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Planets in Second House
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27 Sep 2017

Planets in 2nd house – Insightful Revelations

Planets in 2nd House or Planets in second House –Among are twelve houses in the horoscope, second (2nd) house/Bhava has specifically signifying various regimes of our life. The second house is also called as house of death, powerful among death inflicting houses. But it comes to our mind why? The universal light enveloped by a darkness in the lagna and result of it is apparent cessation of existence of this light, and hence death takes place. As it is separated from the infinity, it has to sustain itself and therefore this house represents mouth, etc. and all the other necessities that are required for procuring these.

Here are the significations and depiction by the Second 2nd house/ Bhava in our horoscope.

  • Prominently represents our face, teeth, voice, speech, mannerism, right eye, food and taste, glow on face.
  • Family, primary education, ethical values, deposited and accumulated wealth and money (liquid assets), literary gifts, self-acquisition and optimism.
  • Source of death, earnings, gains and losses in trades and businesses, 1st house of Artha (Financial) trikona (trine) 2-6-10 houses.

These are the basic significations or karkatwas of 2nd house. The sign occupied by the 2nd house also says many things about it but in this article, we are focused on elucidating placement of different planets in second house.

 More the influence of benefic planets either by placement or aspect greater on the second house more will be smooth family life and well managed finances generally and contrary if by malefic planets.


Now here we depict the impact on the Planets in 2nd House matters when it is occupied by different planets:

Sun:    Sun in second house is not admired. Although it throws light on 2nd house meaning second house significations apparently seems coming well to native for other persons but inside story will be altogether different. Generally native will suffer in the hands of government and authorities by offending them any how knowingly unknowingly. He will have pale and diseased face, shirty, harsh yet decorous speech. Gets irritated easily even on trivialities, obstinate and the money will not come to the native easily, have to be industrious and exerting. Although sign occupying do plays important role along astakvarga points there for overall analysis. 

Moon:  Moon in second house makes the native happy, joyful with large family, having clear fair complexion, loves to be alone and self-centered, not so much sociable and of reserved nature mostly due to some kind of complex or unconcerned about others. Many a times squint eyed natives do have moon in the second house, if highly polluted, mostly right eye, fanciful and idealist. Earnings and income of money through females could also marked with native having moon in second house. Financial status and position will be good than general but will be somewhat variable. Moon in 2nd house gives sweet and modest speech.

Mars:  when Mars acquires the second house makes the native easily exciting and picks up quarrels with all.  They have courage to earn money and accumulate it but when it comes to spending they behave as a miser. One marked feature that we usually see with mars in 2nd that these natives will easily become friends with malicious and evil-minded people, on account of this suffers largely by indulging into unrighteous deeds, becomes unlovely and unsympathetic. Speech will be irrelevant and harsh, listener will not be able to make out the meaning or sense of what the native is saying, vague and ambiguous verbal strength. One more pinpoint characteristic which 2nd house Mars imparts via aspect on 5th house, 8th house and 9th house called as ‘Abhagya Yoga’ means unfortunate yoga as it impacts the progeny area, longevity and fate/fortune at large.

Mercury:  when mercury occupies the second house. They usually earn by trades and commerce, buying selling, business activities and also through speaking, lecturing, meaning where there are communication skills, soft skills are required. Mercury in second house makes the person affluent and intelligent. They are sweet and soft speaking with the dint of humor in it. There deeds are religiously acquainted, inclined towards charity, donations, helping the needy and ethically molded. They earn money cleverly and wisely. Their life style is not so lavish, they are prudent, careful and frugal.

Jupiter: Second house with Jupiter, according to ‘Chamatkar Chintamani’ not so appreciated, native has to take great trouble and make great efforts to earn money wealth. Even if the wealth is earned somehow will not be permanent, financial difficulties always persists for Scorpio and Aquarius ascendant/ lagna people only.  In our experience, we have seen that native having 2nd house Jupiter bestows the native with excellent wealth and money but native will not be able to accumulate finances although natives work will never be struck because of monetary reasons, continuous influx of money will be there by one or other means. Makes a person good astrologer, poet, writer or even expert in scientific studies, scientists, researchers. Fortunate most of the times, avoids quarrel and confrontations. Successful in endeavors and undertakings, great positive thinker and jovial. They usually carry magnetic personality with influential attire and aura. Fatty body and problems of obesity could be seen easily.

Venus:   Venus in second house, usually indicates wealthy and healthy native, apart from beautiful appearance natives voice will excellently sober and decorous with adherent sweetness. Have large family with numbers of kith and kin. Loves to satiate taste buds with excellent foods and drinks. Money comes to them readily with less efforts and usually through favor from others and mostly via females. Their spouse will be beautiful and nicely cultured with intact mannerism. They are gentle, skillful sober, and placid. Overall nice placement of Venus in second house.

Saturn: Saturn in second house, not appreciated, makes native liar, harsh in speech, a sort patronizing spirit, if afflicted than at times gives difficult in speaking such as lisping, stammering etc. Natives will not be at ease in mixing with people and socializing, unpopular among communities and society. Secludes itself oftenly and possessing sorrowful tendencies. Family life is too not easy passage to the native because of his habits, mostly unhappy. Earning livelihood is a tough task for the native, will require high perseverance and uphill struggle, then only little gains as compared to efforts can be expected as Saturn there delays the signification of that house. Native will come across several opportunities in life for growth but were overlooked and seldom takes advantage out of them. He will earn while dealing with labors, servants, metals, storage, leather, mine etc.

Rahu:  Position of Rahu in second gives influx of money through unethical & unconventional sources and foreign connections, admired for money matters but poor in terms of family. Financial affairs are often fluctuating and uncertain to some extent. Pale and diseased face with jittery and irritable nature. Speech will be highly manipulative, uses abusing words, slangs amid conversation and a class liar if not benefic support but yet tendency will exist. Will not be fortunate from mother side in any terms. Loves to eat and drink mostly non-veg etc. Lustful and easy pleasure-seeking with influence of money to gratify senses tendency can’t be overlooked in the native. Childhood will not be promising and much private

Ketu: Second house Ketu gives usually speech impairment, lisping, stammering etc. and forgetfulness of words and sentences amid talks, having tendency of leaving the sentences incomplete and starting new. Hence become bad speaker. Not fortunate in terms of finance and family as Ketu being absorptive planet. Prone to fraudulent acts and deception in financial matters, may have to sell out or mortgage properties or jewelries in order to fulfil liabilities. Often a times we have seen Ketu in second house native are god fearing and earn through correct paths and try to avoid illicit indulgence to earn money. May get success in preaching, spirituality, navigation, mystical sciences or arts, serving industries such as hospitals, hospitality etc.  Nevertheless, Jupiter influence could surely give sigh of relieve to native.     

Note: –  Every Planets in 2nd House has its specific radiating energy, universal force and specific characteristics. The aforesaid points are general but relevant for whole life span yet can’t be applied simply seeing the planet present in first house because there many governing factors behind the fructification of results such as dashas, aspects, dignity, combinations, strength and most important astakvarga points gained by the house and how planets in the Navamsa are disposed. 






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