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Moon in 1st House
20 Aug 2018

Effects of Moon in 1st house in Male & Female Horoscope

According to Vedic Astrology, presence of Planet Moon in 1st House or Lagna in horoscope have both good and bad effects on both males and females. First house represents personality, of individual, physical appearance, nature, character, temperament, honour and dignity, marriage well being, health, life struggle and growth, mental tendencies etc

Results of Moon in 1st House


  • In physical appearance, ascendant or lagna represents head in Kaalpurusha and karaka being Sun, Natal Moon in 1st house here gives beautiful and handsome in appearance and usually a smiling face, make person talkative & argumentative in nature, emotionally very sensitive and at same time idealistic, truthful as well.
  • Man and woman with Planet Moon in 1st house in horoscope is governed by the mood and emotions whether it is positive or negative. So the action for doing anything which comes from the head and brain thus, the mood decides the action whether it is harmful, helpful or whatever and not the intelligent self of the person and the the physical body response and diseases borne.
  • When planet Moon in 1st house in lagna or navamsa chart, native is usually fancies much and whimsical at many times, he/she will be having yearning for pleasure, luxury and peace of mind as per his/her accordance. These natives are romantic in nature and usually find inclination towards music, arts etc.


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  • Since Moon is water, continuous flow and purest originally by nature hence slightest impact of any planet could impart its flavor to it. Just as we add anything to water it acquires it taste and color thus malefic impact can trouble the physical self via unwanted wavering mind or mood. Affliction of planet Saturn could give negative thinking, Jupiter can impart righteousness, religious color etc.
  • As per vedic texts, males and females with natal moon in 1st house loves to travel new places and sightseeing as well. They have a natural inclination towards travelling and many a times it is found that they are into any kind of work where roaming is required. They get benefits from public and social networking.
  • In Marriage and synastry, as Planet Moon is nourishing by nature and when placed in 1st house or Lagna chart, person take cares of spouse and life partner {husband or wife), tries to dominate, nourish yet love them very much in their way.


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  • Since Moon represents Mother also hence mother has important role in life for first house Moon males and females, they have much impact on the native whether Moon is good or bad but it will have impact on the native anyhow.
  • Fortune of the native with Moon in 1st house in lagna or Navamsa chart keeps on fluctuating due to lost or acquired opportunities in life largely depending on strength & influence over Moon.
  • Generally, but not invariably it is found in experience that native with Natal Moon in Ascendant or Lagna have some kind of issues with sleep and timidity is found in their nature unless strongly supported by benefics.
  • In health matters, If planet moon in 1st house in horoscope is afflicted or weak with enemy planets or malefics than native suffers from depression, insomnia, walking or talking while in sleep,eye troubles, headaches etc. in case of female natives mensural cyclic disorders at large.


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Words of Wisdom for Moon in 1st House

The results stated above should not be applied as it is because there are factors such as Sign in First House, aspect of planets, strengths,conjunctions, waxing or waning Moon etc. which can alter the impact and intensity of results but nevertheless, cannot change the intention which carries inherently. 






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