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Third House
Planet in 3rd House
28 Sep 2017

Planets in 3rd house – Insightful Revelations

Planets in 3rd House – Among are twelve houses in the horoscope, third house / bhava in vedic astrology specifically and primarily signifies the courage, younger brothers and sisters in horoscope . As the universal source light of existence can never be extinguished.

The realization of the existence of the darkness which is really non-existent, is courage; the lack of it will mean timidity or fear etc. As long as person is under the illusion that a certain string is a serpent, there is a in him, but the moment the person realizes that after all it is a string and not a serpent, fear ceases to exist and courage comes instead.

This soul is not yet subject to space time conditioning and therefore it is able to see everything in itself and itself in everything. Thus, the third house speaks of brothers and sisters, for it is the sign of the universal brotherhood-masonic lodges etc. come under its sway. When applied to individuals, it speaks of his or her own brothers and sisters.


Here are the significations and depiction by the third house (3rd) house/ Bhava in our horoscope.

  • Fundamentally represents anger, ears, meals, hobbies, skills, patience, neighbors, life period, short journeys, letters, cousins, enterprise, clothing steadiness, war, power, right arm, servants, subordinates, power of hearing, diseases in ear, gold and silver vessels, heroic deeds, capacity, ability, daring, battle, meekness, skill apart from courage and younger siblings.
  • 1st house of desire trine (3-7-11), will power, adventures, throat, dreams, muscular and physical power, sports, writing habits, shoulders, correspondence, memory power, ability to become mediator or agent.
  • Transfer postings, change of residence, transport and conveyance system, distribution of property, mobiles & telephones, internet, I-T world etc. medicines, dogmas, advertising, rumors etc. are all prominent significations of third house.


These are the basic significations or karkatwas of 3rd house. The sign occupied by the 3rd house also says many things about it but here, we will focus on elucidating placement of different planets in second house.

Here, generally the placement of malefic planets is considered good rather than benefic planets. Now here we depict the impact on the second house matters when it is occupied by different planets:


Effects of Planet in 3rd house


Sun Planet in 3rd House:   The third house placement of Sun is appreciated and admired generally. The native will be healthy, wealthy and wise. He is famous, kind, modest and a king. The person will become successful on account of his courage and tenacious mind, native utilizes his/her mind tactfully to become resourceful and in quest it becomes restless, impatient and anxious.

These person is brave and charitable. Native possess vehicles, peace of mind and good for progeny. Generally, Sun here gives pleasant results and considered as one of powerful asset of the horoscope but nevertheless gives troubles to brothers and from brothers to native, suffering if afflicted through malefic. letters usually bring discredits to the native.

Have favors from government and authorities. we came across in many horoscopes native having 3rd house Sun also lands them in Government Service and privileges by serving them. Will surely be glorious, have guts and extending courageous nature to deal with the problems and obstacles arising in life.


Moon Planet in 3rd House:  Moon in third house makes the native knowledgeable, inquisitive, strange liking, inconsistency in nature, experiences connected with brethren, collect wealth by his plodding labor and hard work. We in our practice have seen native possessing strong zeal and bent for artistic endeavors such as singing, dancing, acting drama etc.

Usually changes in occupation is denoted, success in intellectual pursuits, carries active and swift mind. The native loves to travel and outings. Wife will be fair. The native will be indifferent to spiritual values of life. The most charming and beautiful ladies/gents will not be able to attract the native.

There are occasions when the native will have compromising intimacy with most beautiful and charming females/ males leading to own family. The native will have bilious disposition. Brothers are the best source of native’s happiness but if the native is female she will have more affection for her sister.




If the moon is waning or afflicted, means moon is weak then cruel, selfish, miserable, impious and unscrupulous, a back biter, and mind will not at peace.


Mars Planet in 3rd House:  when Mars acquires the third house blesses the native with strength of hands, hardworking, industrious, brave, wise productive, crafty, worried on account on account of family misunderstandings. Inattentive yet talented, observe religious rituals and practices austerity.

The native will have lean stature, prosperous, generous, gets royal favor, excellent health, reputation at workplace and society. There will be danger of life from accidents during journey, from neighbors and relatives by signing documents and litigations.

May have troubled ears and even deafness. Sometimes delirious or brain fever could trouble them. This position is bad for siblings as danger to life, sudden death due to metal, weapons, during journey is observed. The native will be eloquent, keen, alert, energetic, forceful aggressive, impulsive and a capable administrator.


Mercury Planet in 3rd House:  when mercury occupies the third house the native becomes generous, charitable, inquisitive, will help others, tactful and diplomatic in nature. He will be happy and successful in trade and business.

Liked by friends and relatives and surrounded by them and tries to fulfil their requirements as per capacity. Generally native has a number of brothers and sisters. They befriend businessmen and traders to learn secrets and tact of doing it and then starts their own enterprise and earn through it. Specialized mind, bears expertise and mastery over that area.

Highly spirited and courteous when undertakes a job, will feel free only when the job is finished and never feels discouraged. He readily purchases what is required for his venture, will be either very lustful and sensual or renounces out of detachment. The native generally is money oriented, restless, studious, fickle, tricky and meek. Siblings are well up, has to work hard.


Jupiter Planet in 3rd House: Third house Jupiter, the native bears optimistic mind with philosophical bent. Blessed with number of brothers who were very helpful and caring to the native. Native not a friend of friends, ungrateful and untrustworthy.

Miser, will have little love and affection for wife, family and children, debauchee, poor, crafty, infirm. The native suffers from loss of appetite, melancholia and laziness. The native will be stingy, thankless, has strong fraternal feelings and possess little gains in spite of good luck and favors. Adapts himself to conventionalities.

They can better perform as a teacher or lecturer. The native is blessed with more number male child than female, many times with only male child.


Venus Planet in 3rd House – Venus in third house, natural inclination towards arts, singing, dancing, acting or kind of such pursuance where imaginative, creative faculty is greatly employed. They don’t have strong physical built or disposition yet good mental quality and vitality.

Their brothers will be good and of helping nature, the native will not be financially sound or successful. They have little or no intimacy for women folks yet shows weakness for comely women. The third house Venus is unfavorable for marriage alliance as it will cause delay and strife.

The native has more than one marriage, outcaste marriage, marriage with widow etc. and economic downfall and crisis after marriage is seen. Inclined towards opposite partner older than native. Extends support for all dependents, likes his friends and relative. Desirous of son but dissatisfied.


Saturn Planet in 3rd House – Saturn in third house appreciated, makes native brave, courageous, obstinate, adept, meritorious and cruel. Ambitions and longings never let him feel completely happy, will lack something.

Native will be unkind, wicked to friends and fosters friends & foes alike but wise and brave. Native will be wealthy, interested in politics, receives government honor, serving low class and downtrodden. Thus, may become local board/municipalities chairman or head or president etc.

The native will work in welfare of people and masses and will protect many people. The native will not be fortunate from brother’s side and will receive sorrow throw them. The native will be troubled and agonized through relatives and business.

Many fruitless efforts, wide differences with people will arise but native comes out of all these hurdles and disturbances with flying colors, attains success and earns money. Yet feels discontented with all the esteem and hospitality, ungrateful.  Eccentricity, anxiety, gloom and misgiving will be marked feature of the native but will improve with age and as time passes away.




Rahu Planet in 3rd House – Position of Rahu in third house gives suddenness, not at all good for brothers. Due to unconventional and unorthodox thinking the native may receive severe criticism and annoyance on account of it. Native will be brave for outward appearance.

Trouble for brothers may act as a maraka (death inflicting), wretched, valiant proud, determined and long lived. Matchless in prowess, very fortunate and treats all as brethren, suddenness and unexpected news are marked features. Here in third house, Rahu makes the native fearless, lucky and renowned.

Blesses native with health, wealth affluence and prominent of all, victorious, wins over enemies. This native extends friendship to all but is least benevolent.


Ketu Planet in 3rd House: Third house Ketu gives usually hallucination tendency to the native. Due to muddled and despondent thoughts. The native may be strong, courageous, generous and adventurous too. Killer of enemies, loss of friends, shows smartness.

The native will be affluent, sensual and sharp. Suffers from troubles in arm and shoulders. Trouble or loss of brother is seen. Many times, the native having 3rd house Ketu suffers a lot due to anxiety caused by fearful thoughts, misunderstandings and worries.

Indulges self in fruitless and useless discussions and controversies. Gets prosperity, has illicit sexual affairs at large and may land in trouble on account of it.


Note – Every planet has its specific radiating energy, universal force and specific characteristics. The aforesaid points are general but relevant for whole life span yet can’t be applied simply seeing the planet present in first house because there many governing factors behind the fructification of results such as dashas, aspects, dignity, combinations, strength and most important astakvarga points gained by the house and how planets in the Navamsha are disposed.



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