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mars in 7th House
30 Apr 2020

Effects of Mars in 7th house in Horoscope

As per Vedic Astrology, let us see the good and bad effects of placement of Mars in 7th House from ascendant / Lagna in natal or navamsa chart of male and female horoscope. Here. Mars affects seventh house significance viz. marriage, spouse, partnerships, business, contract, divorce, spouse appearance, marriage age, manglik dosha  etc. Mangal graha results varies for all ascendants, depending upon with strength from exalted to debilitated, retrograde, friendly or enemy signs, weak or strong.


Results of Mars in 7th House


  • Here, Mangal or Mars in seventh House creates Mangal Dosha of good strength or exaltation by placement, being malefic surely create hindrance in marital disharmony of native. Marriage part must be handled carefully with proper match making and manglik dosha balancing.
  • Man and Woman both with Mars in 7th house will be subservient and submissive to spouse, clashes and tensions on trivialities will become part of life, if horoscope’s are not matched properly then death, divorces or two marriages are likely and affliction is heavy then results will be more pronounced.
  • In nature , person with Mars in seventh will be peevish and usually gets spouse of more age difference, coming home after leaving will become a quest for the native.


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  • Males and females with 7th house mars will feel sexual detachment or less association from marriage partner for sure which in turn incites native for extra-marital indulgence.
  • Generally, native with Mars in seventh House will not earn much respect from spouse & often faces humiliation through spouse.
  • Female native with seventh house Mars usually have issues in internal reproductive organs, piles and face having blemishes, scars etc. and spouse may also have urinary trouble.
  • Planet  Mars in 7th house creates powerful Manglik dosha, horoscope match making and balancing of Mangal Dosha are highly recommended in this case to have safe and prosperous married life.
  • Person with mangal in seventh house in lagna or navamsa will be dynamic, active, sexually attractive or exciting physical appearance, sex appeal, more attracted to the opposite sex.


Remedies for Mars in Seventh House


Perform these Vedic Remedies for Mars placed in seventh house in horoscope to get relief from malefic, retrograde, debilitated   Bad Effects of Mars 

Precaution for Mars in 7th house


We suggest, man and woman with mars placed in seventh house of horoscope should get their horoscope evaluated with competent astrologer to check the flaws and doshas etc. Because there are many other points to ponder over as we have touched only a general effects of mars planets above.






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