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3 Oct 2017

Childbirth or Pregnancy Prediction Through Astrology : A Karmic Parody

In Vedic Astrology, predicting pregnancy or childbirth through fifth house from ascendant (lagna) in female horoscope has most important significance. In woman kundli, fifth house (bhava) has prominent role to play in deciding child birth in chart basically is the house of poorva punya meaning (poorva-past, punya – good deeds) accumulation of good deeds done by the person in the previous incarnations to this current birth.


According to the karmic principle stated in the ancient Vedic scripture there are three kinds of Karma – SANCHITA, PRARABDHA and AGAMI. 


Sanchita is the store house of all your actions, good, bad, or indifferent, of all your previous sojourns. The twelfth house from ascendant (lagna) in can be said to represent this.


The 5th house can be said to be representing Prarabdha. That much we have taken out of this Sanchitha to spend during the present existence is Prarabdha, the fifth house from ascendant. The word Agami itself suggests that which we are creating by doing good, bad deeds in this birth and that can be said as 10th house from ascendant.


For better understanding, our Prarabhdha may lead us astray, but then there is the help of knowledge in the fourth house given to us to help in our Agami, for our Agami becomes Sanchitha, to become a Prarabdha of some other day. Hence, we are made and destroyed by our deeds whatever good bad.


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Although we can dig to much deeper insight of this karma theory but that will not be relevant to the childbirth / pregnancy matter, we will discuss it separately.


Our stance of giving this brief introduction is to educate our readers so that they can have a better understanding of what we are trying put before them.


If we think relatively, then immediately we will come to know that only two persons that we confront with or come across are directly related to our karmas are, our ‘Spouse’ and ‘Child’ born after marriage.  On account of them, we can easily figure out easily that after marriage or through child, how people enter into new paradigm of life which could make them, break them or indifferent.


So these new persons in our life become instrument through which our past life’s karmas are fructified whether it is in terms of happiness, sufferings or a clever mix of both.


Now astrologically, through 5th house, 9th house and Saptamsha, Navmansa are broadly at large investigated primarily to find out promises in child birth or pregnancy area of the person. There are many other things that are considered to predict child birth from horoscope when fine scrutiny is done including 7th house, 8th house and lagna as well.


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But primary house is 5th house and Saptamsha, we are going to share some insightful and very relevant experience gained whilst in course of our practice to investigate queries like when I will get pregnant? or predict child birth in horoscope.


Role of Planets in Pregnancy Prediction in Astrology




Ketu in 5th house, being a karmic planet, 5th house Ketu represent serious karmic backlog in the area of childbirth. Serious offenses are done in previous births. Females having 5th house lonely or in combination with other planets surely gives serious issues related to pregnancy. Such as inability to get pregnant / conceive, frequent miscarriages, much delay in begetting child say more than 7 yrs. 10 yrs. etc. after marriage, even childless in most cases.


We have seen that if somehow female conceives then also it becomes very crucial and several unforeseen circumstances will pop up without any rhyme and reason in quest to deliver the child and child dies even after successful delivery.


In most cases, the medical reason behind such feminine problem is not diagnosed and still the doctors or couples wonder what has gone wrong with them. Always they are searching for what, when, why regarding child blessing and sustainability, this situation will persist throughout life.


Biggest truth about Ketu in fifth is that if somehow birth happens with efforts then sooner female will realize detachment or unloved for the child and consequently, later on as the child grows up will surely become the cause of her sufferings and sorrows.  


Planet Sun has anything to do with Ketu or Rahu here, then problem becomes more worse and pathetic leading to defamation on the verge of childlessness or such in the community, family and to among knowns.


If Jupiter aspects the Ketu then success can be predicted but troubles, delays can’t be still averted. This is only sign of relieve for them.


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We have seen couples begetting success after quite a long period of 10, 12 yrs. only after finishing their karmic backlogs in terms of huge sufferings and trauma.




If Rahu is present in fifth house from ascendant, similar childbirth problems and issues as that of Ketu, but here couples do get child usually after losing the 1st child or number of childs. In this case usually problem related to pregnancy will be known and also to nears and dears too. Even if, female gets the child, the child will be the cause of her suffering in later years. Lack of affection for the child born or some kind of detachment.


Thus, we can see the karmic connections and Rahu and Ketu are the totally karmic control planets which helps in predicting pregnancy in female horoscopes.


Mars –


As per vedic astrology, if Mars is present in 5th house from ascendant will certainly give Caesarian childbirth. And success depends at large on the aspect / combination of planet Jupiter in horoscope. Otherwise difficulty in conception, miscarriages, death of mother or child may occur while giving birth, or any unforeseen circumstances attracting immediate operations etc.


We have seen that even presence of Martian sign (Aries, Scorpio) leads to caesarian child birth. Childlessness can also occur,if not favorable disposition are found. Child born will be crooked immodest.


Saturn – 


If present in fifth house females suffers much unhappiness and disappointment for want of childbirth; Saturn here too problematic but not that much as compared to Rahu and Ketu in terms of progeny.


But inherent trait of Delay or slowness characteristic of Saturn is reflected in pregnancy in females i.e. it gives delay in process such as delay in conception, miscarriages or sometimes child birth of child after the stipulated period of time.


Sorrows from the children is sure. If lord of 5th is further afflicted in both Rasi and Saptamsha then childlessness can take place.




If present in fifth house in horoscope causes delays or creates hindrance in getting pregnant can  , difficulty in getting child birth is predicted, few children, the native suffers at the hands of 1st child born. But child will earn name and fame, will be successful in endeavors of life.




During pregnancy more of the female child will be born and become source of happiness overall good if not afflicted.


Mercury – 


Presence of Mercury planet generally considered good if severe afflictions are not marked during pregnancy.


Jupiter – Good, more male child, although karaka bhava nashaya but still favorable and excellent for progeny.


Venus – if present in fifth house more female child, good overall in matter of pregnancy can be predicted.

Also, if the lord of the 5th house is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th bhava then too there will be hurdles and great difficulty in begetting child, it simply turns out be painful ordeal for the female.

Even if, in our experience we have seen malefic aspect on 5th is enough to create an unwanted situation in the matters of pregnancy.


Notable point here is that that, any relation of Jupiter with 5th house such as aspect, combination etc. with 5th lord assures child birth in spite of whatever affliction or condition of planet owning 5th house or lord spoiled.

The presence above planet should also be evaluated in saptamsa to figure out clearer picture along with confirmation from the Navamsh chart. Before arriving to any conclusion every factor should have to be evaluated step by step and logically.

Succintly, Malefic planets or connection of fifth house, lord in Rasi chart or Saptamasha, certainly points karmic backlogs that has to be finished by suffering through progeny. Benefic, itself reveals everything about happiness and blessings to progeny.


Pregnancy Remedies – Since remedies are not generalize in this area they are specific and can only be stated after reviewing the horoscope of the native. We advise native to undergo treatment from both, modern medical science and ancient supreme science called astrology.

We suggest, every couple and individual, those who are planning to extend their family should always get their horoscope assessed by expert astrologer so that precautionary measures if any, that need to be accounted can be taken before so that damage can be minimized and let this divine science could guide you to perform your deeds in the manner almighty want you to exhibit.  






Namo Narayan

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