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Fourth House
moon in 4th house
17 Sep 2018

9 Wonderful Effects of Moon in 4th House in Horoscope


As per vedic astrology, Moon in 4th house in horoscope gives both good and bad results for both males and females in matters of marriage, career, mother, health, home / rent, education etc

Results of Moon in 4th House


  • Planet Moon is the karaka / significator of Mother and 4th house is seen primarily for mother. Hence when the Moon is placed here it is considered to possess ‘karaka bhava nasaay’ thus it is seen that generally there are issues or troubles to mother in any ways, may be bad relation with mother, bad health of mother, trouble through mother to native etc.
  • In vedic astrology, Moon in 4th house is good for comforts and higher education. These man and woman stay in nice comfortable palatial house even if it is rented house one. They enjoy good food, trendy and nice dresses and will have nice etiquette’s and mannerism.
  • Males and Females moon in 4th house will be wealthy and but sensitive, enjoys company of good and helpful people. It is seen in experience that native with this placement are proud and arrogant. They do have much inclination towards seeking sensory pleasures.


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  • Young boys and girls with Moon in 4th house can also become good leaders and representatives alteast in the local or city level. Means political career favorable. If other promises are also there in the chart then they can grow till good height in politics/leadership arena in any area.
  • These males and females will be cheerful and jovial in nature if Moon here in not afflicted by malefics. It is seen that people with Moon in 4th house is somehow connected with the water related business or work, import-export of goods and also sometimes gains from agriculture is seen.
  • When planet unafflicted Moon in 4th house makes the native virtuous, large hearted, person of authority, learned and fortunate as well. If afflicted and connected with movable signs (1,4,7,10) then can have change in residences.
  • Good Moon in 4th house (waxing, exalted, own sign) and also if there is mild affliction then native usually inherits property, jewels, wealth from the mother. It is in practical experience that initial half of the life is not so eventful and joyful but latter half fulfills wishes, brings happiness in life.


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  • It is also mentioned in few texts that marriage brings riches and good luck and wealth to the native with Moon in the 4th Affluence with the native brings insecurity to them from outside people hence constant thinking if any theft or mishap may not happen.
  • Whilst afflicted Moon in 4th is also capable to give insomnia, sleep related issues, problems in chest and lungs and no stability till the age of 32.


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Words of Wisdom for Moon in 4th House


The results stated above should not be applied as it is because there are factors such as zodiac sign in the house, aspect of planets, strengths,conjunctions, waxing or waning Moon etc. which can alter the impact and intensity of results but nevertheless, cannot change the intention but can be blended which Moon carries inherently.






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