Mars in 9th House

Ninth House/ Bhagya Bhava
mars in 9th House
10 May 2018

10 Good & Bad Effects of Mars in 9th House in Horoscope

According to vedic astrology placement of strong planet like Mars in 9th house has both positive and negative in Horoscope of both male and female.


Results of Mars in 9th House


  • Planet Mars in 9th house is having mixed impacts on the native’s life, since ninth house is one of the auspicious houses which decides the flight or elevation of native in life’s game. This house is considered for fortune and for father primarily hence ideally malefic is not suitable for this place, benefics does good over here.
  • Male and female with Mars in 9th house may become successful businessman or trader but always dependent on anybody. Sometimes it is also found that person is professionally indulged in naval services, or trade through sea, ocean etc. Native will be industrious and hardworking as well.
  • Native with mars presence in ninth house will be harsh, cruel and adamant but will be intelligent and bears reasoning & logical abilities to evaluate situations. Native will be wealthy and affluent if not afflicted.


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  • Mangal (Mars) in 9th house if supported well in horoscope then native is found to be good in law, judiciary hence can become good lawyer or counsellor. Medical profession is also adopted by many natives
  • In vedic astrology, ninth house mars (mangal) individuals will be famous and known in the society for generosity and good qualities but will always searching for the benefit of the self and impetuous.
  • Planet Mars is 9th house is not considered good for father as it gives troubles to father, sickly disposition, no good relations with fatherly figure, guru or mentors etc. and lack of mutual harmony or affection among son and father.


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  • Native will have support of fortune if the Mars in 9th house is functional benefic and aspected or conjoined by the benefic planets, otherwise even extreme efforts will not reward the native. After age of 28, gains will be coming to native.
  • Elder brother or brother-in-law will suffer or trouble to them is indicated. Native with Mars in ninth house will be dignified but irreligious, will be spiritual but may not believe in rituals, traditions etc.
  • Mars (mangal) here in fiery signs becomes very impulsive and airy signs will feel unloved for rules regulations thus ignores discipline of any kind.
  • In vedic texts, sometimes it is seen that Mars in 9th house makes person reformer of social stigma, bringing modern view or perspective to seen in it.


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Words of wisdom for Mars in 9th house –


In above article Portrayal of a persons character and attributes are extremely general in nature &  are influenced by the various factors such as  aspect of planets on house, their strength, position and strength in astakvarga, navamsha etc. Above stated are the general common points which are basic traits of planet occupying a particular house hence should not be applied bluntly and blindly merely seeing the sign & planet occupying the house .


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