ascendants.


Results of Rahu in 1st House


  • Man and woman with Rahu placed in the first house (ascendant) are very ambitious, high yearning for fame and recognition will always be there
  • Rahu in lagna gives blood shot eyes, yet attractive looks and appearance, ready to fight or aggressive attitude will be there


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  • Physical appearance of person with Rahu in the first house are much concern about their appearance and looks.Their behavior is much unpredictably odd and eccentric, they are unable to assess their capabilities, abilities and thus set impractical goals or targets in life.
  • Best thing about Rahu in 1st the house is that it gives enough courage to native to take initiatives or formulate all together new concept in the society or workplace.
  • Rahu in ascendant also gives enough courage to native to take initiatives or formulate all together new concept in the society or workplace.
  • Youngsters with rahu in ascendant many times live in dilemma of their own virtually created  world which is miles away from real practical world perception.
  • If Rahu in 1st house afflicted  further with malefics in birth and navamsa chart then makes a person unorthodox, cosmopolitan some times  it induces tendency of hypocrisy. Rahu, being an out caste, illusive, mischievous planet tries to drive native into unethical, wrong path or should say short cut approach to achieve what they want.
  • Male and females with debilitated and weak Rahu in 1st house, faces troubles in head, mental unstability along with danger from animals and reptiles is predicted whilst in dasa/mahadasa, Medically, they could suffer from reaction of drugs while or in due course of treatment of any ailment. Very prone to accident mostly above neck area.


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  • Husband in case of female chart and wife in case of Male chart will always be suffering especially physical ailments or possess sickly constitution. Nowdays mental ailments also seen rampantly in life partners of first house Rahu natives irrespective of ascendant 
  • Females with rahu in 1st house may have childbirth (progeny) related issues like abortions and lower abdominal issues certainly.
  • Males and females with Rahu in the first house in health matters so are not lucky, many times they undergo treatments by methods other than medicinal like occults, supernatural etc. They have strong urge to learn occult or some sort of a supernatural, paranormal things.
  • Prominently, these individuals with Rahu in the 1st house of all ascendants does have insatiable and abundant sex desire, not have a happy married life.


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  • We in our due course of practice seen nubile boys and girls having illicit relations and having love affairs or should say infatuation through internet, social media etc. Native will be attracted towards unknown outcaste, foreigners whom they are not familiar of in any ways but crush goes on, landing them in distress. Intensity of love marriage or affairs will depend upon debility or exaltation position of Rahu in ascendant.  
  • Jupiter involvement with lagna could save them otherwise trouble is certain leading to divorces, cheatings, scandals, litigations etc. Relationship, partnership issue will always be there with them. Rahu being karmic planet it is believed that the people having Rahu in 1st house is re-incarnation of any fore father or ancestor.
  • Person with rahu placed in the 1st house  do take advice of wise person of your family or friends before taking any decisions of your life or get your propounded action for any cause evaluated or cross checked by any wise person. Try to cultivate habit of seeing the world from open eye rather than dreamy or illusionary perspective as we saw in movies and tv serials.


These are General remedies for problems related with Rahu in 1st house which can be performed to reduce malefic and bad effects of Rahu. These remedies can be performed during Rahu Mahadasha and Antardasha or as advised by expert astrologer


Words of Wisdom for Rahu


Above effects of Rahu in 1st house should not be applied as it is for giving astrological predictions. Because there are factors such as Sign in First House, aspect of planets, strengths, Transit, Mahadasha nad Antardasha  etc. which can alter the impact and intensity of results. But nevertheless, cannot change the intention which carries inherently due to Rahu placement in first house








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  1. Chandanw

    I am person with this placement, It’s true that i am aggressive,but i don’t care about my looks at all, almost asexual and i m also not fame hungry at all

    1. jupiter speaks

      Thanks for dropping by, these are very general results, many other factors in horoscope need to be looked in before arriving at any conclusion.

  2. Madhuri

    I am a female who was married to a man with placement. Each word that you spoken has been experienced by me. He married only for the sake of his ambitions (like you have mentioned.. unending yearning for name, fame, money which was going to grow multifolds with me.. sorry to sound pompous)
    But the more and more shocks and eccentricity, cheat and deceit, the desire for unending sex from women all over the world but the wife came to the fore.. i was devastated and went into mental health issues.. thankfully my Jupiter and Saturn in the ascendant blessed me and I am out of that whole mess…

    This is just to share my experience and acknowledge your writing. Pranaam.

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