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Marital Disharmony Male
23 Aug 2017

Venus Retrograde & Marital Disharmony in Male

Venus Retrograde & Marital Disharmony in Male : It is our experience and found true in most cases that if a male is having Venus Retrograde in birth chart then at times marital issues or even discords,divorces due to perversions, womanizing or flirtatious tendency etc. is most possible.

The onset of problem may be felt during the Venus dasa/bhukti or adverse transit, when Venus retrogrades too.

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Malefic planets intervention may worsen or complicate the situation caused by Venus Retrogade.

Other astrological factor too should be considered cautiously such as strength, aspect, benefics etc. before making prediction.

Proper and timely taken counseling with remedies would help much to have happy married life.

Namo Narayan

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