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7 Dec 2017

Planets In 7th House : Agony Or Bliss In Marriage

As per Vedic Astrology, in this article we would like to bring some insightful yet organized interaction of planets in 7th house (jaya bhava) from ascendant (Lagna) in horoscope in the pretext of marriage or matrimonial affairs of males and females. Though the subject chosen here is wide and vast in itself with various intervening factors and possibilities for both man and. 


We will limit and confine ourselves with the placement of various planets in 7th house of rashi as well as Navamsha chart which is primarily and invariably considered for the marriage life and spouse agenda.


Then other houses such as 8th house, 1st house, 2nd, 3rd, 11th as (3rd, 7th, 11th) form Kaam trikona or desire triangle but broader view can be had by analysing planets in 7th house of rashi , bhava and navamsha chart.

7th house being one of the natural benefic house or naisargik shubh sthan and one of the kendra bhava is very auspicious and bestows one not only with life partners but also other distinguished spheres of human realm such as commerce and business, partnerships, treaties, sexual relations etc.


Though the placement of benefic planets (Jupiter, Mercury, Moon, Venus) is considered good in the 7th house of matrimony but in our experience, we came across that if 7th house is vacant or unoccupied is best, moreover, if unaspected from any planet also then it is more glorious and auspicious but this configuration is rare and found in very few horoscopes.


Every planet in astrology is certainly having some merits or demerits for sure whether it is malefic or benefic no matter because only then universal cosmic energy balance could only be able to exist and sustain, as we all are only manifested energies nothing else more so, there can never be only good or only bad in anything in this universe, there will always a fine blend of both exists simultaneously. Thus, being very tender and delicate house, it is better that there should not have any planets in 7th house influencing either by placement or aspect.


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Extending our interest and pointing our focus towards the subject, let us see the influence of all planets in 7th house from lagna in horoscope by placement one by one in the context of matrimony in individual’s horoscope.


Sun or Surya


Being malefic at first glance will try bring turmoil in the house of marriage through strong categorical influence of egoism in the relations between the partners, if sun becomes the lord of 6,8,12 houses then the conditions become more adverse and damage to relation via divorce, separation is seen at large but if sun owns good house and placed in  7th house in horoscope then sure sign of relief will be there and situation will be controlled somehow with mediation or with understanding of one of the male or female partner.


As per Vedic Astrology literatures, there are strong chances of widowhood for female native, if not strongly supported by benefics in this house in horoscope. Good married life when there is a co-operation from partner only. Spouse will be dominating. Both man and woman will undertake and accomplish any work with perfection and is perfectionist.  Marriage is delayed usually and the individuals marriage will be much awaited and expected among the knowns. Spouse will be egoistic for sure.


Moon or Chandra


According to Vedic Astrology principles, Moon’s placement in seventh house in Kundli is appreciated and blesses one with beautiful, healthy and good spouse. If moon is strong then sudden gains to native from spouse side expected. Spouse having staid voice with sharp intellect.


Mutual harmony exists between the partners having Moon in seventh house. These males and females will be passionate, jealous and attracted towards the females easily, loves and finds interest in others apart from spouse because of high sexual passion hence becomes immoral at times, if Venus joins Moon in seventh house in horoscope then problem aggravates considerably, malefic association here of Moon brings troubles and ill-repute to the native.


Strong Moon in 7th house usually marries native early or at least around 25 years of age. Overall average with blend of good and bad both.


Mars or Mangal

Here Mars creates Mangal Dosha of good strength by placement, as told in beginning malefics surely create hinderance in marital disharmony in 7th Native will to sub servient and submissive to spouse, clashes and tensions on trivialities will become part of life, if not matched properly then death, divorces or two marriages are seen and affliction is heavy.


Native will be peevish and usually gets spouse of more age difference, coming home after leaving will become a quest for the native. Sexual detachment or less association from spouse is for sure which in turn incites native for extra-marital indulgence.


Not much respect from spouse, faces humiliation. Female native usually have issues in internal reproductive organs, piles and face having blemishes, scars etc. and spouse also have urinary trouble. Match making and balancing of dosha is must in this case to have safe and prosperous matrimony.


Mercury or Budha


Appreciated here, gives young, nice, pretty, witty spouse, spouse from affluent family with high status in society. Native himself is beautiful, good natured, intelligent and submissive to wife. Native gets married to rich spouse early in life or before 25yrs of age.


Native receives precious gifts and dowry in marriage. If dual sign (3, 6,9,12) along with afflicted Mercury is in 7th house then multiple marriage or at least marriage kind (live-in) relation will exist for sure in span of life.


But this position gives incapability in sexual matters, impotency or loss of virility at many occasions in native. Chances of Quarrels or such conflicting situation may arouse at the time of marriage.


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Jupiter or Brihaspati


Being a strongest benefic, Jupiter is praised in 7th house and is capable of giving virtuous, beautiful, intelligent, wise, religious and chaste spouse.


Native gets caring spouse from rich and reputed family, will be sensitive towards others and family. Spouse will be dominating and well educated.


Native in itself will be cool and calm with splendid wealth, influence in society. Spouse will be of clear and yellowish complexion.


Growth and fortune will start favoring as the native gets married. In our experience we have seen that after marriage native focus is diverted much towards its spouse’s family than own family and makes native very much egoistic, worried and starts misbehaving towards fatherly figures.


If Jupiter here is weak, afflicted and of poor dignity with less astakvarga point then there could be chances of illicit relationship and we have also observed that most of the times it happens to be incest.


Venus or Shukra


Venus is also considered good in 7th house, native is blessed with charming, nice, wealthy, learned and devoted spouse.


Native is sensuous, passionate and at times turns into perversion and attracts unwanted relationships either before or after marriage, unafflicted Venus gives strong magnetic attraction in the native, endowed with charming and winning etiquettes.


Females in this case of male native may become source of happiness and finds inclined towards them, in case of females 7th house Venus makes them fortunate and wealthy.


Venus here render one to marriage early age before 25 yrs. Polluted Venus here with Rahu, Mars, Ketu, Saturn absolutely destroys and mar marital bliss rendering native wayward, immoral, lustful, seeking sensory gratifications with indulgence into bad company leading towards scandals and troubles.


Saturn or Shani


Again, malefic placement in 7th is never considered auspicious, Saturn here is incapable begetting beautiful and wealthy spouse.


Saturn being separative and dry planet creates dryness and coldness in the marital relation, devoid mutual bonding and faith thus capable of giving multiple marriages and many a times marriage with widow, divorcee.


There will be significant difference either in age, status or at least in the mental level of the marrying partner. Wife may not be good looking and not of clear or fair complexion.


Native will be under spouse’s control and submissive nature and fortune favors after marriage, looks of the native resembles much like older people. There will be rescheduling of marriage dates or occasions after fixation on account of any problem or death in family.




In our observation and also mentioned in classics that if Saturn here is in good dignity and strengthened then many above statement may be nullified and felicitates the native in the 7th house matters and much relief can be predicted.



Not good from matrimonial point of view, trouble to and trouble through wife cannot be neglected. Partner always suspicious about the character of native. Prone to suffer from piles and diabetes.


Affairs or extramarital affairs are not discarded, interested in inter caste or inter religion marriage, if highly afflicted exists then native elopes against the wish of family. Spouse suffers physically continuously with one or other abdominal and reproductive organ issues, sickly disposition.


Secrets or facts are concealed in pretext of marriage and will be disclosed only after marriage and that will hamper the trust and mutual faith in relationship.


Native have secret love affairs which may be before marriage or may occur later after marriage. More than one marriage or such equivalent circumstances like live-in etc. may happen if severe affliction and Venus, mars in involved here.


Females suffer from leucorrhea and male diabetes. Problems in internal reproductive organs are seen. Native is immodest, sleeps long and adulterous, widow, divorcee and mainly connects with bad character people.


Venusian influence worsens the case making the native go wayward. Only Jupiter influence can control the strong urges of the native.




Ketu in 7th house is dreaded for matrimony purpose too, not good unless high benefic influence on it. He/She is very much interested in inter caste or inter religion marriage.


Native finds a weird opposite person as partner and faces troubles in partnerships, spouse of the native with Ketu in 7th house suffers physically and mentally continuously with one or other abdominal and reproductive organ issues, sickly disposition and hence increase in expenditure.


Male natives are passionate, sinful, adulterous and suffers loss of virility and humiliation.


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It establishes connections with widows or any kind of illicit affairs with woman of loose characters if Jupiter is not intervening.


Wife will be shrewish, danger to wife is persisting during the dasha. Dangers in water voyages or even danger from travels cannot be neglected. Native is immodest, nervous, sleeps long and possess humble speech.


Secrets or facts are concealed in marriage and will be disclosed only after marriage and that will hamper the trust and mutual faith in relationship. Native have secret love affairs which may be before marriage or may occur later after marriage.


Problems in intestine and sexual disorders are seen, adulterous. Ketu in Scorpio sign in 7th house relieves the native to much extent from above said and helps to gain health and wealth.


Words of Wisdom for Planets in 7th House


Above said are the general characteristics of planets in 7th house which should be checked as stated in the introductory paragraphs.


No direct conclusion by merely seeing the planets in 7th house in one’s chart should be made and other astrological factors of strength, dignity, aspect, significator, astakvarga is must to analyze before prediction. Though, intensity may vary but the intention of the occupied planet cannot be neglected and overlooked.


It is recommended to all that always try to balance the energies of the planets in 7th house, 7th house and hence thereby doing regular spiritual practices, chanting etc. concerning to boost it as it is not only marriage but a lot of other treasures upholded in the 7th house and the planets in 7th house.






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