Moon in 2nd House

Second House
Moon in 2nd house
21 Aug 2018

Moon in 2nd House in Male & Female Horoscope

According to Vedic Astrology, presence of Planet Moon in 2nd House from ascendant or Lagna in horoscope have both good and bad effects in matter of career, mother, health, wealth, marriage, money, education, family, speech on both males and females.

Results of Moon in 2nd House 


  • In Vedic astrology 2nd house is the primary house of wealth, speech, family etc. Hence presence of good Moon in 2nd house in man and woman chart certainly bestows native with large family and relatives. They have love and nourishing kind of attitude towards family.
  • Often boys and girls with Moon in 2nd house from lagna or navamsa will speak softy and have sweet speech. They are highly intelligent, imaginative and can be called multi-talented, has ability & can make much significant out of nothing with success & details but will be having break in career and  education. Many a times it is seen that these natives possess flair for writing and anything to do with music and arts.
  • Males and females with Moon in second house from lagna will be fair, attractive, smart and handsome, appreciated and have respect in society. They are admired and recognized in relatives and family as well. This position of Moon is good for doctors and lawyers.

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  • Planet Moon in second house  will have good wealth and deposited/ saved money but instability will be there as Moon has. Initially it will not be felt but with the passage of time native becomes sound in terms of money. More over financial status also keeps on fluctuating depending upon the condition of Moon nevertheless he/she will good in monetary terms.
  • In vedic astrology, Individuals with Moon in 2nd house in horoscope from natal ascendant or lagna will be cautious and counting twice in the money matters.
  • Such native will be having poor digestion and if this Moon is weak then loss of appetite is also seen. Natural love for liquids or such taste is felt by native. Sometimes it is found that these natives have some kind of psychological issues if this Moon is afflicted by malefics.

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  • The man and woman having Moon in second house is generally proud and egoistic, will not have much inclination towards family and relatives. It is also found that they are not socially involved and possess reserve kind of attitude.
  • One feature which is found prevailing in many charts and also mentioned in the texts that the daughters or sisters of the native will suffer financial losses or such troubles in life due to moon in second in horoscope.
  • As per vedic texts, Moon in 2nd house people are having troubled eyes and if Moon is afflicted then can make native squint or can give any major issues in eyes majorly in right eye.
  • The Moon in Scorpio or much afflicted here will give troubles from the relatives and family as well. It is seen that native suffers losses due to his own deeds and decisions in life.


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Words of Wisdom for Moon in 2nd House

The results stated above should not be applied as it is because there are factors such as zodiac sign in the house, aspect of planets, strengths,conjunctions, waxing or waning Moon etc. which can alter the impact and intensity of results but nevertheless, cannot change the intention which carries inherently.





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