All Rudiments About Planet Sun

4 Sep 2017

All Basics About Planet Sun

These are the rudimentary related to Planet Sun and its representations in our life’s….

  • Sun is the king of the solar system. Sun is Kshatriya by caste, Rasi Sign-Lion and the brightest among all planets.
  • Sun is the natural karaka of the soul in our body and self-knowledge .Owner of the sign Leo, 5th in the zodiac.
  • Male with limited hair on head, blood red in color, fiery, saatwic in nature and bilious in nature. Vermillion clothes
  • Sun has divine abode in all places of worship like temple, church, mosque etc.
  • Represents ‘summer’ in all seasons. Brass and gold are the metals represented planet Sun.
  • Exalted in sign Aries (0-10 degrees), debilitated in sign Libra (0-10 degrees), Mooltrikona is sign Leo (0-20 degrees), own sign Leo (20-30 degrees).

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  • Heart, right eye, bones in our body , bitter taste, wheat, red sandalwood are all Sun things
  • Politics and all subjects related to politics, government, name and fame, are all represented by Planet Sun
  • Friends: Mars, Jupiter
  • Enemy: Moon, Mercury,Venus,Saturn,Rahu, Ketu
  • Constellation/Nakshatra : Kritika, uttraphalguni,uttrashaadha
  • Avataar : Ramavtaar (Poor Avtaar)
  • Sun have upper ward aspect (Urdwa Drishti)
  • Lord of 5th  house in kaalpurush’s kundali  
  • Movement : 1 degree per day
  • Represents strong and long trees


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