Moon in 5th House

Fifth House
Moon in 5th House
18 Sep 2018

8 Auspicious Effects of Moon in 5th House


According to Vedic Astrology, moon represents mother and when Moon in 5th house present from lagna / ascendant in horoscope of both males and females then it gives very auspicious results in matter of education, pregnancy, love, relationships, children etc.

Effects of Moon in 5th house


  • Basically fifth house is the primary house of knowledge, intelligence, progeny, poorva punya etc. and one of the powerful trines or trikona houses thus placement of benefics are considered good here. When Moon is there in the 5th house from lagna then person is intelligent, learned, can have interrupted education, shrewd but loves to show off.
  • Planet Moon in 5th house in horoscope is capable to give political favors or even support political career many a times. Since 5th house is also house of speculations or unexpected gains hence moon here gives strong tendency for speculations and also gain through it.


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  • In horoscope of males and females, planet Moon in 5th house shows happiness from children and in general it is seen that native may have more girl child than boy but they are all source of happiness for them. Native is seen to carry legacy of family.
  • If Moon is unafflicted or good in strength than it shows that native will have clarity of mind and will be straightforward. Man and woman with Moon in 5th house in horoscope will be inclined towards right deeds, god fearing and will be truth speaking & truthful.
  • It is seen in experience and found in texts that one of the children becomes famous of the man and woman who are having Moon in 5th houses provided it is not polluted and is well placed.


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  • Males and females with Moon in 5th house will be wealthy, possess landed properties and financially well settled. He/she may have strong inclination towards music, fine arts, painting etc.
  • Since 5th house is 11th away from 7th hence show gains from marriage as well thus native will be having nice looking, devoted spouse, excellent gifts and dowry in marriage.
  • Afflicted and polluted Moon here can also give health issues melancholy, unstable mood & mind, much dejection, can make native cheat and children especially female child could bring ill repute to him or her. Considerable reduction in above stated results can be felt.


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Words of Wisdom for Moon in 5th House


The results stated with Moon in 5th house above should not be applied as it is because there are factors such as zodiac sign in the house, aspect of planets, strengths,conjunctions, waxing or waning Moon etc. which can alter the impact and intensity of results but nevertheless, cannot change the intention but can be blended which Moon carries inherently.






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