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moon in 7th house
13 Dec 2018

Effects of Moon in 7th House in Male & Female Horoscope

According to vedic astrology, presence of planet Moon in 7th house from lagna / ascendant in Horoscope of both males and females is having good and bad effects in matter of marriage, husband, wife, spouse, business, partnerships, love marriage, health etc.


Effects of Moon in 7th House


  • Basically seventh house in horoscope is the house of marriage (Kalatra) apart from other significations such as business partnerships, sexuality, opposite persons, internal reproductive organs etc. thus the presence of Moon is generally considered good, usually bestows man and woman with success, good house, good food, good family circle, passion and nice social influences.
  • Planet moon in seventh house from ascendant confers person with good looking and handsome spouse (husband or wife), more of a fair complexion. It is seen more in the case of male horoscope. The placement of Moon here makes both male and female sensitive and sensible as well.


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  • Since Moon is having nourishing and caring basic nature and so when chandra present in seventh Bhava, it will make opposite persons whom native is going meet to treat him/her softly, politely and caringly unless the Moon is afflicted and polluted.
  • Seventh house chandra graha (moon planet) attracts foreign connections via trade or business or partnerships, moving in foreign lands or foreign travels is also seen if other factors also support. Gain from sale and purchase also seen.
  • Chandra or Moon in 7th house from lagna or navamsa in horoscope also makes native somewhat conservative, orthodox as well. Native may be narrow minded and traditional follower of customs and believes. Native may be lean & thin in stature.
  • One trait which is usually found in the characteristic feature of the native with Moon in 7th house from ascendant is that these natives are passionate, jealous and having more inclination towards opposite sex.


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  • Weak Moon (Scorpio sign, dark half moon)  in seventh house can bring troubles to the mother of the native mostly during childhood or in teenage. Native is also thinks a lot and counting money when it comes to spending money or giving, people around consider him/her as a miser.
  • Afflicted Moon can bring in some eye related issues to the spouse. Gains from business related to water, milk, hotels, restro, commission agents etc.
  • Spouse is lucky for the native , mostly progress is seen after marriage but here much trouble and loss through enemies is encountered by the native having Moon in the seventh house hence avoid any kind of rivalry or enmity in business , social paradigm.


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Words of Wisdom 


Above stated effects of moon in seventh house from Lagna or Navamsa should not be applied as it is because there are other major factors such as zodiac sign in the house, nakshatra, aspect of planets, strengths, conjunctions of planet, waxing or waning Moon, dispositor, divisional chart etc. which can alter the impact and intensity of results but nevertheless, cannot change the intention but can be blended which Moon carries inherently.


To know how moon in 7th house affects your marriage, appearance, looks, business, spouse and overall life in your horoscope






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