Moon in 3rd House

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moon in 3rd house
22 Aug 2018

9 Good & Bad Effects of Moon in 3rd House


According to Vedic Astrology, presence of Planet Moon in 3rd House from ascendant or Lagna in horoscope have both good and bad effects on both males and females.

Effects of Moon in 3rd House 


  • Planet Moon in 3rd house of valor, courage, siblings, communications, transfers, hobbies etc. is having peculiar results though malefics are considered good here. Mind of such males and females will be very active and something or the other keeps on going in the mind of the native. Sleep will not be perfect; some issues must be related with it.
  • In Natal or Navamsa chart third house Moon can make males and females a bit skeptical and can have number of brothers usually more than one and they be source of happiness for the native also have sister(s) who will be dear to the native.


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  • Man and woman with Moon in 3rd house from ascendant or lagna loves to travel or has to travel if in job and feels better when he/she undergoes some kind of outing or out of the place.
  • Such person with Natal Moon in 3rd house will be intelligent, educated, learned, known in society but cruel. If this Moon is bereft of benefic connections then can person sinful and unscrupulous as well. In male chart, it bestows native with fair complexion wife.
  • Moon in 3rd house is seen to give some or other kind of stomach related issues such as dyspepsia,mucous formation etc. and in worst cases can lead to piles or such excretory diseases.
  • As 3rd house also has a strong connection with 10th house of karma thus when Moon occupies this place and dasha connection also exist then changes in occupation or profession is observed.


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  • In matter of wealth and money, males and females with Moon in 3rd house in horoscope collects or earns money with much efforts and difficulties. On close observation to these natives it is seen that they are back biters or tend to play behind screen, they are not brave or direct confronter to enemies.
  • Generally, if Moon is present in third house of horoscope of girls and boys they will have very strange or uncommon likings in general life which can easily come to the knowledge of people with whom they spend some times.
  • Good & strengthened Moon in 3rd house is also found to bless man and woman good voice or good connection in the field of music, arts etc. whether professionally or as good hobby.


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Words of Wisdom for Moon in 3rd House


The results stated above should not be applied as it is because there are factors such as zodiac sign in the house, aspect of planets, strengths,conjunctions, waxing or waning Moon etc. which can alter the impact and intensity of results but nevertheless, cannot change the intention but can be blended which Moon carries inherently.






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