Mangal Dosha

An Astrological Big Bug
mangal dosha
19 May 2017

MANGAL DOSHA – An Astrological Big Bug

Mangal Dosha – An Astrological Big Bug

In the matrimonial affairs, today we come across with different kinds of a problem in perfect match. Among them Mangal dosha or Manglik Dosha or Kuja Dosha is the one for which every one of us must have heard & must have talked about while searching for matrimonial alliance. This Mangal dosha is among the most scary doshas available in astrological prospects and also do carry many types of believes, concepts, knowledge in the astrological fraternity which has created unrest and ambiguity for this.

Matrimony is the important part of the one’s life so everyone is very cautious in this affair right from finding beautiful spouse of his /her choice to spend whole life harmoniously. Actually, in modern scenario due to internet and higher intervention, penetration of social media exchange of knowledge yet became easy but not necessarily relevant because whose so ever gains some knowledge from somewhere began to teach and publish as a thumb rule without testing in real instances or may be on fewer horoscope and then this creates confusion, ambiguity about the subject. Though everybody is not interested or we can say not in vogue, seeking astrological advice in this regard but those who seek help they land up in trouble on account of improper, incomplete knowledge in this regard.

In many cases, people go for match-making kind of thing just for the sake of formality and don’t consider horoscope matching as an important part of successful matrimony.  They come for help only when the problem starts or it has almost worsened, but they don’t know that nothing could be done if the things have started occurring except to suffer and curse the time & destiny.

Here is this article I would like to bring before our readers various aspects related to this Mangal dosha in brief understandable way ……

Firstly, we should know what exactly when the Mangal Dosha is manifested –

 Succinctly, from various scriptures such as Brihat Parashar Hora Shastram, Jatak Parijata etc. which this Manglik dosha is directly indirectly mentioned some mentioned it as a loss of spouse, premature death of spouse or separation from spouse, trouble of all kind leading towards havoc in matrimonial relation   when Mars is present in 1 ,2, 4, 7, 8, 12 houses in rashi chart,from Moon and Karaka Venus constituting this dosha.

Various great writers do have some other ways of consideration like in rashi chart only, bhava chart etc. but in actual practice they find no significant consideration separately.

There is also contradiction about the mangal (Mars) in ascendant (first house). The learned people of this science from south India neglect it but north fellows consider as the one more position for causing this dosha, they have shown it with various examples as well.

Although, lots of researches are already conducted and currently too going by various astrologers but one thing which comes out invariably that connection of Mars or Mangal with matrimonial and maraka sthan via presence or aspect create this dosha   There are many misbelieves and confusion among the people regarding this dosha. Actually, careful examination and investigation regarding this dosha has been made by various revered and renowned astrologers like by Dr. B.V. Raman, Mrs. Gayatri Devi Vasudeva etc. and ours too in experience of decades. People come to us with their issues related to divorce or marital disharmony and most unfortunately the death of spouse, the prominent factor which comes in light is improper evaluation of the horoscope while selecting the partner for marriage or marriage without horoscope matching of bride and bride groom and in most of them Mangal dosha found prevalent and has a lot to do with them nevertheless not only the mangal dosha is responsible for misery but various other strong afflictions present in house of marriage, mangalya sthan, longevity.

However,there are certain conditions which is  usually quoted from the texts while dealing with Mangal Dosha that are so called as exception or Manglik dosha Cancellation in a particular chart, if such conditions or configuration exist like as mentioned in table below which says that if Mars is posited in corresponding rashi then Mangal dosha gets cancelled.

  • Mangal dosha should not be considered if the following condition exists.
House Rashi (zodiacal sign)
2nd Gemini and Libra
12th Libra and Taurus
4th Aries and Scorpio
7th Capricorn and Cancer
8th Sagittarius and Pisces


  • Mangal dosha is waved off if mars is in any movable sign Cancer, Aquarius, and Taurus irrespective of position in the chart.
  • If Mars is exalted, debilitated, own sign then no Mangal  dosha exist.
  • No Nanglik dosha for Scorpio, Aries, Libra ascendant natives.
  • When mars is placed in Ashwani, Magha or Mool constellations.
  • Influence of benefic planets either by aspect or association ( Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Moon )on Mars nullifies or exempts the Mars from dosha
  • If ascendant lord is in a Kendra and Jupiter is in the ascendant then nullifies kuja dosha
  • Jupiter in Kendra or Venus in Trine then no dosha exist.
  • According to Devakeralam, Mars conjunct with or aspected by Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Rahu then also dosha gets nullified.

And many others such kind of configurations is depicted and quoted by various astrologers, pandits, learned people of this science claim that the dosha gets cancelled or nullified on the existence of such configurations.

But to our utter surprise and that too with other astrologers also after careful evaluation of Mangal dosha we came to conclude that none of the above stated exceptions really found working in the charts falling under this dosha category till yet and if the dosha exist in a chart then damage could only be avoided careful matching with partner having same dosha , this can also be termed as the only working remedy this context. Folks are of the idea that this dosha will harm as soon as the marriage is conducted within couple of years of wedlock but beware it is not like that as it can be activated long after say 7, 10, 15 or may be later after marriage when every thing is in immature conditions. So, think and act wisely only after seek advice of a learned astrologer.

Though from the scriptural instructions, the position of Mars(mangal) should be in same position in both the partners charts like if mars in 2nd house in husband’s horoscope then mars should be at the same place in the wife’s horoscope too or vice versa. But practically in experience it is seen that if the configuration is creating Mangal Dosha then also a suitable win- win kind match can be created and go-ahead nod can be given to the partners willing to enter into wedlock. And it is invariably done by us in multitude of match making cases by proper consideration of strength of Mars and placement in horoscope, among the various placement of Mars in horoscope, position in 7th house and 8th must have to be given very cautious attention in matrimonial alliance.

Position of Mars should always be reckoned from all the three charts i.e. the lagna, Moon & Venus, Mars falling in 1st,2nd, 4th, 7th,8th, 12th from any of these will constitute this dosha for sure. The concept of Hora of Sun & Moon for odd even sign degrically in which the Mars is placed also find very important and useful place in the assessment of Strength of dosha and nature, severity of the damage that could take place. Thus, from no chart it should be overlooked in evaluation of Mangal dosha. Due weightage to above said rule and patience should be taken care while match making.

Since in decades of our astrological practice we don’t have found any working remedial measure to wave off this dosha. Though market and internet is flooded with myriads of working remedies or upayas strongly emphasizing on existence of remedies to overcome or mitigate mangal dosha. The only practical solution lies which has been tested on thousands of horoscopes is that both the partners should  either possess same dosha (horoscope should contain mangal dosha) or they should be free from it.

Many astrologers are of the view that if mars is placed with the Jupiter or being aspected by Jupiter. Mangal dosha waved off contrarily few researchers strongly emphasizes of on the consideration of Jupiter’s influence, causing the dosha to make more powerful. They give reference of Saravali by Kalyan Verma proved by Dr. Mridula Trivedi, a well-known astrologer of northern India.

In few books written by some authors on Kuja Dosh we could find explanations on partial (aanshik) and full (poorn) Manglik concept. If the Mangal dosha occurs from 4th & 12th house it is considered partial while full Manglik at remaining places. They give different types of misguiding, irrelevant and more ridiculously they do suggest various remedial measures to overcome or nullify it. Bear in mind that dosha means dosha it should always be dealt with cautions whether full or partial whatso ever

One thing should always  be kept in mind if there is Mangal dosh arising then only and only it could be counteracted by marrying a girl or boy having Mangal dosha, no other mean or measure have found fruitful till date in the decades of our experience and practice.  

Do get your horoscope analyzed by a qualified astrologer to avoid any destructive consequences and unhappy married life.


When Mars is in 7th house causing Mangal Dosha.

Rasi Chart 

Date Of Birth- 16/2/1954(Female)



She was a much beautiful girl of an honorable family. Some astrologers neglected Mangal Dosha as Mangal is in its own house. The girl got married in 1974’s February. They both went abroad and living happily but unfortunately after two years her husband died in an accident and the girl received widowhood.


Mars in 4th making Manglik Dosh

Rasi chart

Date of Birth-16/10/1956 (Female)



Saturn and Rahu in Lagna made to marry girl late in 1983. But her marriage established only for six months then the problems began to start and got worsen to such an extent that her husband divorced her after six months.

There are many such cases  in we have seen Mangal Dosha acting from mild to really in very harsh manner.




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