Retrogade Mars

Marital Disharmony
23 Aug 2017

Mars Retrograde Marital Disharmony in Females

Mars Retrograde Marital Disharmony in Females – It is observed in many cases in female horoscope or kundli that Mars Retrograde is responsible for Marital Disharmony or discords, divorces due to her characteristics.

Inclination/relation with someone who is much younger to her is seen, an extremity, perversions in nature. Unusual part is that it can occur any time later when it supposed that the relationship settled.

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After marriage with onset of adverse dasa/bhukti and adverse transit involving Retrogade Mars then these tendencies may found prevailing and creating havoc in marital life of the couples & stirring marital disharmony

Bearing in mind other astrological factors, like aspect, strength, Jupiter etc. should be cautiously examined before prediction for neutralizing malefic effect of Retrogade Mars in horoscope. 

Proper and timely taken counseling with remedies would help much to have happy married life and avoiding marital disharmony caused by Retrogade Mars.

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