Astrology, The Divine Science

astrology the divine science
8 Jul 2017

Astrology The Divine Science

Astrology The Divine Science has been practiced and nurtured since the Vedic Era. It is the glorious outcome of Hindu Sages, sacred people, and Sidh Purushas who constantly explored this science and translated interpreted for the benefits of mankind. It is now being admitted all hands that planets in the heaven have influenced upon all the animate inanimate. Planets in the vast firmament have influenced over men and women’s lives, doings, marriages, progeny and every aspect of life, in other words destiny.


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On the question of how, then this is because of the radiation which each heavenly body releases, having different characteristics of its own. These radiation /ray-atoms have direct affect on our enzymatic, metabolic and mental tendencies.


For example-The planet moon influences the mind. Hence on moon days and full moon days we find lunatics to be more eccentric. The mental current so many vibrations of heat, light etc. take their strength or weakness from the influences exercised by the solar rays.


Although there are several theories like roentgens rays etc. that throw flood light of interpretation in grasping this point. Many modern astrologers see the results but they don’t have suitable modern theories to explain the result so this divine science often construed as pseudo science by rationalists.


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It is thus established fact in astrology that life of one born in a particular time, place is guided and regulated by the arrangement of the stars in the heaven of that place and at that time during birth. It diffuses with native to native as the permutation and combination of planetary combination changes every moment and hence the destiny of energy person born differs.


Hence with this rudimentary platform of astrology it could now be easily understood that while a person is born or arrives in this would his/her destiny, doings, every thing is pre-decided by the almighty and the revelation of it can be done by the careful mathematical calculation, drawing of charts and most prominently the interpretation of charts through careful analysis by the expert astrologer.






Iti Shubham

Namo Narayan




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