Moon in 6th House

Sixth House
Moon in 6th house
19 Sep 2018

9 Good & Bad Effects of Moon in 6th House in Horoscope

As per Vedic Astrology, mother representing planet Moon in 6th house from lagna / ascendant in Horoscope of both males and females is both good and bad in matter of health, disease, job, services, marriage, career, court cases etc

Results of Moon in 6th House


  • Generally, 6th house in horoscope is considered inauspicious in a horoscope and the placement of benefics are too not welcomed there in comparison to malefic. Thus, when a man and woman have Moon in 6th house from lagna then it represents emotional instability, short-tempered, lethargy, unkind & cruel and can have lowly habits. Denotes ill-health when the person born or in early childhood.
  • Girls and boys with Moon in 6th house is usually bold & brave, with sharp good vision and serving to the public proves fruitful to them. Moon is the delicate and pure planet hence influence of any planet blends and bends the result to much extent.
  • Planet Moon in 6th house is capable to make males and females intelligent but that intelligence is many times wasted or misused. Native is found much inclined towards sensory pleasures and hence is submissive towards opposite sex.

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  • If Moon in sixth house from ascendant is further afflicted then it can attract bad habits and addictions as well to the male and female of any kind. It is found that they are having tender and slender body with weak digestion in health matters. In other way we can say that mood or mind creates the diseases first at the mental plane than it hampers the physical body of the native. They are seen to have stomach related issues of any kind and they have weak appetite and eat less, good at thinking deeply.
  • Moon in sixth house is many a times found to become cause for diabetes and stone in gall bladder as well. These man and woman will be troubled or can have many revengeful enemies, sometimes kith-kin turned/cousins become staunch foe as well.
  • Since sixth house is also seen for servitude and job hence placement of Moon here if at all good then shows job or service as assistant/subordinate and more presence of female staff there.


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  • According to vedic scriptures, Moon also represents mother hence when present in  duststhana from ascendant / navamsa it creates indifference’s with mother and may not be a devoted to her.
  • Many a times it is seen that Moon in 6th house in horoscope from ascendant if heavily afflicted could give trouble in pregnancy matters and no support from the maternal side and maternal uncles may have only daughters.
  • It is also found mentioned in vedic texts that however strong native becomes they will not be able to defeat enemies and eventually have to surrender and moreover repeated efforts to win over enemies goes to vain.


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Words of Wisdom for Moon in 6th House

The results stated above should not be applied as it is because there are factors such as zodiac sign in the house, aspect of planets, strengths,conjunctions, waxing or waning Moon, dispositor etc. which can alter the impact and intensity of results but nevertheless, cannot change the intention but can be blended which Moon carries inherently.






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