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26 Feb 2018

8 Steps for Kundali Matching for Marriage or Ashtakoota Milan

In this short writing, we would be trying to fetch basics of Kundali Matching for Marriage or you can say horoscope compatibility chart or match making based on Vedic Astrology Principles. Kundli matching based on Ashtakoota Milan commonly considered as basis for compatibility for horoscope chart for young male and female while planning to enter into wedlock.


Earlier parents use to find or choose partner for their children within community and society with mutual consensus. Then, they will go to family priest or astrologer with their children date of birth or horoscope chart or name (based on nakshatra)  for Kundali Matching to check  whether both horoscope are compatible and suitable for marriage. Based on astrologer advice after horoscope compatibility both the families will decide upon marriage. If horoscope match found suitable subsequently couple will get married but today things have changed significantly.


Now the children itself decide their partner  and suggest their parents that they want to marry him or her, in words love marriages or love turned arranged is in vogue today. Yet traditional marriage system based on date of birth or name (based on nakshatra) is still prevailing based on mostly online Kundli Matching or family Astrologer but their number are reduced considerably.


For this what ever may be the reason behind such as modernization, freedom, liberty, westernization etc. We are not into that but one thing which still bothers the parents along with the couples that what will be there in the future or consequences of the marriage or relation they have to encounter? will it fructify ? will it be happy going? Or will be a disaster? Progeny prospects? and similarly many occurring in their minds.


Apart from marital bliss, parents or couple usually visit or consult an astrologer to find answers of their questions related to longevity, health, marital dispute, child birth, wealth, fortune, Jobs, relation with family members, chances for extra marital affairs etc. Though, astrologically answering these question based on various charts in both males and females horoscopes is not so easy yet can be predicted till certain level of accuracy.


For this many system are devised and prescribed in the scriptures for kundli matching also developed through experience by learned scholars of this astrological science.


Among all, the most common and largely used method is of Ashtakoota Milan or Horoscope Match Making or compatibility etc. which we will try to decipher. Here before the readers, this is completely based on the position of moon and nakshatra in the horoscopes of male and female.



In Vedic Astrology, this nakshatra system of kundali matching with date of birth basically look at the position of Moon in both man and woman Rashi chart in horoscope . And therefore delineating relations in context of mental, physical, behavioral, intellectual plane but some other factors which are prominent such as longevity, growth, dosha samya ( Manglik), family harmony and relationship with in laws etc. are excluded.


So Ashtakoota Milan can be considered as an integral part of horoscope match making along with another factor which is to be assessed separately and exclusively on the basis of individual’s horoscope.


If somehow it becomes mandatory or has to marry kind of situation then atleast finding the degree of damage or area of utmost care, critical duration’s. Thus refrainment, adaptation along with remedies, if available can be done to save the relationship as long as possible.


There are also more elaborated and difficult approaches of match making are followed as well apart from ashtakoota milan in different areas prominently, in South India which is known as the ‘DashaKoota Milan (Ten Aspects Match)’. Three more factors are involved therein apart from traditional 8 factors.  


Ashtakoota Milan literally means the ‘Matching of Eight Qualities or Aspects/Gunas’. ‘Ashta’ means Eight and ‘Koota’ means ‘aspect’. These eight aspects or kootas are assigned a certain numeric value depending upon their significance or importance in the match making i.e. prominence or contributory marks should say in deciding different aspects of a couple’s compatibility.


The weight-age or Guna alloted to each factor is same as its serial number i.e 1 to 8 and totaling 36 as the maximum score.


Here any scoring more than or equal to 17.5 points in Ashtakoota Milan are considered to be Ok for getting married.



Points    Depicting Quality of Marital life On the Basis Total Gunas”Gun” obtained
Less than 17.5   INCOMPATIBLE. This marriage may not succeed and everlasting.
17.5 to 24 AVERAGE SCORE. Acceptable, marriage can be done
25 to 32 VERY GOOD MATCH. Marriage should be a success.
33 to 36 PERFECT & EXCELLENT MATCH. Marriage will be everlasting.


These eight Gunas are Varna, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, Graha Maitri, Gana, Bhakoota and Nadi. In  ‘DashaKoota Milan (Ten Aspects Match)’ three more aspect Mahendra Koota, Deergha Koota, Vedha Koota and Rajju Koota too are considered besides the above eight kootas in online or offline kundli matching.


Lets check each Ashtakoota in Kundali Matching


1. Varna      


Varna Koota is basically signifies the degree of spiritual or ego of marrying partners, it has nothing to do with prevailing castes in society:  Four broad classification is available on the basis Person’s caste, personality is divided as – Brahmin (highest), Vaishya, Shudra (lowest).

If boy and girl get 1 point when they have the same “Varna”, or if boys’s “Varna” is higher than the girls. A girl belonging to a higher grade should not be mated to a boy of lesser grade as depicted in ashtakoota milan system.


2. Vasya    


Vasya Koota is important in kundali matching for marriage in relation to see degree of control or amenability over each other: Based on Moon sign, natives are classified into 5 types – Manav/Nara (Human), Vanchar (Big animals such as lion), Chatuspaad (small animals such as deer), Jalchar (animals of the water), Keeta/Keet (Insects of all kind).


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If boy and girl belong to same Vasya then full 2 points, for Vasya’s which are enemies (eg: Manav and Vanchar) 0 points are given, 1/2 points for Manav-Jalchar combination and 1 point for the remaining combinations.


3. Tara or Dina


Tara Koota is for constellation (Nakshatra) Compatibility, very important in horoscope compatibility chart . There are 27 constellation (Nakshatra). Boys constellation (Nakshatra) is counted from the girls and this number is divided by 9. Same is done from the girl’s constellation (Nakshatra) to the boy’s birth star.


If both the remainders are Even (0,2,4,6,8), it is auspicious and 3 points are allocated. 0 points if both are odd (1,3,5,7) and 1.5 points if one is even. 


4. Yoni


Yoni means sex and by Yoni Kuta is implied to Sexual Compatibility in Horoscope matching. It takes into account the sex affinities and so biological influences. Based on constellation (Nakshatra), the Yoni Koota is classified as one of 14 animals (Horse, Elephant, Sheep, Snake, Dog, Cat, Rat, Cow, Buffalo, Tiger, Hare/Deer, Monkey, Lion, Mongoose).


Same animal in both partner gets 4 points, whereas enemies (Cow/Tiger, Cat/Rat, Snake/Mongoose, etc.) get 0 points. 3 points for friendly Yoni, 2 for neutral and 1 for not friendly Yoni. Inimical Yonis are not recommended for marriage.


5. Graha or Rasyadhipathi Maitram  


Grah Maitri Koot is inherently related to deal with the psychological dispositions of the couple and is ths most important one also, Rashi lord Compatibility in Kundali Matching. In the natal birth charts, where Moon is placed, the lord of that “Rashi” (Moon at time of birth) in both charts.


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They will be either friends or neutral or enemies. If Lords of both Rashi are friends then 5 points; 4 points for 1 friend and 1 neutral, etc. and if both Rashi Lords are enemies then 0 points are awarded.


6. Gana


Gana Koot is related to behavior, character and temperament of the concerned couple. Constellation (Nakshatra) are divided into three – Deva (Divine-God, indicating Satwa Guna), Manusha/Manava (Human- indicating Rajo Guna) and Rakshasa (Diabolical-Demon, indicating Tamo Guna).

When the girl and boy belong to the same Gana then 6 points are awarded or when boy is Manav & girl is Deva. When girl is Manav and boy is Deva then 5 points and 1 point for Deva and Rakshasa and 0 points for Manav and Rakshasa.


7. Bhakoota or Rashi


Bhakoota is directly related mental, emotional and mutual Love compatibility in Kundli Matching. The position of the boy’s natal moon position is counted from the girl’s moon position.


If the boys’s moon is 2, 3 4, 5, 6 places from the girl’s moon in natal chart of horoscope, it is considered bad; whereas 7 and 12 are considered good. If girl’s moon is 12th positions from the boy’s moon in natal chart of horoscope. Then it is considered bad whereas 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 are considered good and auspicious.


8. Nadi  


Nadi Koota is considered most important and significant as related to health, genes progeny in Kundali Matching based on date of birth or name (based on rising nakshatra.


Constellations (Nakshatras) are prominently divided into 3 broad categories – Aadi (Vata/Wind) Nadi, Madhya (Pitta/Bile) Nadi and Antya (Kapha/Phlegm) Nadi.


If the man and woman’s Nadi Koota are the same then 0 points are awarded else full 8 points are given which are most among all kootas that is why it so much significant.


Marriage being very sensitive part and eternal as well which can make or mar the person so as we said that Kundali Matching is an integral part but not a fundamental or only basis of match-making and matrimonial assessment. Other prominent factors as we already spoken about must have to be assessed by a competitive astrologer to ascertain marital bliss and everlasting bond between the marrying couples.







Iti Shubham

Namo Narayan



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