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4 Sep 2017

Characteristics of Planet Sun in Vedic Astrology


As per Vedic Astrology, these are the basic characteristics of Planet Sun in astrology, role and importance of Surya Graha and its representations in male and female life. Detailed significance of royal planet Sun in horoscope prediction are explained below –


Planet Sun Characteristics


  • Planet Sun is the king of the solar system. Sun is Kshatriya by caste, Rasi Sign-Lion and the brightest among all planets.
  • Sun is the natural karaka of the soul in our body and self-knowledge .Owner of the sign Leo, 5th in the zodiac.
  • Surya represent Male gender with limited hair on head, blood red in color, Fiery, Satwic in nature and bilious in nature. Represent Vermilion colour clothes
  • Sun God has divine abode in all places of worship like temple, church, mosque etc.
  • It represents ‘summer’ in all seasons. Brass and gold are the metals represented by Surya Graha.
  • In Vedic Astrology, planet sun gets exalted in sign Aries (0-10 degrees), debilitated in sign Libra (0-10 degrees), Mooltrikona is sign Leo (0-20 degrees), own sign Leo (20-30 degrees).


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  • Sun represents important body parts Heart, right eye, bones in our body , bitter taste, wheat, red sandalwood are all Sun things
  • Surya has high significance in Politics and all subjects related to politics at all levels, government, name and fame, are all represented by Surya Graha / Sun Planet
  • Friends: Mars, Jupiter
  • Enemy: Moon, Mercury,Venus,Saturn,Rahu, Ketu
  • Constellation / Nakshatra : Kritika, uttraphalguni,uttrashaadha
  • Hindu Avataar : Ramavtaar (Poor Avtaar)
  • Sun have upper ward aspect (Urdwa Drishti)
  • Lord of 5th  house in kaalpurush’s kundali  
  • Movement : 1 degree per day
  • Represents strong and long trees






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