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23 Aug 2017

Jupiter Planet of Wisdom, Knowledge and Fortune

In astrology, it is universal fact that Jupiter Planet signify Wisdom, Knowledge & Fortune. Jupiter also known as planet of intelligence. Infact, intelligence means application of mind, what you have read or learned in life in any ways. Summarily it is a wisdom which could only lead you to decipher between what is right or wrong, what action is good karma or bad karma, path to uplift your soul. Salvation, Moksha, Mukti are the words which are only discussed literary in today’s world but their meanings are still beyond realization in the busy scenario of human era.

That’s why we used the word to ‘uplift our soul’ so as to atleast become a better human being.


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Wisdom is under the flag of Jupiter. If a person is having strengthened Jupiter then how worse dasa /bhukti /transit is going on then also native will be able stay calm, unaffiliated with situations around. Good conditioned Jupiter will always help him to take well optimized decisions to minimize the losses or damage.


Thus in whatever conditions your Jupiter Planet is, always try to keep it in a good condition because if a man is intelligent than no matter what damage, loss he suffers in bad times but he will be able to recover and built it again with his intelligence and wisdom.


Hence worship/pray Jupiter Planet on daily basis or at least on Thursdays. By chanting mantras, strotram, donations, worshiping lord Vishnu, Lord Brihaspati seeking blessings of authentic mentor, teacher.Wearing gemstone strictly under astro guidance. We have seen use of saffron and worshipping banana tree giving excellent results.


Whatever remedies are done must be done consistently and regularly with faith, devotion and surrender.






Iti Shubham

Namo Narayan


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