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13 Dec 2017

Simple Effects of Saturn in 2nd House on all Ascendant

According to Vedic Astrology, impacts of Saturn in 2nd house from ascendant (lagna) in birth chart or navamsa chart of horoscope are not so good. However, it has many positive effects too on money, wealth, marriage, speech etc for both males and females.


Results of Saturn in 2nd House


  • Planet Saturn in second house not appreciated generally, it makes native liar, harsh in speech, a sort patronizing spirit, if afflicted than at times gives difficult in speaking such as lisping, stammering, difficulty is speaking some group of words etc. trouble in eyes , particularly right one. More adverse result for Gemini, Cancer, Leo & Pisces ascendant person.
  • Shani or Saturn being planet of discipline, follower of rules and regulations, family of the native or parents will be strict and puts lots of restrictions and boundations to native which he/she truly do not likes. Troubled relation with mother is seen invariably.


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  • These man & woman will not be at ease in mixing with people and socializing, unpopular among communities and society. Secludes itself often and possessing sorrowful tendencies, even leaves or behaves in the manner which resemble as native might have left the family.
  • Family life is too not easy passage to the native because of his habits, mostly unhappy. Earning livelihood is a tough task for the native, will require high perseverance and uphill struggle, then only little gains as compared to efforts can be expected as Saturn there delays the signification of that house if Saturn is in own sig n or exaltation then much relieve and auspicious
  • Saturn in 2nd house leads native to travel far off places in search of success and pleasures which he/she feels not getting whilst at home.


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  • Males & females with Saturn in 2nd house will be wealthy, rich if unafflicted (for Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn acendant) but miser and accumulates much money and becomes successful and prospers in foreign lands.
  • Also, on other moments it is also observe that lagna placed saturn man & woman does a lot sacrifices and turns off desires of any luxury or comfort personally in pretext to save the money.
  • In many cases we came across native may get married twice or more because of disturbed family and relationship issues as being placed 8th from 7th house of marriage.Saturn here endows one with long life and gradual gains after 36 yrs of age.
  • Also, second house Saturn boys & girls will come across several opportunities in life for growth but were overlooked and seldom takes advantage out of them. He will earn while dealing with labors, servants, metals, storage, leather, mine and antique items etc.


Overall, second in 2nd house generally do not produce positive result for Gemini, Cancer, Libra & Pisces ascendant person. Excellent result for Aries, Taurus, Virgo & Scorpio ascendant.  


Words of Wisdom for Saturn 2nd house


Above impact of Saturn on all ascendant person are extremely general in nature &  are influenced by the various factors such as  aspect of planets on house, their strength, position and strength in navamsha etc. 

Above stated are the general common points which are basic traits of Planet occupying a particular house hence should not be applied bluntly and blindly merely seeing the sign & planet occupying the house .

We suggest, everyone should get their horoscope evaluated with competent astrologer to check the flaws and doshas etc. because there are many other points to ponder over and we have touched a general aspect because of length of article and writing. We are trying to create  to overview about this lengthy topic and will be delivering more on time to time.


Remedies for Saturn in Second House : Home Based Saturn Remedies as per Vedic Astrology






Namo Narayan

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27 Responses

    1. J

      I have jupiter and Saturn in the second house both in virgo within 1 degree of one this good or bad? I am leo ascendant and sagittarius

      1. jupiter speaks

        You have excellent Jupiter Saturn Combination in 2nd house….increases ethical approach in work provided unblemished Moon & Mercury in chart….be careful in money investment matter sudden profit and loss both visible..

  1. Marry

    If Saturn is with Jupiter, both in aries sign, but there’s no Conjunction, in Pisces lagna, is it still going to delay my wealth?

    1. jupiter speaks

      Saturn being badhakesh not so good for dhan-yoga, other factors need to be checked for financial matter and earnings.

  2. Jay

    For libra ascendant Saturn at 27 with sun at 8 degree in 2nd house n retro Jupiter in 6th house. Will I have a good marriage?

  3. Jay

    For libra ascendant sun@ 8 degree with Saturn @27 degree in 2nd house n retro Jupiter in 6th house , how will be my finance n married life

    1. jupiter speaks

      Saturn yogakarak, Sun badhakesh in 2nd house indicates mixed results, result will depend on dasha and transit mainly. Check for mars and other major factors for real picture on financial matters

  4. Debanita sharma

    Sir I am a Scorpio ascendant 31 years of age with Saturn in 2nd house and Jupiter in 6th house combust by sun . I was born into a well to do family but I am not able to earn money as I am still pursuing higher studies and facing delays in completing it. I am also not having a great married life and doesn’t speak to my in laws. Will I ever overcome these difficulties. Plz help sir !

  5. Sarthak

    I am aquarius male and my lagna is libra and shani placed in 2nd house and i read this article of 2nd house saturn. I read it is not good for libra lagna and i have libra but is it nullified as shani being my zodiac sign. I agree with many points of my personality in article. What will be wealth status considering sign n lagna opposite to each other in this case.plz tell

    1. jupiter speaks

      In general. 2nd house Saturn good for Libra rising. Moreover you are not so keen about money by nature, moderate wealth bestowed provided other factors are in good shape like 2nd lord, dispositor, ascendant lord, divisional charts, Royal Planets etc

  6. Yuri

    Hi sir, im a gemini ascendant and my 2nd house is leo with saturn and lilith what does it mean? And my 3rd, 5th, 7th, 11th houses is empty.please help me, thank you.

  7. Karmshil

    I am a gemini ascendant, 43 years old male With Saturn in second house.. How I will improve my wealth condition, since the age of 24, I am in state of repaying loans every month which is going to repay for another 8 years… Plz help

    1. jupiter speaks

      Saturn placed in second house not so favourable for Gemini ascendant. However, for your loan condition and wealth situation solely Saturn not responsible, keep this in mind.

  8. JOE

    My ascendant and saturn are both in the second house
    saturn is in Gemini and Ascendant is in Aries (Signs )
    I always feel like leaving everyone at my family im never acknowledged for the amount of work i do
    are these ever going to end ?
    additional info- Sun in scorp and moon in capricon

  9. K

    Thank you for the information.
    I have Saturn in Aquarius and Sun Capricorn in my 2nd house and Leo Moon in 8th house. What can I do so that I can reach my goals? I feel like I fail or quit everything.

  10. Charmi

    I am Capricorn ascendant. And here are my details about birth time and city, I was born in jamnagar, Gujarat on 14th March 1994 at 4:40am. When will I get married and what will be my future?

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