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Medical Astrology
medical astrology
10 Jun 2018

Planets & Diseases – An Insight into Medical Astrology

General pointers of diseases with planets in medical  Astrology

In Vedic Astrology, every aspect of bhavas, signs, nakshatras is attributed to nine planets which are called Navgraha. Every aspect of life right from birth to death is dealt in those 12 bhavas/houses. Among those, primarily 6th house is allotted to significations of diseases hence called’ Rogasthan’ and is base of medical astrology.

Apart from that 8th and 12th houses are also seen for diseases but truth is that each and every house indicates certain areas of body and thus any major affliction can cause trouble to physical body. Since judging diseases in Astrology is in itself very complicated task. But as we said everything revolves around the significations and representation of planets, so broad idea one can have by seeing the major influence of planets in these houses.

By fine blending significations of house, planets, dasha, transits in natal, drekkana(D-3), navamsha(D-9) and dwadshamsha (D-12) predictions about diseases are usually made in medical astrology while there are various other methods using various divisional charts are researched by astrologer fraternity today on planets & diseases in medical astrology.


Planets & Disease in Medical Astrology



bile(pitta), immunity system, heart,bones, stomach,eye diseases, headache, baldness, inflammation, trouble in blood circulation, epilepsy, leprosy, few types of skin diseases, gall bladder stone, typhoid, falls & fits etc.



Phlegm (Kapha), mental instability, weakness of mind or psychological issues, emotional issues, phobias, fluids in body and diseases occurring due to imbalance, dyspepsia, anemia, pleural effusion, plasma in blood, eye diseases, depression, muddled and excessive thinking, melancholia, sleep, tuberculosis, diseases due to cold, sometimes jaundice, dehydration, breathing related diseases, menstrual issues, diseases in breast etc.


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Bile (Pitta) & wind, accidents, hurt from metal, diseases due to chemicals, amputation, chickenpox, fractures, piles, epilepsy, disease of spleen, head, bone marrow, hemoglobin, RBC in blood, uterus issues, abortions & miscarriages,

Operations and dissections in body, blood pressure, inflammatory diseases, acidity, constipation, excess of anger causing mental issues, anxiety, boils, marks on face, diseases in female reproductive organs etc.



Tridosh- bile, phlegm, wind (Vaata, Pitta and Kapha), skin diseases, thyroid, nervous system trouble, nervous weakness & breakdown, speech related issues, throat area, vocal cord, troubles in ear and listening,

Mental issues mostly due to imbalance of intelligence, fertility issues, impotency, phobias of certain types, sleep issues due to nervous weakness and poor thought process mostly in fore-brain, diseases in mouth, diarrhea, swooning, bad dreams, eununchism, hysteria, mania etc.



(Kapha) phlegm: obesity or loss of weight, excess of fat on internal organs, liver related troubles, major part of stomach, spleen, pancreas, gall bladder, diabetes, endocrinal issue, enlargement or shortening of organs in body, anemia, problem related to listening and ear, swooning, hernia, amnesia, filariasis etc.



(Vaata & Kapha) wind & phlegm: Endocrinal issues, eyesight related troubles such as cataract, thinning of retina etc., sexual diseases, aids reproductive system issues, vulva leukoderma diabetes, fluidic imbalances in body, hormonal imbalances, kidney trouble & stone, urinary tract issues, prostrate related, intestine related issues, appendicitis etc.



Wind (Vaata), troubles in leg, injury, amputations, arthritis, bones & joints issues, cancer, madness, depression and mental trauma, hallucination, tumors, constipation, lymphatic system issues, excretory system issues, piles, fistula, paralysis, lameness, stroke, blockages, fall from height, venereal diseases, dental issues, gout, baldness, polio etc.


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Major incurable and hidden diseases are contributed by Rahu by its influences just as Saturn because Rahu behaves like Saturn, disease will not be diagnosed easily and will create illusion among patients and doctors as well, leprosy, cancer, constipation, aids, piles, ulcers, trouble due to poison, food poisoning, trouble due to snake, phobias, mental derailment, insanity, paranormal, pyrosis, hydrocele, barrenness, small pox etc.



Ketu behaves like Mars, more or less attributes all diseases and troubles occurring by Mars & Rahu, operations, accidents, sudden epidemics, measles, worms in intestine, rheumatism, troubles, stomach related issues such as acidity, ulcers, chronic constipation, intestine related troubles, mental instability, extreme sorrow or seclusion, depression, speech relate issues etc.

Above mentioned characteristics are the nature, type and area in broad sense which can be marked with the help of signification of planets in medical astrology. Prominently, by finding connection between 6th house and its lord to other lords and planets, aspects broader overview of disease which may happen or area prone to get suffer can be traced.

Since there are many layers and further investigation are made on the basis of signs, nakshatra etc. to dig deeper to reach much closer and that is complicated in comparison to other segments of astrology.

Primarily, assessment of lagna & Lagna lord is made in medical astrology, its placement and strength need to be establish because Lagna is our physical body and outside deteriorating effects and attacks will happen on it.

Lagna lord falling in 6th, 8th and 12th houses in natal chart is clear indication of trouble to physical body, every now and then medicines will be needed to treat one or the other ailments of body.

If navamsha lord to falls in 6th, 8th or 12th houses along with lagna lord of natal chart then this is truly not good condition at all, both at physical and mental level native will suffer.


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However, benefic influences such as Jupiter or Venus will give some relief but not to fullest, malefic influences could worsen the condition even bringing chronic and incurable diseases which will lead to suffer for much longer period if dasha of those planets are also in progress.


  • Placement of any planet in 6th house is not considered good at all though malefic could prove to be good in other areas such enemies, debts etc. but not for health.
  • Like placement of Saturn in 6th is sure sign of stomach ailment due to poor digestion system, constipation, acidity, gastroenteritis etc. will be found easily.
  • Venus or Moon or Jupiter placement could indicate diabetes in later stages of life , if afflicted with functional or natural malefics, we have found it happening in teenage as well. In many cases even direct aspect from 12th house lead to diabetes.
  • Similarly, placement of Mars or Saturn or Rahu or combo of these planets in 8th house gives piles, fistula, excretory diseases to native any time in life with dasha
  • We have found and experienced in many cases where Rahu is involved mostly in watery sign (cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) gives chronic ailment such as Cancer when placed in 6th house. Further afflicted with natural malefics with no benefic influence of any kind to Rahu and similar condition in D-9 leads to chronic trouble and was undetectable for longer times and when diagnosed, it reached to last stages.
  • Also, placement of 6th lord in which ever houses would spoil one of the significations like if 6th lord in 5th house then native will have emotional problem, troubled love affair or separation, no progeny or delayed progeny, troubled higher education or no higher education, trouble in service or job or troubles etc.
  • Similarly  if in 7th house trouble to marriage or business or partnership or internal reproductive organs etc., if in 3rd house then trouble to younger sibling or no younger sibling, native will be timid or not able to do valorous act, trouble to hand or shoulders etc.

Since every house represents an area or body part  in medical astrology,so merely 6th house or bad houses do not only depict any onset of disease.

But severe affliction to any house may or may not in connection with 6th will lead to trouble as digging in one or other divisional charts any relation will occur, being natal chart or rashi chart is not only parameter.

Hence horoscope to be assessed in totality in synchronization with ongoing dasha and previous dasha before making any forecasts or investigating existing trouble, on this basis any remedial measure can be predicted.


Remedial Measure:  Mahamrityunjaya Japam , Narayan Kavacham, Gajendra Moksham, Rudrabhisekham, Navgraha shanti, Daan etc.

Remedial measures are totally dependent on planets and severity of problem, so horoscope analysis is advised before going to perform any.


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