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Marriage Problems in Astrology
9 Jun 2018

9 Factors to Check for Marriage Problems in Astrology

In this article we would like to throw some light on the common and general pointers which are responsible for marriage problems in Astrology. We will understand in detail what are the factor responsible for marriage related problems in Astrology in horoscope which causes tensions or disagreements between the life partners leading to  separation or divorce from spouse after marriage. 


When males and females come together and form marital bond somehow either by self chosen love marriage or conventional arrange marriage fixed by parents are always karmic. And husband and wife certainly possess karmic relation of the many past previous birth and we have already written articles briefing about the connection. This is the reason why it is difficult to ascertain exactly to what both man and woman is going to receive love or hatred, happiness or sufferings, agony or bliss, divorced or united, separation or unification.


One thing to be kept in mind, because of these karmic philosophy reasons many modern marriages which are done without any astrological intervention just with behavioural understand and mutual consent between the partners are living happily ever.


While many other couples takes marriage approval from from family or online Astrologers after horoscope matching of both man and woman including married life prediction. But still marriage fails or unhappiness among the partners exists despite favourable kundali compatibility prediction. Keeping in view of this total karmic play and understanding of universal law of karma many Vedic Astrologers deny matrimonial reading.


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Nevertheless, we are of the opinion that one should always go for astrological advice or prediction with expert astrologer before getting married to your partner. As because by doing so atleast you will be having idea and pre-intimation of area which are prone and can cause disagreements and conflicts between the partners. Thus, any minor problem comes in after marriage that can be sorted out with mutual understanding and compromises which should not lead to separation or divorce 


Both males and females can atleast bring behavioral changes in self and perhaps can stay alert or avoid situations responsible for bringing clashes or annoyances. Also, you can perform astrological remedies for planets responsible for marriage related problems in your Lagna or navamsa chart to attain some peace. Since everything can’t be controlled in kundli such as death or birth but whatever that can be handled by our sincere karmas and free-will that can be atleast addressed.


Now in view of Vedic Astrology what are the major factors which are largely responsible for the marriage or relationship related problems in astrology are as delineated below. Always keep in mind before arriving to any conclusion or giving prediction that whatever possibilities which will be mentioned must be check in Natal Rashi, Chalit, Navamsa charts without fail in both man and woman horoscope.


Factors for Marriage Problems in Astrology-


  • Check placement of Malefics (Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, Sun) in 6th,8th 12th houses from the 7th house of marriage. Good dignity such as exaltation, mool trikona and influence of benefics can give much relieve and will not let the things to go worsen like divorce etc.
  • Also check placement of seventh lord in 6th, 8th, 12th with malefic influence either by association or aspect of planets.
  • As per vedic astrology rules, in horoscope placement of malefic (Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, Sun) in 7th house in debilitation, enemy sign, association and aspected by malefics. Here influence of benefics can give relief and will not let the things to go worsen provided it should be of good strength and functional benefic also.
  • Presence of Mars or Kuja or Saturn or Rahu or combo of these planets in 1st,2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th from lagna and/or from Venus in horoscope without any benefic influence and not being in exaltation, own sign. Combustion in these cases can prove to be drastic and really fiery. Closer the degree towards Sun more is the severity of conflicts and disagreements.


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  • As per vedic texts, combustion of Venus under 4 degrees in case of male while check Jupiter closeness to Sun along with Venus in female nativity. Must have influence of functional or natural malefics.
  • Multiple malefic planets aspecting 7th or 1st house in horoscope can bring more divorce like problem or separation from spouse. Divorce can be predicted, when natural malefics are functional malefics in chart and associated with malefics as well in horoscope. This situation is usually not so awry and found in very less number of cases.
  • In synastry or horoscope matching, both male and female bearing ascendant (lagna) in natal chart & navamsa chart as 2nd-12th, 6th-8th relation and same relation for the Moon Sign of both partner when moon is severely afflicted. This will create marital and relationship discord and much disagreements.
  • When transit of Malefic planet over 7th lord or natal Venus, Jupiter placed in bad houses in natal chart can also many times create marriage related troubles but will vanish as soon as transit is over.


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Above are the major factors if present in chart of horoscope, can trigger issues or can induct troubles in the lives of the married couples leading to marriage problems like separation or even divorce.


Nature and position of planet in chart will ensure what kind of trouble awarded to the couples. Like Sun causes ego clashes, Mars infuses stubbornness and violence.


Saturn primarily gives dryness, coldness or separation either mentally or physically, Rahu or Ketu brings suddenness or depending upon the planet and sign sitting in, Jupiter also bring issues due ego, status, image etc.


While Moon and Mercury cause issues due to mental instability and intellectual instincts leading to marital problems.


By figuring out the planet(s) for causing troubles and conflicts one should always include spiritual remedies for the planets in its daily routine or atleast till the dasha/transit is going on. But it is always advisable to include remedies in daily routine.


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