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Career Astrology
career astrology
9 Jun 2018

Career Astrology – Pointers of Profession in Horoscope Males & Females

Career Astrology – As per Vedic Astrology, career or profession in simple meaning, a particular skill or skill set for which a male and female is trained or educated as per planetary position in horoscope which in turn helps in making a living or earning money for sustaining in society.


Often Astrologer being asked by young man and woman like “what will be best career for me according to astrology”, “best career for me according to astrology” etc.


These career astrology report always depends on native act for self or perform for others i.e. would do Karma (10th house) accordingly to earn or gain (11th house) livelihood in terms of money or exchanges or whatever with mutual consent between doer and receiver.


Every Indian classic have dedicated almost one chapter in the name Karma bhava or 10th house like Brihat Jataka dealt in “Karamjeevi Adhyaya” depicting various permutations and combinations for indication of profession which a native may undergo. Since our classical were written long back centuries or many more than that.


Thus career which at that time may have existed or our Rishis would have perceived through their divine visions are mentioned in the classics in broader term but it is also clearly indicated that astrology to be perceived or practiced through keeping the vision of Desh ,Kaal, Paatra before giving career predictions.


However, our classics clearly indicate nature such as kind, type, technical,non-technical etc. through house, planets, sign, nakshatra etc.


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Thus, keeping in mind those basics mentioned in the classics and having keen an eye over ongoing professions and sources of earning livelihood in todays age and time alongside what kind of expertise, education, mindset, behavioral pattern a particular profession requires.


We can conclude through astrology and career predictions that certain possible areas in which the native can flourish and have natural inclination to invest his/her maximum energy and intellect to achieve or reach till what they can.


Since this divine science of Vedic Astrology is totally based on Karma which we had did in our past previous births and what we are doing now. We know our each action reaction and even thoughts are counted as Karma hence this divine science guides us to improve our Karmas.


To elevate our soul and free ourselves from the shackles of birth-rebirth to reach ultimate destination of spiritual world or Vaikuntha. And this is what every soul yearns for resembling as to new infant seeking lap of mother. Every soul in this universe is pure and immortal it is only our mind, thoughts, actions which can either help to liberate or send it to further bondages of several births.


In this material world of kalyuga, it becomes very essential to choose profession wisely because most of the karmas which we will perform either good or bad towards others will be through our profession, sitting in office or working for at least 8hrs on regular basis, obviously for gains and material success though.


In Career Astrology as per Vedic system , 10th house is primarily seen for the Career horoscope but with the evolution, researches in this science and moreover with dynamic socio-economical structure of today’s age many subtle meanings are derived from the shlokas in the texts to decode it keeping this era in which we are living. Every house has different significations and so the planet.


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Every planet has certain inherent characteristics which induces its effects and reflection in Career.


Basic Career traits for each planet –


Sun: Authority, Jewelers, Government, Rulers, head of institution, Lenders & financers, officials, administration, wool, father’s involvement, Managers.


Moon: Travelling jobs, sailors, merchant navy, shipping industry, water, nurses, liquor, catering, fisheries, confectioners & bakers, hotels & restaurants, dairy & milk, flowers, fish, musicians, agriculture, cloths, mother’s involvement.


Mars: Valor is required, Fire, Safety, Security, extractions, cuttings, metallurgy, arms & artilleries, surgeons, police, army, dentists, engineering, barbers and butchers, chemists, druggists, cooks & chefs, tools, buildings made by bricks, masonary, arguments, brother’s involvement.


Mercury: Finance, mathematicians, medical & healing profession, orators, commerce,secretaries, import-exports, astrology, documentations, teaching, analysis, writing, clerks, books & stationary, accounts, drivers, courier & post, architects, translators & interpreters, reporters & correspondents, printing media & photocopy work, maternal uncle’s involvement.


Jupiter: Professors, Readers, lecturers, teachers and counselors, lawyers, legal affairs, judiciary, banking sectors, treasury, economists, motivators, mentors, wealth management, publishing work, clergy, writers & preachers, astrologers, travel agents, priests, cash management, philosophers, guide.


Venus: Gems and jewelry, perfumes, painters, poets, performing artists, cinema, music, dance, fashion and glamour, beauty and cosmetic industry, Vehicles, transport, culinary skills, feminine articles, Ghee and curd, silk, embroideries, cartoonists, make-up artists, stylists, precious clothing, anything which is luxurious and magnanimous, wife’s involvement.


Saturn: Coal, steel, iron, petrol, mines, leather, shoes, footwear, black material, watch guards, excavators, lands and estates especially makaan, cement industry, agriculture, cleaning works, facility management, hides, grave yards/cemetery related, social work, NGO, physiotherapist, orthopedics, monks, philosophers, architects, laborers, ice industry.


Rahu: Imaginative works such as photography, fine arts, aerial navigation, pilots, psychology, metaphysical, television, airhostess, wireless, poison, drugs, space industry, casinos, pubs, jail, magicians, electricity, research, inventions, show or event management, trade involving foreign land, grand paternal parent’s involvement.


Ketu: detectives, secret affairs, occult, mantra, yantra, spirituality, philosophy, machines, engineers, medicines, healers, law, religious teacher, preachers, maternal grand parent’s involvement.


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Likewise every Rashi / Sign and Nakshatras are having peculiar characteristics which is must to consider along with planets, houses etc. for astrology and career predictions.

Above peculiarities of planets are just pointing or merely give broader outline about the profession which a native can have based on influence on 10th house but there are a lot more which need to be investigated in horoscope before giving any career predictions such as –


Major Points for Career Predictions –


  • Placement of lord of 10th house, 6th house, Ascendant (lagna) lord in natal and dashamsha chart in horoscope
  • Planets sitting in 10th house, 6th house, Ascendant (lagna) in lagna and dashamsha chart.
  • Sign occupied by 10th house in lagna and dashamsha chart.
  • Aspects on 10th house in both charts
  • Status of 11th, 2nd, 3rd, 5th house in above respect and individually in rashi, chalit, navamsha and dasamsha charts then in totality any conclusion can be drawn.


By making 10th house as lagna, Saturn as karaka and then synthesizing same as we do, thinking just as profession as a man and 10th house as 1st house we can see the things very clearly.


In career astrology, third and fifth house will be 6th and 8th respectively from 10th hence will indicate obstacles, problems, changes, enemies etc. in career paradigm. Similarly, 11th for gains/wealth through 10th etc. Assessment of Saturn is must to see hard work and discipline one can practice.


Apart from planet, rashi in 10th house, it is very essential to see which planet or house lord is making connection with 10th house to see what energy is transferring to 10th house.


Initially by seeing 10th,11th and 2nd houses, dominance of planets over these houses any hint can be obtained but in today’s world there are plenty of streams and areas are available where enormous career opportunities exist hence to filter out 2-3 professions out of various available, needs thorough analysis of one’s horoscope.


Dasamsha (D10 chart) plays very important role in judging your occupation and what actually will be happening inside your career can be assessed only with this chart. In some cases, dasamsha itself sufficient to know future career in  vedic astrology.


Ongoing major period (mahadasha) must also be accounted after searching for all options as this will directly state the mindset, psyche and condition of the native stating sustenance and extent of surrounding influences and support which will lead to fulfill that career at large. Nakshatra dasha plays pivotal role to know best future career for all man and woman.


Career consultation with vedic astrologer will help in fine blending, filtering the possibilities and so the strongest trend among them in natal, navamsha, dashamsha charts of males and females should come out a pin pointing best  profession or career for the native.


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